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Amelia Boynton Robinson
Schiller Institute Vice Chairwoman
Civil Rights Heroine
Amelia's birthday cake

Mrs. Amelia Platts Boynton Robinson is a former Vice Chairwoman of the International Schiller Institute (retired in 2009). She is an author, playwright, speaker and organizer, although she is most well known as a veteran of the original American Civil Rights Movement, having been beaten and gassed at the march on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. That march awakened America's sleeping conscience, and mobilized the nation to apply the US Constitution to all its citizens, with the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. This remarkable woman, affectionately and respectfully known as just "Amelia" throughout the world, continues her international tours at age 96 (as of August 2007), speaking out publicly for justice, and inspiring people of all ages, nations, and backgrounds. Below you will find a list of links to articles and audio files covering some of her activities.

Amelia Robinson's autobiography.
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Amelia Robinson's book
Amelia's birthday cake
The birthday cake celebrating the 96th birthday of Amelia Platts Boynton Robinson, in Tuskeegee, Alabama (photo courtesy of Leon Frasier)
Amelia at the monument
Amelia Boynton Robinson sits in front of the monument honoring her and Marie Foster in Selma, Alabama, for their inspiration during the March 7, 1965 Selma-Montgomery “Bloody Sunday” March. The inscription on the plaque reads: Mothers of the Civil Rights Movement—Before and Beyond the Bridge.”

Amelia speaks
Amelia Robinson introduces Lyndon LaRouche at the Talladega, Alabama Martin Luther King breakfast in 2004.

Amelia with LYM
Amelia Robinson with the LaRouche Youth Movement in Alabama, November 2006

Biography of Amelia Boynton Robinson

Winning the Right To Vote: The Battle for Selma
(excerpt from Bridge Across Jordan)

Poems by Amelia Boynton Robinson



In Memory of Amelia

Schiller Institute Former Vice-President Amelia Boynton Robinson Hospitalized

Amelia Robinson Receives an Award from the Republic of San Marino (Italy)


Bridge Crossing Jubilee, 44th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”


New Year's Greetings from Amelia Boynton Robinson

Southern Indiana Event Celebrates Black History And Amelia Boynton Robinson’s Life

Amelia Boynton Robinson Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King

New Year's Greetings from Amelia Boynton Robinson



Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Robinson Organizes European Youth for LaRouche

Amelia Boynton Robinson Addreses French, German Party Congresses

Amelia Boynton Robinson In Lyons, France

Amelia Boynton Robinson in Paris:
A Fighting Example at Age 96

Amelia Robinson Takes Denmark by Storm

Amelia Boynton Robinson Organizes
the Swedish Nation and Youth

Schiller Institute meeting with Amelia Boynton Robinson in Frederiksberg-Hallen, Denmark, September 27, 2007

Schiller Institute Vice Chairwoman
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tells Denmark:
Listen to the Wise Words Of Lyndon LaRouche

Amelia Boynton Robinson Featured on Danish TV

Amelia Robinson's Speech at the
Schiller Institute Landbridge Conference
Kiedrich, Germany, September 16, 2007

Birthday Celebration in Alabama, August 2007

Birthday Greetings from Helga Zepp LaRouche

VIDEO and Transcript-—June 2007

Amelia Robinson in Houston, Texas

Los Angeles Hosts Amelia B. Robinson

Recognition for Amelia Voting Rights Advocate

Boston and New England Tour, February 2007

Flyer for Boston Meeting (PDF file)

Message for Martin Luther King Day, 2007

Amelia Boynton Robinson and the LaRouche
Youth Movement Honor
Dr. King’s Dream

Amelia Speaks Out Against “Path to 9/11” Movie

Amelia Boynton Robinson Message to Mexico

Amelia Boynton Robinson Statement for Martin Luther King Day

Amelia Boynton Robinson on the Funeral of Jim Clark: You Can Not Be Happy and Have Hate

Civil Rights Heroine Honored Across Nation
by William F. Wertz, Jr.


Video: Amelia Boynton Robinson

LYM in Alabama, Georgia
Amelia Robinson: ‘Put Your Boxing Gloves On!’

