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Parital Listing of  Lyndon LaRouche's
Personal Interventions

Since September 11, 2001

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2002 List

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Listen to LaRouche's
Live Radio Interview

Smoke billowing from Pentagon
September 11, 2001 --9:15 to 11am EDT
"The Hour and A Half That Gripped the World"
(more audio and transcripts below)

March 5, 2002- back on Stockwell's Radio Show

The following is a partial grid of the succession of Lyndon LaRouche's public personal interventions globally — in person or by interview — in the crucial period since September 11, 2001. These interventions have, of course, been amplified by other media coverage, and by political events where LaRouche's ideas have been presented, either in his own words or by his associates. You can address your questions to Lyndon LaRouche below.

A review of some of those meetings - not counting the many chapter meetings and public presentations by the LaRouche movement in the United States, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, and other nations where we have active locals follows the grid. Below that is a partial list of international media coverage of LaRouche and LaRouche's press releases and statements, since September 11, 2001.

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September 11, 2001 -- LaRouche on Stockwell show - KTKK-AM, Salt Lake City, Utah. -- Live radio interview --"The Hour and A Half That Gripped the World
September 12 -- New Hampshire radio WGIR-AM, Woody Woodland.
September 12 -- Toronto radio CFRB radio,
September 13 -- Mexican radio Chiapas.
September 15 -- Philippines radio Mentong Laurel and A.Valdes, DZXL, Zona Libre,
September 17 -- Peruvian Radio Programas del Peru by Guido Lombardi
September 18 -- LaRouche Connection interview, USA-- Order This Video!
September 20 -- Italian radio interview Radio Radicale- Andrea Billau.
September 25 -- Dominican Republic TV interview on Revista 110, Radio Tropico
October 2 -- Mexican TV/radio interview
October 3 -- Peruvian engineers' teleconference
October 3 -- Macedonian TV interview, broadcast 10/5
October 8 -- Venezuelan radio interview
October 9 -- Stockwell interview II
October 16 -- LaRouche visits Rome for Seminar on Dialogue of Civilizations
November 1 -- Interview with Egyptian TV, aired 11/4
November 5 -- LaRouche keynotes Berlin EIR seminar
November 3 - Address to California Students
November 11 -- Dialogue at Leesburg,Va. Organizers Cadre School -----NEW
November 13 -- Guatemalan economists' teleconference
November 16 -- UAE written interview, published
November 17 -- Address to BueSo conference, Mainz, Germany
November 21 -- LaRouche visits Rome for seminar
November 22 -- LaRouche on TV Debate in Rome
Nov. 30-Dec. 6 -- The LaRouches Visit India for Seminars and Meetings
Dec. 12- 16 -- LaRouches in Moscow, Russia

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Collateral major public meetings

October 30 — Moscow, Presentation of new Russia magazine, The Russian Entrepreneur, featuring LaRouche's work, and spokesman.

November 8-9 — Campo Grande, Brazil. LaRouche analysis featured at meeting opened by Congressman.

November 11-12 — Poland. Seminars and meetings on LaRouche's analysis.

November 19-24 — Hungary, seminars and meetings on LaRouche's analysis.

November 27-28 — Russia, major event on Vernadsky featuring scientists and LaRouche's paper.

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Partial Listing of Other International Radio, TV, and Print Coverage of LaRouche Statements
from September 11 through December, 2001

September 11, 2001: LaRouche interviewed by Jack Stockwell, radio station KTKK-AM, Salt Lake City, Utah. Also broadcast worldwide, live on the Internet at www.k-talk.com. Published in EIR, Sept. 21, 2001, "Let Calm Heads Prevail to Stop Destabilization." Also published in pamphlet form "The Hour and a Half That Gripped The World." Audio and Text on this site.

Sept. 12, 2001: LaRouche interviewed on WGIR-AM radio, New Hampshire by Woody Woodland. Text in L04 pamphlet "Hour and a Half That Gripped the World." Text is on this site.

Sept. 12, 2001. LaRouche interview with CFRB radio, Toronto, Canada.

Sept. 13, 2001 LaRouche interviewed by Radio ABC, a large, national radio station in Mexico, broadcast from Chiapas. "The President Needs To Do What I Am Doing Now." Published in EIR, Sept. 21, 2001. English and Spanish text on www.schillerinstitute.org.

