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Highlights of Activities from 1984 to 2000

Calendar of Current Activities

2001 Highlights

Feb. 19: Helga Zepp LaRouche reports to the Presidents Day conference that ``America's children are in mortal danger''; National Commission Against the New Violence launched in July to combat the media and videogame violence which is turning America's children into killers. April 15-17: ``The New Silk Road and Its Impact on Egyptian Interests,'' conference in Port Said, Egypt, includes discussion of Lyndon LaRouche's Eurasian Land-Bridge proposal. June 23: Lyndon LaRouche addresses Italian Parliamentarians at a conference titled ``Towards a New Bretton Woods'' in Rome, at the Cenacolo Hall of the Italian Parliament. Sept.-Dec.: Schiller Institute stages six performances of Shakespeare's {King Lear} throughout the City of Chicago. Oct. 22: ``{Vox Populi}: Oligarchy, Mob, and Popular Opinion in Ancient Rome'': Schiller Institute Players of Northern Virginia perform extracted scenes from William Shakespeare's {Julius Caesar}. Dec. 4-7: Lyndon and Helga LaRouche address economic policy seminar at the St. Laszlo Academy in Budapest, Hungary, with official greetings from Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban. Dec. 13: ``Russia's Historical Mission in Light of the World Economic Crisis'': A memorial seminar in Moscow dedicated to the memory of the recently deceased Russian Schiller Institute leader Taras Vasilyevich Muranivsky, held at the Lebedev Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN), with leading academic, military, church and political figures.

January: Schiller Institute representatives interview Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Malaysian Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen for {Executive Intelligence Review.} Sept. 4-7: General Harold Bedoya (ret.), former Commander of the Armed Forces of Colombia, addresses Institute's Labor Day conference and a press conference at the National Press Club, on the narco-terrorist threat to Colombia and other nations. Nov. 9: The call for a Women's Committee for the New Silk Road presented at conference of the General Federation of Iraqi Women, in Baghdad. Dec. 1: Former Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo joins Helga Zepp LaRouche at a forum in Mexico City, endorses Lyndon LaRouche's strategy for world recovery.

Feb. 7: The Institute helps sponsor a Washington, D.C. seminar and concert by the St. Thomas Boys Choir of Leipzig, the world's oldest and foremost boys choir, performing at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C. Aug. 8-14: Helga Zepp LaRouche visits Brazil, addressing more than 500 people in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, calling for a New Bretton Woods system. Oct. 27-Nov. 1: Helga Zepp LaRouche leads Schiller Institute delegation to China, participate in a conference on the ``Second Eurasian Bridge,'' sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Nov. 14: Helga Zepp LaRouche initiates the Women's Commission for the New Silk Road, to combat America's illegal bombing of Iraq and fight for global development. Amelia Boynton RobinsonRecites: “The Dissatisfied Violet

June 20: Institute launches a mobilization for food relief to starving North Korea. June 23: Schiller Institute and the African Civil Rights Movement release an Appeal to President Clinton to Stop London's Holocaust in Africa, drafted by Helga Zepp LaRouche and Godfrey Binaisa, former President of Uganda. July 17: Dr. Jozef Miklosko, president of the Slovakian branch of the Schiller Institute and former Vice Premier of post-communist Czecho-Slovakia, addresses the National Congress of Katapat in Manila on LaRouche's exoneration and call for a New Bretton Woods system. Sept.-Oct.: Helga Zepp LaRouche travels in China and India to discuss the Eurasian Land-Bridge. Nov. 19: Helga Zepp LaRouche addresses the Fourth Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja, speaking on ``The Success of the Chinese Economic Reform and Its Significance for Nigeria: Africa's Secret Weapon for Peace!''

Jan. 26: ``A Call to Save the Children in Bosnia-Hercegovina'' urges U.S. and Europe to adopt Marshall Plan for economic reconstruction in Bosnia. April 24: Lyndon LaRouche addresses round table discussion in Moscow, sponsored by the Institute for Social and Political Studies (ISPI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Free Economic Society of Russia, and the Schiller Institute for Science and Culture, on ``Russia, the United States, and the Global Financial Crisis.'' May 7-9: Helga Zepp LaRouche addresses the International Symposium on Economic Development of the Regions Along the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, in Beijing, China. Sept. 13-23: Four U.S. elected officials visit Sudan on the Institute's initiative, to investigate allegations of government-supported slavery. After extensive meetings with government, religious leaders, local authorities and tribal chiefs, they find no evidence of slavery and report this at a Washington, D.C. press conference.

