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Civil Rights heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson talking to LaRouche Youth Movement organizers Dec., 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Amelia Boynton Robinson's Message to the LaRouche Youth Movement


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Amelia Boynton Robinson addressed the following statement to the International LaRouche Youth Movement on May 6, 2004.

I was asked by several young men, and ladies too, of the International LYM to please send them something with reference to their deployment and the way they are to go about contacting people. I know that the cadre schools, and others who have talked to them, have given them a good foundation. However, I decided that I would write a few statements that I hope will be taken in, and if there's anything in these statements that can help, I hope you will take note that I wrote it because I thought of you.

To the International LaRouche Youth Movement:

Congratulations to each and every one of you for having the courage to defy the evil system and to do something about it. And that is to join the LaRouche Youth Movement. This is your world now, young people. The Baby Boomers have made a mess of it, and we are now hoping that you will work to return it to the purpose for which each country, state, city, or village was meant by its founding fathers.

The future of the world is in your hands. Lyndon LaRouche and Helga LaRouche, as well as others, have seen the dissipation and corruption of a once-beautiful world, where differences could be settled at the bargaining table, and the United States played a great part in that. But because of greed, a lust for power and the dissipation of human life as well as the disrespect for it, we have lost our allies, many of them throughout the entire world.

Unfortunately, young people, we are turning over to you a corrupt world in most places, and only you can make a difference.

As one who has lived long enough to have experienced much and gained some wisdom, I would like to give you some tips that you perhaps can use.

First, be proud of being you. God made you as you are, and somewhere deep down in your mind or conscience, there is a little genius. Give it time, cultivate it, refine it and share it with others. How we look on the outside has nothing to do with the inside. Someone said, “You can't judge the contents of a book by its cover.” This is certainly true of human beings.

Secondly, be true to yourself. We are not perfect, but we know our inner secrets better than anyone else. Purge yourselves of the little evil things that will creep into your mind, like hate, fear, jealousy, being critical unnecessarily, fault-finding, hard to please, which would be one of the things that causes us to be disgruntled. Not only will we be disgruntled, we will also know no happiness. Not only does it make one unhappy, but it closes, and often locks, the door of the real you, and kills the beautiful thoughts that are deeply buried in you. Let them out. What are these? These are thoughts and ideas. What are thoughts and ideas? They are seeds planted in your mind. They are vital living things, growing and producing fruit. It feeds itself as it grows, and it grows as it feeds itself. So, if you love yourself, sit in front of a mirror and have a good conference with yourself, and purge your mind of the evil things that make you unhappy. Then you are ready to open the door to faith.

Thirdly, faith. Have faith in yourself, for it is a cleanser that causes the flight of doubts, thus paving the way to success, for you will gain courage, patience, confidence, and wisdom, which will help you to see the good in others. Thus you will greatly contribute to your self-esteem.

Now that you have internally and/or mentally prepared yourself to enter the greatest and oldest business in the world, you will make a difference. This business is, guess what? Salesmanship! Even babies are professionals in it, and I know you can succeed. After you are convinced that you are not satisfied with corruption, then you are ready to do something about it. Think of how you, like babies, make your salesmanship be heard. When God made man, he gave him the mind to communicate with other people, as soon as he is born. For example, a baby cries because it needs attention of some sort. He's hungry, tired, he hurts, needs his diaper changed, or wants to be cuddled. When his wants are satisfied, he is happy. That's salesmanship. The baby is happy.

Salesmanship is the backbone of life. We first sell our products to ourselves. Convince ourselves that our organization—Schiller Institute, ICLC, BueSo, Club of Life, or any of Lyndon and Helga Zepp LaRouche's connections by any name—and its principles, before we can convince others. Be sure we know what we are talking about. We must prepare ourselves for challenges. People hardly think that they are slaves, but they are. They are not only slaves to their jobs, but mentally, there is fear that they cannot do the things that they know should be done. However, that idea, that feeling, that fear is one that keeps them in a bind. You can convince them otherwise if you know your subject.

As you approach people, let them know that civilizations have been in the universe many times, and they have been wiped off the map. We only know by artifacts unearthed that for millions of years, we have found proof of civilization having been in this universe. We have the mini-nuclear bombs that can cause us to be history. Bombs in the hands of those who believe that they can move the world, and you, young people in the youth movement, will be the ones to turn things around. Because if you don't, we will see a dark age, and maybe we can never recover. We would like to let these people know that the world is falling apart, and and that our organization is trying to wake the people up, asking them to help you save them and their future generations. A punchy statement like this will most likely attract their attention, and they will listen to what you have.

I suggest that you be happy when you approach these people. You will be surprised what effect it will have on your prospects. If you organize communities and clubs, contact those people who are leaders, and put them in charge of something. Make them know that they are wanted, they're needed, and they have a responsibility to help to turn this world around. Visit them if possible, and feel at home. Have them to help leaflet, and see that they put them wherever you suggest—such places as their clubs, their churches, their parked cars in parking lots, in schools, on the glass of the windshields of those cars parked in lots.

Give every day's contact the best that is in you. The future belongs to you and your offspring, and the world is in your hands. Be brave, have faith, and challenge the wrong, register and vote if you are not already a voter, run for office, and as far as the United States goes, infiltrate and run for office in the DNC and take it over. This is your world. The future belongs to you. You have the know-how, the strength, the knowledge, all backed by our leaders Lyn and Helga and the organizations that are connected to them.

A positive attitude will make you actually wealthy for you will have many, many things that you can give to others. For instance, it will give you a personality, and you will get results from that personality. And your personality will have enthusiasm, which will bring success; courage, which will bring security; cheerfulness, which can give you the opportunity to achieve; friendliness can cause growth; if you're courteous, you will get love; if you are sincere, there will be friendship galore.

With these attributes, you will be like a tree planted by the waters, that will bring forth good fruit in its season.

I have a prayer that I usually cite. And this is the prayer that I pray all of the time, walking down the street, in the car, in bed. Instead of being idle, I hope you will take this prayer, and make it one of your daily attributes, because it has been my constant companion:

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way,
Through every moment of the day;
Remember, God is a spirit;
I now am free, I now am true,
Patient, kind and loving too;
All that I am and hope to be,
Through Christ the Lord that is in me.

The LaRouche Youth Movement cannot fail if you are true to yourselves, to your organization, and to your God. This is from my world, Amelia Boynton Robinson, to your world. Take it, and make it what you should, and what you would like for it to be.

There are a few poems here, and I felt sure you had them because they've been circulated for quite a few years, but there are some things that never grow old, and whenever there is something that can perk us up, something that can give us an opportunity to think rather than to feel downhearted, then it will help us and it will become a part of us. This will be good to pass on to others.

Good luck, have a good day, have a good week, have a good month, and even year, and let us hope that it will not be too long before we turn this whole world upside down, not only for our sake but for the sake of those who will come after us. Thank you.

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