Sept. 12 - Ital-AISE News Agency: published the whole version of EIR release on LaRouche's comments to Stockwell on K-talk radio.

Sept. 13 - Monitor Mercantil (Brazil): ."U.S. Economist Lyndon LaRouche's statements that what happened was not terrorism but a "covert strategic operation." "

Sept. 14 - El Sol de Mexico: "The Attacks, Similar to a Coup D'Etat: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr." full-page article based on two interviews that LaRouche gave to ABC Radio.

Sept. 14 - Al Arab International, London, published the Arabic version of EIR's press releases containing Lyndon laRouche's statements in interviews he had with K-talk and WGIR radios.

Sept. 16 - Diario del Yaqui (Sonora, Mexico). Opinion column published on the editorial page: "Everyone Wants To Know What LaRouche Thinks,"

Sept. 15, 2001 LaRouche interviewed on Philippines Radio, by Mentong Laurel and Antonio Valdes, station DZXL, Zona Libre, Manila. "The Biggest Danger Is a Flight Forward." Published in Sept. 28 EIR. Text on site.

Sept. 16 - Libero (Italian Daily). Quotes LaRouche "A Covert Operation To Launch the US into a War."

Sept. 16 - La Opinion, of Corrientes (province), Argentina, published the Woodland (NH) interview.

Sept. 17, 2001 LaRouche interviewed on Peru's #1 national radio station, Radio Programas del Peru by top anchorman, Guido Lombardi. Simultaneously broadcast on RPP radio, which is heard across the country, and on Channel 6 TV. Spanish language press release

Sept. 18, 2001 LaRouche interviewed for The LaRouche Connection and EIR by EIR Managing Editor John Sigerson. Audio and written text available on this site. Videotape version available for $35 from EIR as EIRVI 2001-017. "A Conversation with Lyndon LaRouche in a Time of Crisis."

Sept. 17 - Argentine Internet news agency Urgente Digital sent out wire to subscribers containing slightly shortened version of LaRouche's "Shoot the Neighbor's Cat" statement.

Sept. 17 - Philippine Tribune: Op Ed by Herman Mentong Laurel covers LaRouche radio broadcast in the Philippines.

Sept. 18 and 20 - El Litoral, of Corrientes (province), Argentina published release on Stockwell entitled: "LaRouche: The Opinion of a Presidential Candidate" (Sept. 18) and on Sept. 20 ran the New Hampshire interview.

Sept. 18 - Prensa Sindical Internacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina: published LaRouche's "Shoot the Neighbor's Cat" statement in its entirety.

Sept. 20, 2001 LaRouche interviewed on Italian radio station, Radio Radicale, broadcast from Rome on Sept. 20 and again Sept. 23. Radio Radicale is the official radio of the Radical Party. The interview was conducted by journalist Andrea Billau.

Sept. 22 - Televisa in Guanajuanto, Mexico covered a press conference given by local LaRouche associates on LaRouche's warning that "panic doesn't win wars."

[Source: La Hora de Guatemala, Sept. 21-22, 2001, by Carlos Enrique Wer] "PUT ENGLAND ON THE LIST OF STATES THAT SPONSOR TERRORISM," is the headline on a series of two articles written by columnist Carlos Enrique Wer and published in the Guatemalan daily La Hora. Writes Wer, "This series brings the Guatemalan reader up to date on The Great Conspiracy to impose a new empire headed by the Anglo-U.S.-Israeli oligarchy. Heading up the opposition with the knowledge and dignity of a true world leader is humanist economist Lyndon LaRouche, who had been jailed by the Bush-Kissinger pair, and emerged determined not only to demonstrate the existing corruption of the Supreme Court, but to head up a movement which has led him to travel the world seeking support for a world alliance which, taking back the values born of the American Revolution, will bring peace and development to even the most distant corner of the globe." Articles review London as terrorist base, and LaRouche's push for NBW, visits to Russia and Italian parliaments, other diplomacy. In his second article, Wer goes at length through LaRouche's arguments for a New Bretton Woods, his visits to the Russian and Italian parliaments, his personal contacts with Malaysia Mahathir, his contacts with Chinese and Indian governments towards a "strategic triangle, which in itself alarms the world oligarchy," and so forth. Once again referring to the EIR memo that details the terrorist groups that London protests, Wer writes: "This "J'Accuse" on the part of a man who, at 80 years of age, has the courage to confront the oligarchic powers in the world, should be appreciated by all 'men of good will' in the world who are ready to fight for peace, and not to play the game of this heir of Tom Mix, unhappily President of that great nation, whose people are being pushed by these beasts into a confrontation of unimaginable consequences." Wer concludes: "The group that Lyndon LaRouche heads, is determined to fight til the end, to unmask the beasts." [source: La Hora de Guatemala, Sept. 21-22, 2001, by Carlos Enrique Wer]

