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For more recent concerts and conferences, please visit our
“Manhattan Project” Page
and the Schiller Institute Music Page.

The Schiller Institute has been sponsoring Classical music concerts since its inception in 1984, which feature both amateur and professional soloists and choruses. Since 1986 we have used the scientific tuning, known as the Verdi Pitch, of C=256Hz.

In this section you will find a small sampling of Concert Program texts, from Schiller Institute concerts and events, beginning in 1990. We have noted where there is a descriptive article linked, rather than just the program.

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List of Concerts

The Urgency of Classical Culture

Restore the American Classical Tradition- Join the National Conservatory of Music Movement

If you would like to participate and/or support this work, or if you wish to develop musical activities in your own area, please contact us at 703-297-8368, or use our address and email at the bottom of the page.

© Stuart K. Lewis
Concert finale from “For a Marian Anderson National Conservatory of Music Movement,” May 27, 1994 at the Rankin Memorial Chapel of Howard University in Washington D.C. From left are: Rev. James Cokley, George Shirley, Detra Battle, Kehembe (Valerie Eichelberger), William Warfield and Robert McFerrin.



March 23, 2013 Schiller Institute Conference, Sterling, Virginia Musical Introduction Concert

January 26, 2013 Schiller Institute Conference, New York City Panel II , Panel III

November 24-25, 2012 Musikabend at Schiller Institute Conference, Flörsheim, Germany

February 25-26, 2012 Musikabend at Schiller Institute Conference, Berlin, Germany

July 2-3, 2011 Musikabend at Schiller Institute Conference Rüsselsheim, Germany,

February 24, 2011 - Offering from Franz Schubert's Opus 100 (performed by the German LYM on February 26, 2009)

June 20, 2010 - A Musical Offering Celebrating the 200th Birthday of Robert Schumann

March 25, 2010 - German LYM Performs Beethoven's 9th Symphony Choral Movement

September 30, 2008 - Antonella Banaudi Master Class and Concert in Boston, Mass. CONCERT VIDEO (Download, 630 MB)

2004- Present - Most of the concerts are archived as panels from the semi annual Schiller Institute Conferences, and on the website of the LaRouche Youth Movement .

February 12, 2005 - Midwest LYM Sings in Lansing, Mi.

November 9, 2004 - LYM Performs Bach Motet Jesu Meine Freude

November 8, 2003 LaRouche Show celebration of Friedrich Schiller’s Birthday

Various 2002-2003 - See Schiller Institute Conferences Page for other Events

August 1, 2002 - Leesburg, Va- Schiller Institute Summer Camp Gives Life to Plato

April 2002- Pasadena, California - Concert and Master Class

November 18, 2001 - Philadelphia, Pa. LaRouche Jubilee Quartet, and Ameila Boynton Robinson

November, 2001-- Schiller Birthday Celebrations

October 27, 2001 - Los Angeles, Ca - Classical Music Concert -Lieder and Spirituals
October 28, 2001 - Los Angeles , Ca- Workshop

September 22, 2001 - Houston, Tx - "Musical Tribute to the Dignity of Man"
September 23, 2001 - Houston, Tx - Workshops on Classical Music Poetry,
                                        and Saving the Spiritual

August 25, 2001 -- Leesburg, Va. - "Through the Years" play performed

July 29, 2001 - New York City -- “Songs of the Classical Anti-Romantic Era
                                         from Bach to Verdi”

June 23, 2001 -- Camden, NJ - “Let Freedom Sing!

May 13, 2001 -Washington, DC -Mother's Day "Marian Anderson Memorial Concert"
                                 In Honor of D.C. General Hospital

January 20, 2001 -- Houston, Tx. “Musical Tribute to The Dignity of Man” Concert
January 21, 2001 --
Houston, Tx. --Workshops on "Classical Music and Poetry"
                      and "Saving the Spiritual" (FIDELIO article, Spring, 2001)

October 28, 2000 -- Pasadena, Ca.“Evoking the Spirit of the American Joan of Arc”
October 29, 2000 -- Pasadena, Ca. Concert and Master Class/Workshop

April 29, 2000 -- Arcadia, Ca. “Musical Tribute to The Spirit of Man”Concert
April 30, 2000 -- Arcadia, Ca -- Poetry and Classical Music Workshop (ARTICLE)

October 20, 2001 -- Pasadena, Ca. “A Musical Tribute To the Dignity of Man”
October 21, 2001 - Pasadena, Ca. -- Workshop at Pasadena City College

October 30, 1999 -- Pasadena, Ca. A Musical Tribute To the Dignity of Man”
October 31, 1999 Pasadena, Ca. -- Workshop at Pasadena City College (MP4 format)
                                                                (Flash Video format)

February 7, 1998 --Washington, D.C.“St. Thomas Boys Choir of Leipzig -
(sponsored by
Committee for Excellence in Education through Music)
Symposium and Concert (ARTICLE)

October 19, 1995 -- Washington, D.C. -- “Let Freedom Ring!” Concert (ARTICLE)

