Concerts Held Or Sponsored By The Schiller Institute

Copyright 2008 The Schiller Institute
Box 20244
Washington, D.C. 20041-0244

These videos of classical music are to be used in schools, churches, and other NON-PROFIT music educational settings only, to make great classical music more widely available to the people of America, and to all those who could otherwise not hear it, in order to inspire everyone to follow in the footsteps of great American artists such as Marian Anderson.

NO USE other than the above educational use is permitted. NO COMMERCIAL USE of these video performances is permitted, in whole or in part, and NO BROADCAST or presentation on public or commercial radio or television is permitted, without express permission IN WRITING from the artists concerned appearing, and from the Schiller Institute.

The Schiller Institute thanks you for your understanding and cooperation in this, that we may continue to enlist such fine artists in this beautiful educational effort.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact me at americansystem(at)excite(dot)com. Currently, I am in need of the program for the 1993 Philadelphia Marian Anderson concert. Please send scanned copies to my email, thanks!

Updated January 12, 2011