Sept. 23 Middle-East-Online.com, London. AN ARABIC TRANSLATION OF LYNDON LAROUCHE'S STATEMENT "SHOOT THE NEIGHBOR'S CAT!" IS PUBLISHED IN THE MIDDLE EAST ONLINE, a London-based news website. The kicker states: "LaRouche denounces CNN and Henry Kissinger." The translation was e-mailed to almost all available Arabic newspapers and news agencies around the world. It is also available on the LaRouche movement's newly constructed Arabic website at: www.nysol.se/arabic.

Sept. 24, 2001: "Shoot the Neighbor's Cat" LaRouche Statement Issued as Press Release and L04 leaflet Sept. 24. Text on www.larouchepub.com, www.larouchein2004.com and in both English and Spanish on www.schillerinstitute.org.

Sept. ?? Dayton Daily Defender website, www.daytondefender.com posted full release on LaRouche's interview on the New Hampshire radio station.

Sept. ?? LaRouche's speech delivered at the Catholic University in Milan July 5th, has been printed this week in the regular, glossy publication of the Association for the Development of Banking and Stock Exchange Studies, which had hosted the forum for LaRouche, its "Quaderno" Nr. 188, which the Association is presently sending to its mailing list of 1,000 economic, banking and financial institutions all over Italy. Available on website www.assbb.it.

Sept. 24 Al-Bayan, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kedidi, Dubai, Sept. 24. DR. AHMED AL-KEDIDI HIGHLIGHTS LAROUCHE'S ROLE IN THE CURRENT CRISIS. Former Tunisian diplomat and current professor of "mass-media and information" at the University of Qatar, quotes LaRouche's analysis of the Sept. 11 events in the UAE daily Al-Bayan.

Sept. 24. SERBIAN PROF. BLAGOJE BABIC REVIEWED LYNDON LAROUCHE'S BOOK "NOW, ARE YOU READY TO LEARN ECONOMICS?, for the Sept. 17 issue (No. 2578) of the Serbian economic review Ekonomska Politika. Prof. Babic heads the renowned Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade.

Sept. 24, 2001][source: El Siglo, Dominican Republic, by Jorge Melendez. Sept. 24, 2001] "NOW THEY WANT TO KILL THE NEIGHBOR'S CAT," is the headline of Jorge Melendez's regular column in the Dominican Republic's El Siglo of Sept. 24. Melendez reports on U.S. Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche's statement on the brainwashing of the American population by Cable News Network and other news media, and quotes at great length from the LaRouche document "Shoot the Neighbor's Cat." Quotes LaRouche's July 24 webcast warnings on the "Guns of August", and recommends readers take out their world maps, to see where Afghanistan is.

Sept. 24 [Source: Addustour, George Haddad, Amman, Sept, 24] JORDANIAN WRITER CITES LAROUCHE IN ARTICLE COMPARING THE SEPT. 11 ATTACKS TO THE KENNEDY, MARTIN LUTHER KING MURDERS. George Haddad writes in Ad-Dustour, which virtually is the Jordanian official daily, on the lessons to be learned from the cited assassinations to know who committed the latter crime. His article came one day after Ad-Dustour published the full text of the Arabic translation of Lyndon LaRouche's statement "Shoot the Neighbor's Cat".

Haddad concludes the article, saying: "We are stating this, because the accusations for the catastrophic Tuesday, were, from the very first minutes, directed against Arabs and Muslims.... We are not trying to exonerate or accuse anyone here. But it's our natural right not to be taken over by the 'screams', and not to base our stances on mere suspicions without any evidence.

