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New Year's Greeting from
Amelia Boynton Robinson

December 23, 2008

Amelia's birthday cake

To My Extended Family Throughout the World, Schiller Institute:

As we approach the closing of the most interesting but troubled year, and are looking forward to a most exciting future, each of us has a part to play as leaders to make this world a more sane place in which to live. We remember the turn of the century of 2000, when citizens began to store up food, water, and God knows what else, waiting and watching for darkness to cover the Earth, and whatever else there is in the Armageddon. Well, the next morning, the Sun arose at dawn, as usual, and the Moon stayed on its course, as it has for millions of years. But the change was in, and still is, in the people who ignored this institution's Constitution, and finances were up for grabs as they are now.

We hope the incoming year will be different. I trust we will each make a resolution that we will do our best, in whatever field that we are in. If we do our best, the best will come back to us, in ways we least expect it.

To the youth: As members of the LaRouche Youth Movement, or LYM, you are such a beautiful organization! You are getting the education you can not get in the classroom: The independent thinking, the communication with others, learning to share, to give and to take, and to encourage others to join you, will help you, and you will grow! You can take these people and put them under your wing.

Be strong. And be sure to believe in yourself. And as time goes on, you can look at your accomplishments, each and every one, and know you have done your best to build a better world, because your contribution to it, in giving of yourself, peace, faith, trust, love and hope, and that you are a shining example for others who might have been lost, if you had not met them.

A Merry Christmas, and a prosperous year or years, to each and every one of you,
Your Adopted Mother,
Amelia Boynton Robinson.


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