ABC/Disney Mini-Series ‘Path to 9/11’ Weaves Web of Lies
by Amelia Boynton Robinson

The Beauty of Rosa Parks
On the First Anniversary of Mrs. Parks Death
by Amelia Boynton Robinson

Civil Rights Movement Heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson
Sends Greetings to Mexico

Amelia Boynton Robinson Statement—
On the Passing of Corretta Scott King



Mrs. Robinson in Europe (2005):

On the 40th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965

Amelia Boynton Robinson Honored in Detroit September, 2005

Amelia Boynton Robinson Changes Seattle by Riana St. Classis, LaRouche Youth Movement

Amelia Boynton Robinson Inspires Los Angeles Youth

Amelia Robinson Takes Italy Word from the ‘True America’

Recitation: Civil Rights legend Mrs. Amelia Boynton Robinson, in Selma, Alabama,
March 2005

Amelia Boynton Robinson Brings Fight for ‘True America’ to Italy and Germany

Amelia Boynton Robinson Brings the Fight for the‘Real, True America’
to Berlin

Italian Edition ‘Bridge Across Jordan’ Presented at Book Fair in Cuneo

Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference and Webcast
Presidents' Day Weekend, February 19-20, 2005


Amelia Boynton Robinson's Message to the LaRouche Youth Movement May 6, 2004

Amelia Boynton Robinson Address To Talladega, Alabama Town Hall Meeting at the Mabra Center, January 20, 2004

Christmas and New Years Greetings from Amelia Boynton Robinson

Schiller Institute-ICLC Labor Day Conference
"The Crash You Were Hoping For is Here" (Amelia Robinson's speech)
September 4-5, 2004

Schiller Institute-ICLC Labor Day Conference
Amelia Robinson introduces Helga Zepp-LaRouche's keynote address

Audio: Amelia Robinson in Alabama on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MP3 format)


Conference Speeches by Mrs. Robinson (Video Archives since 2002)

NVLP Video of Amelia B. Robinson (Video) 2003 Visionary (You may have to click twice)

Amelia Boynton Discusses Segregation in the South (Video)

Amelia Boynton Robinson at Leipzig Peace Rally

"Bridge Across Jordan" Release Scheduled for February, 2003

I Walked And I Talked With The King by Amelia Boynton Robinson, January 16, 2003

Amelia Boynton Robinson Awarded for National Visionary Leadership by William F. Wertz, Jr.

Amelia Robinson Tours Italy vs. Bush's Illegal War by Liliana Gorini, March, 2003

A Celebration of the Beautiful and Sublime Life of Marianna Wertz
...'God Never Makes a Mistake'

ICLC/Schiller Institute Conference “This Is Our Time”
Keynote Address by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
Presidents’ Day Weekend, February 15-16, 2003

“The LaRouche Show” Internet Talk Radio
from the Editors of EIR and EIW ...March 1, 2003:
Veteran civil rights leader and Schiller Institute Vice chairwoman Amelia Boynton Robinson.


Amelia Boynton Robinson Visits Teheran June 20-26, 2002

Iranian National TV Interviews Amelia Boynton Robinson Teheran, Iran, June 22, 2002

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Message from Amelia Boynton Robinson
January 12, 2002

Amelia Boynton Robinson Brings 's Dream To Italy;
Calls on Europeans to Help Stop the Iraq War

by Liliana Gorini and Paolo Raimondi, October 6, 2002

Amelia Robinson Receives Award from Pakistani American League February, 2002

William Warfield 1920-2002 “Weep not; he's not dead; he's resting in the bosom of Jesus”

SCHILLER INSTITUTE Festschrift Celebrates Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.'s 80th Birthday


Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference Panel II - Tribute to Amelia Boynton Robinson
September 1, 2001

Amelia Boynton Robinson: Her Love Of Freedom Is 'A Higher Power'

Amelia Robinson and Marianna Wertz, "raising cane." by Marianna Wertz

Amelia Boynton Robinson and Lyndon LaRouche at the Labor Day 2001 Schiller Institute Conference


2000 and before

Amelia Robinson Takes Voting Rights Fight to Poland (PDF)

“Through the Years” a musical drama by Amelia Boynton Robinson
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Program