"On this occasion, why should we accept to go with the flock, and not accept or consider what American Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, who is heading an international organization which is extremely well-organized and precise in exposing facts, has said. He said: 'The mass-murderous attack was carried out by rogue forces deployed from within our military-security establishment!'"

Sept. 25 Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on Sept. 25, 2001, on "Revista 110," the popular morning news and commentary TV program hosted by Dr. Julio Hazim in the Dominican Republic. The interview was simulcast on Radio Tropico. The interview was scheduled to air again on Channel 56 that same evening, and again on Channel 13 and 53 the following weekend.

Sept. 26 [source: Expreso, column by Sara Maduendo. Sept. 26, 2001] LAROUCHE'S VIEWS ON SEPT. 11 COVERED IN MAJOR PERUVIAN DAILY. The inaugural column of Sara Madueno Vasquez appeared yesterday in Peru's largest circulation daily Expreso, entitled "LaRouche's Opinions: An Attack against Whom?" and begins by denouncing the international media's campaign to blind world public opinion and to induce the United States into a flight-forward war of reprisals, thereby covering up the true nature of the enemy and the fact that there is ongoing a "special clandestine strategic operation against the institutions of government of the United States."

Sara quotes from LaRouche's Sept. 18 interviews with Radio Programas de Peru (RPP), as well as from various of his interviews on U.S. & Canadian radio, to the effect that the goal of Sept. 11 was to "create a simulated Pearl Harbor effect, to make the U.S. enter into war with the nations of the Middle East." The quotes detail the disintegration of the international financial system as the backdrop and raison d'etre of the terrorist attack.

Sept. 28 (EIRNS)—LAROUCHE INTERVIEW FOR "THE LAROUCHE CONNECTION" PUBLISHED IN RUSSIAN WEEKLY. This week's issue of the Russian nationalist weekly Zavtra has published lengthy excerpts from the interview of Lyndon LaRouche, done on Sept. 18 by EIR editor John Sigerson for "The LaRouche Connection." The translation of this "Conversation with Lyndon LaRouche in a Time of Crisis" was made by Denis Tukmakov (author of the excellent article on LaRouche's The Science of Christian Economy, published in Zavtra in July), with a fast turnaround time that got it into circulation in Russian less than a week after the interview took place. The Zavtra publication reflects the close attention to LaRouche's strategic analysis, in Russian political and intelligence circles.

Sept. 29 [Source: Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, September 29] LONDON-BASED ARABIC DAILY COVERED GEORGE HADDAD'S ARTICLE IN ITS PRESS REVIEW. Al-Quds Al-Arabi, a widely-read Arabic daily in the Arab world, Europe and the U.S., covered the Sept. 24th article in Addustour, concentrating on the first part of the article which includes Haddad's description of the American nation and its humanist political tradition and leadership role, and the last part which contains the reference to LaRouche.

Oct 2: LAROUCHE ADDRESSES ECONOMIC ENGINEERS IN PERU - On Tuesday evening, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an address before a large audience of members of the Society of Economic Engineers, EIR subscribers and others in Lima, Peru, via closed circuit television. The conference, sponsored by the Economist Engineers chapter of the Peruvian Association of Engineers (CIP), and EIR, was titled, "What Is To Be Done In the Face of the World Financial Collapse?" LaRouche spoke for 35 minutes and then answered questions from the audience. Transcript available. (SPANISH TEXT)

Oct 2: LYNDON LAROUCHE INTERVIEW WITH MEXICAN RADIO Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on Oct. 2, 2001 by Sergio Romano, the host of the "Editor's Desk" news show on Telemax TV and radio, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The show is seen and heard throughout the northwest of Mexico, and into parts of the U.S. Southwest. Transcript available.

Oct 5: [Source: Makedonska Television, Macedonian contacts Oct 5 2001]. LAROUCHE INTERVIEW AIRED IN MACEDONIA'S PRIME TIME NEWS, THE MOMENT OF BIGGEST AUDIENCE IN THE COUNTRY. An interview with Lyndon LaRouche was broadcast on Oct. 5 in the 8 o'clock news in the main Macedonia's TV channel, Makedonska Television considered close to the government. Audiotaped two days before, the interview was rushed to production as a priority and atypically became the centerpiece of the evening news. On Oct. 6, the whole interview will re-broadcast on the most popular radio station in the country. It also may be published in the print media. In other Macedonian coverage: On Sept 22, the news program Globus (Makedonska Television) reported and commented large portion of an EIR article on the KLA Taliban connection. The same was then reprinted in the biggest daily, Dnevnik. Other newspapers and TV station reported it. On Oct 4 the news read the whole text of an article on US Ambassador James Pardew's attack on Macedonia. The same article, that explained the LaRouche's victory strategy for Macedonia was then reprinted in Nova Makedonia and Denes while Denes magazine reprinted in its totality an interview appeared in EIR with the leader of the Macedonian Diaspora in North America, Nestor Oginar. All this coverage pointed to the LaRouche role and at the end of the process there was today's interview.

