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Christmas and New Years Greetings


Amelia Boynton Robinson

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Within a very short time, bright lights from public buildings and the homes that are so beautifully decorated, the ring of church bells and the singing of Christmas carols, will tell of the Savior's birth. But we the members of the Schiller Institute and the LaRouche Youth Movement have turned on the lights of the true meaning of Christ's coming to this earth.

For the past 12 months we have given to those whom we have contacted, hope for a more understanding and peaceful world, a world without wars, a world without walls, and a world without want. We are striving to build a world where people can live above the poverty level. Not only are we talking to those whom we contact about it, but we are giving them the blueprints that show them how it can be done.

To each of you, I wish a very merry and happy Christmas and a continuous thrust to make a better tomorrow. Christ did not come to give us a day of celebration, but to know the purpose of His coming to this earth, so that we will always be filled with peace, happiness, joy and love. At the end of this year may we make a check on each of our lives to see how much we have done to follow the guidelines of our leaders Lyn and Helga LaRouche. This is the Christmas spirit. But what good is the Christmas spirit if it is going to be so selfish that it begins by buying a gift for someone in order that we get one in return? That we deck the house with candles, hot steaming food, lights and a jolly good time among our family and personal friends, when there are people who cannot afford milk for their children? Let the spirit of Christ who came to this world be within us and shine always as bright as the beautiful star that appeared before the shepherds abiding in the fields, which guided them to the manger where the Christ child lay.

This is the season, the first of the year, to rededicate or dedicate ourselves to follow the star of faith, hope and, above all, love, that kind of love that is dedicated to forget our personal selves, to change the attitudes of those who are at the crossroads of decison, of those who are being fed what they read in the paper, which often is a destruction of true democracy, that democracy that believes in justice, love, and the fair-play of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

As Americans, we have the guidelines in our Constitution and its preamble which extend to Mankind, wherever they may be, friendship, cooperation and togetherness, and we extend to the world a sceptre of love, to work together to bring peace, the peace that has been endowed to us by our Creator, which is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Schiller Institute and the LaRouche Youth Movement have the tools to shake the world from its inclination toward dictatorship and to return to a safe form of government. With the foundation of the adults and the seasoned people in the Schiller Institute and the sincere work of the youth who through their works will be as a Beacon of Light on the high seas, we have the ability to guide the confused, the wayward and those who have the will to want to give the best that is in them to the human race.

May God bless our every effort of building great and clean minds in the coming year. May this be our New Year's Resolution.

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