May 26, 1995 -- Washington, D.C. Concert and “Through the Years”
A Musical Drama
                                 by Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson
May 27, 1995 --
Seminar: "The Poetic Principle" (ARTICLE)

February (President's Day) 1995 - Reston, Virginia Schiller Institute Chorus and Orchestra Performs Joseph Haydn's "Stabat Mater" (Video)

January 14, 1995 -Washington, D.C. "Through the Years" A Musical Drama by  Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson (click for complete script)

May 27, 1994 -- Washington, D.C. “Call For a Marian Anderson National Conservatory of Music Movment” Concert and Conference

September 4, 1993 -- Washington D.C. Bible Way Temple Concert Performances by Robert McFerrin

August 27, 1993 -- Washington, D.C. “A Musical Celebration of the Struggle To Secure the Inalienable Rights of Man”

May 29, 1993 -- Philaelphia, Pa. “Marian Anderson Memorial Concert”

April 8, 1993 -- New York City "Save the Art of Bel Canto: Return to the Verdi Tuning!
                                 Forum & Master Class featuring Carlo Bergonzi”

June 6, 1990 -- Washington, D.C. - “Concert at C=256”
                                 Norbert Brainin, Violin; Günther Ludwig, Piano

Historic Concerts Page

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The Urgency of Classical Culture
For Today

As Friedrich Schiller argued, Classical art has the specific function of educating the passions, and thus providing the individual within society that personal moral character on which the successful emergence and continued existence of a democratic republic depends absoultely.

Classical science and art coincide with truth, and with the nature of man and woman made in the living image of God. That which opposes classical art, proceeds from hatred against truthful devotion to the moral prinicple of the Classical forms.
Classical composition includes the greatest works in Classical sculpture and Classical Renaissance painting, such as that of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael Sanzio, and Rembrandt. It includes all of the greatest Classical poetry and drama.

It includes all great musical compositions, which are either Classical from the outset, or rendered fully expressive of Classical principles of composition, by aid of the kind of polish supplied to the Negro Spiritual by the collaboration of Antonin Dvorák and Harry Burleigh, and by the continuation of that process of perfection by the great Classical artist Roland Hayes and his collaborators and followers.

In the late 1850's, the French government, under the influence of a committee of composers led by bel canto proponent Giacomo Rossini, called for the first standardization of the pitch in modern times. France consequently passed a law in 1859 establishing A at 435, the lowest of the ranges of pitches (from A=434 to A=456) then in common use in France, and the highest possible pitch at which the soprano register shifts may be maintained close to their disposition at C=256HZ. It was this French A to which Guiseppe Verdi (shown here) later referred, in objecting to higher tunings then prevalent in Italy, under which circumstance ``we call A in Rome, what is B-flat in Paris.''

Learn to sing, and teach others the beautiful chorus of Hebrew slaves from Verdi's Nabucco, called "Va Pensiero." Click here for a PDF file of the vocal score (no accompaniment) , and the Schiller Institute's English translation of VA PENSIERO.

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Concert Program Texts (above)

Revolution in Music Page

Chart of the Six Vocal Registers of the Human Singing Voice

Why You Should Join the National Conservatory of Music Movement

Concert of Spirituals, Lieder and Opera at Howard University, (5-28-94)

Articles on Verdi and the Scientfic Tuning

Education, Science and Poetry Page

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Philadelphia LaRouche Jubilee Singers

What is the Schiller Institute?

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Support and Join the Schiller Institute Today,
and Help Make a New, Golden Renaissance!
Restore Classical Culture in America!

Schiller Celebrations

Every year, in various locations around the globe, lovers of Freedom, Truth, and Beauty celebrate the ideas associated with our beloved Poet of Freedom, on his birthday, November 10, with poetry recitations, drama selections, classical music, and "Spieltriebe" ("creative playfulness").

Write, email, or call 703-297-8368 to participate in Schiller Birthday Celebrations which may be taking place in your local area, or in setting up such activities. (An educational film is available for a history of Schiller and his life.)

In 1859, the turbulent year in which Abraham Lincoln campaigned for President, hundreds of American cities enjoyed performances of Schiller's dramas and recitations of his poetry, sponsored by the local citizens as well as professional actors. Monuments and other memorials were created to honor the 100th anniversary of Schiller's birth. The Ode to Joy, set to music by Ludwig van Beethoven, (the 4th "Choral" movement of the Ninth Symphony,) was heard from coast to coast, which, in turn assisted in shaping an environment in which Lincoln's own ideas of  Freedom and Justice could be assimilated by the population.

Embolden yourself to be wise! Use these ideas to wake up your slumbering neighbors and fellow citizens, who may not realize the importance, and the power, of Classical Culture in these troubled times.

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Thank you for supporting the Schiller Institute. Your membership and contributions enable us to publish FIDELIO Magazine, and to sponsor concerts, conferences, and other activities which represent critical interventions into the policy making and cultural life of the nation and the world.

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