OCT. 2001— Turklish newspaper covers LaRouche's analysis- also on internet version.

Oct 5 — [Source: Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, Qatar] EGYPTIAN PARLIAMENTARIAN CITES LAROUCHE ON THE SEPT. 11 ATTACKS ON THE MOST POPULAR TV PROGRAM IN THE ARAB WORLD. Dr. Mohammed Jamal Hishmat, a leader of the LEGAL Muslim Brotherhood bloc in the Egyptian Parliament, was invited last Tuesday to participate in a famous "political duel" against the Kuwaiti writer Sami Annisf, on the popular "Opposite Direction" debate program on Qatar-based Al-Jazeera Arabic Satellite Channel. This program is watched by millions of Arabs around the world, because it is a rare occasion to see real political battles live. During the program, Dr. Hishmat continued: "Another one, LaRouche [with emphasis] This man was a presidential candidate in the U.S. He says: 'The financial system is the potential reason behind this crisis.'" The moderator then interrupted him, trying to pull him back to the old argument about the "Islamist taking revenge against American." Dr. Hishmat insisted: "No, No. What I am saying is that this is a probability. What I am saying is that we have to discuss the reasons, so that this will not be repeated. Otherwise, we will enter into a cycle of revenge and retaliation which will never end. This will not only threaten the U.S., but the whole [world]. Even LaRouche [emphasizing once again] who is an American presidential candidate, when he was asked about the identity of those who conducted this operation, he said

Oct. 8 — LAROUCHE INTERVIEW WITH VENEZUELAN RADIO LaRouche had an interview with Radio Magica of Caracas on the strategic situation following Sept. 11, with major focus on the economic crisis, potentials with Putin, and so forth.

Oct. 9 — LAROUCHE'S SECOND STOCKWELL INTERVIEW Another two hour interview, with the focus of the historic mission of the American Republic.

Oct. 12 — LAROUCHE CITED IN THE UAE'S AL-BAYAN This major daily, the largest in the UAE, runs an article by former Tunisian ambassador al-Kedidi, who cites LaRouche in his attack on the Clash of Civilizations outlook.

Oct. 22 — LAROUCHE IN PHILIPPINE PRESS Mentong Laurel has an article in the Philippines Tribune on the breakaway ally scenario, referencing LaRouche's evaluation.

Oct. 26 — LAROUCHE CITED AGAIN IN AL-BAYAN Al-Kedidi writes another article, and recalls leading Western figures who reject the clash of civilization, one of whom is LaRouche, who he cites as discussing a decent U.S. policy toward the Arabs. Al-Kedidi also cites LaRouche's fights with Henry Kissinger.

Oct. 30 — LAROUCHE IN NEW RUSSIAN MAGAZINE This is the day that the new magazine, Russian Entrepreneur, is released, with its featured interview with LaRouche. The title is "A Man Who is a Titan," followed by a very positive introduction, and the interview itself is entitled "The Engine of Progress is Striving to do Good."

Nov. 2 — LAROUCHE IN MOSCOW MAGAZINE The Russian magazine Currency Dealer publishes a feature on LaRouche in its Portraits section, which amounts to 3 pages, includes photos of LaRouche, FDR, and Lincoln.

Nov. 4 — LAROUCHE ON EGYPTIAN TV An interview LaRouche taped with Egyptian TV on Nov. 1, is aired on a popular TV show, called the Red Shadow. LaRouche is presented as an American politician who forecast this crisis. This station is picked up internationally.

Nov. 8 — LAROUCHE CITED IN AL-JAZEERA WEBSITE. Al Jazeera, the major UAE satellite TV station, which claims more than 41 million people visiting its website daily, covers in its press review the Kuwaiti magazine Al-Mujtamaa in its substantive coverage of LaRouche's views on what was behind Sept. 11.

Nov. 10 — LAROUCHE'S VIEWS IN PERUVIAN PRESS Sara Madueno's 7th column in the largest Peruvian daily, Expreso, covers the convergence of Putin's views with LaRouche's.

Nov. 16 — QATAR PRESS COVERS LAROUCHE Al Watan, the major daily in Qatar, runs a syndicated column by Dr. Abdullah Fahad al-Nefisi on LaRouche's evaluation of Sept. 11.

Nov. 22 — LAROUCHE ON ROME-AREA TV SHOW LaRouche was the featured participant in an hourlong debate on the subject of "peace through development," on Teleambiente. He is joined by a Labor Ministry official (Galloni), an economics professor, and a local priest.

Nov. 22 — GUATEMALAN PAPER FEATURES LAROUCHE The major Guatemalan paper La Hora runs nearly 5 pages on LaRouche's views, including his teleconference with economists there. Included are a release on the teleconference, excerpts of LaRouche's previous interview in Mexico, LaRouche's videconference speech to Peruvian engineers, and an interview with EIR writer Carlos Wesley.

Nov. 23 — AL-BAYAN PUBLISHES INTERVIEW WITH LAROUCHE Under the title "The current economic crisis started before Sept. 11," the UAE daily al-Bayan publishes this major interview, as the leading item in its weekly feature supplement. The interview is also included in its online edition.


Dec. 3 — Armenian print media covers LaRouche analysis on coup'd'etat and terrorism presented at Seminar by M. Vitt

Dec. 3 — ASHARQ AL-ASWAT, THE MAJOR SAUDI ARABIC DAILY, published a lengthy article by Executive Intelligence Review authors (full name of EIR publication printed in English) Michele Steinberg and Hussein Al-Nadeem under the title: "Who Is Behind The Attack On Saudi Arabia And Egypt... And Why?" with the subtitle answering the question: "An American Coup d'Dtat, Aiming To Impose The `Clash Of Civilization' Policies, And Creating A New Roman Empire." The article is an Arabic version, based on the original English, which appears in the Nov. 30 issue of EIR, under the title: "War Of Civilizations Lobby Targets Egypt, Saudi Arabia For Overthrow." The editors of Asharq Al-Awsat emphasized "American politician and economist Lyndon LaRouche's analysis of the Sept. 11 events and what followed as a coup d'etat," putting his statement in the Nov. 17 BueSo conference in Germany under the subtitle "A Coup Against Bush."

Dec. 10 — DIARIO POPULAR, A GREATER BUENOS AIRES TABLOID, devoted almost a page to LaRouche's warnings about the coming financial collapse. The content was LaRouche's opening remarks to the Guatemalan economists (Nov. 13).

Dec. — THE BRAZILIAN MAGAZINE GERENTE DE CIUDAD (City Manager) publishes a 3 page review of EIR's Green Mafia book, citing LaRouche by name.

Dec. 12 — THE SAUDI DAILY ASHARQ publishes LaRouche's press release on Ariel Sharon's fascism, and how it will lead to Israel's destruction, and announces LaRouche's campaign to hit Congress.

Dec. 13 — THE LONDON-BASED ARABIC DAILY AL ARAB-INTERNATIONAL publishes LaRouche's press release on Ariel Sharon's fascism.

December 2001 — THE DECEMBER ISSUE OF VALYUTNY SPEKULYANT (Currency Dealer), a Russian monthy magazine, features an extensive interview with LaRouche, under the title "The euro will not strengthen sovereignty."

Dec. 17 — AL-BAYAN, THE QATARI ARABIC PAPER, publishes LaRouche's statement on Sharon, under the title "American Politican LaRouche: Sharon's Nazism is Driving Israel to its doom."

Dec. 18 — EL HERALDO, DAILY PAPER IN LEON, GUANAJUATO, MEXICO, publishes a frontpage article on a press conference by EIR editor Dennis Small, quoting him on LaRouche's solution.

December 2001 — AL MANASSAH AL ARABEYAH, a twice monthly Arabic paper in the U.S., publishes LaRouche's statement on Sharon and how his fascism will destroy Israel.


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