 June 5-9: Lyndon and Helga LaRouche in second visit to Russia; he speaks at the State Duma of the Russian Federation and to audiences at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Methodological University, and Moscow State University. July 11: Former Ugandan President Godfrey Binaisa, joined by a delegation of the National Constitutional Conference of Nigeria, discuss Binaisa's initiative to form an African Civil Rights Movement, at Paris conference on ``Peace, Development and the Rights of Man.'' Aug. 31-Sept. 1: Independent hearings in Vienna, VA, to investigate allegations of gross misconduct by the U.S. Department of Justice. The panel of state legislators, religious and legal figures is chaired by former Congressman James Mann (D-S.C.) and civil rights attorney J.L. Chestnut of Selma, AL
Sept.2-3, 1995, Schiller Inst/ ICLC Labor Day Conference, Reston, Va
          The Legacy of Friedrich Von Hayek: Fascism Didn't Die With Hitler

January 26: Campaign launched for full exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche after his release from unjust imprisonment.
Feb. Schiller Institute/ ICLC Presidents’ Day Conference, Northern Virginia

April 25: Institute launches global drive against the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt. May 24: First seminar in Ukraine, on the global financial crisis and reconstruction policies. May 27-28: ``For a Marian Anderson National Conservatory of Music Movement'': Gala Concert and Music Conference at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Aug. 7-14: Lyndon and Helga LaRouche address educational-cultural seminar in Smolenice Castle, outside Bratislava, Slovakia. Nov. 26: First Washington, D.C. performance of ``Through the Years,'' a musical drama by Amelia Boynton Robinson, with cast and choir drawn from local children.

November 30, 1994 "World Infrastructure Development: the Alternative to Global Financial Disintegration"

April 6-10: Helga Zepp LaRouche in Moscow, lectures on Nicholas of Cusa at the Russian State University for the Humanities. April 8: ``Save the Art of Bel Canto--Return to the Verdi Tuning'': Forum and Master Class by Italian tenor Carlo Bergonzi at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, NY April 26-30: Helga Zepp LaRouche in Khartoum, Sudan, keynotes international Conference on Religions, sponsored by the Sudanese government, ``For an Ecumenical Dialogue based on an Economic Science in Cohesion with the Laws of God's Creation.'' Aug. 27: Concert of Lieder, spirituals and opera in tribute to soprano Marian Anderson in DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. Nov. 9: Institute co-sponsors concert at Fisk Memorial Chapel in Tennessee, ``Let Freedom Sing,'' with Robert McFerrin, Sylvia Olden Lee, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, and the Nashville Boys Choir.

May 26: ``Christopher Columbus: Science and Evangelization in the Discovery of the New World''--conference at Rome's Urbaniana Pontifical University. July 1-6: Vice Chairman Amelia Robinson tours war-torn Croatia at invitation of ``Mothers for Peace.'' August: ``World Appeal for Africa: Help Save 40 Million People'' urges implementation of an emergency program to stop the pending mass death in Africa due to drought and famine. Aug. 19: Helga Zepp LaRouche addresses the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, meeting in Geneva, on the case of political prisoner Lyndon LaRouche. Sept. 5-7: Labor Day Schiller Institute Conference Music Panel (Video) Oct. 30-31: Conference of the Institute in Moscow, co-sponsored by the Moscow State Humanitarian University and the Ukrainian University in Moscow, on LaRouche's Productive Triangle as alternative to IMF austerity policy.

Jan. 15-21: Vigils and demonstrations nationwide to oppose the Thatcher-Bush war in the Persian Gulf. May 10-12: Helga Zepp LaRouche releases a call to governments of the world to implement Pope John Paul II's encyclical {Centesimus Annus.} June: Institute helps to found and propagate the activities of the Committee to Save the Children in Iraq. June 27: The Productive Triangle is officially presented to the Institute of Economics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science in Prague. Oct. 7: Demonstration at the United Nations releases policy proposal ``For a True Fourth U.N. Development Decade: A Concrete Solution to the World Economic Breakdown Crisis.'' Nov. 22-23: ``The Productive Triangle: Centerpiece of an All-Eurasian Infrastructure Program, Locomotive for a New, Just World Economic Order''--international conference in Berlin to discuss LaRouche's Productive Triangle program. First issue of FIDELIO Magazine published.

Jan. 21: The Lubo Opera Company presents the first American performance of Beethoven's opera ``Fidelio,'' at the ``Verdi'' pitch, in Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City. Sept. 15-17: Helga Zepp LaRouche leads Schiller Institute delegation to Poland. Polish Schiller Institute launched in the room where Solidarnosc was founded in 1980.

Jan. 16: Four thousand people from 25 states and dozens of nations march in Washington, D.C., demanding economic justice for people all over the world, against the IMF bankers' dictatorship. Jan. 19-20: International Martin Luther King Tribunal on Crimes Against Humanity founded in Rome, Italy. Major focus is to free Lyndon LaRouche from prison. May 5-6: ``For a New Council of Florence''--international conference in Rome's Sala Borromini, on the 550th anniversary of the 1439 Council of Florence. Oct.-Dec.: The Institute is deeply involved in support for the revolutions sweeping Eastern Europe. Beethoven concert at the former Berlin Wall by violinist Norbert Brainin and pianist Gunter Ludwig dedicated to Germany's reunification.

Jan. 30-31: ``The New Name for Peace is Development''--Bretton Woods, N.H. international conference to call for a new just economic order, replacing the bankrupt Bretton Woods system.
Video: 1988 Schiller Conference on the New Bretton Woods part 1: Fred Wills April 9-10: Milan, Italy conference on ``Music and Classical Esthetics,'' at Casa Verdi. Musicians from all over Italy attend, launching the international fight to lower the standard pitch to the ``Verdi'' pitch of C = 256 cycles per second (A = 432). Sept. 3-4: Food for Peace organization founded at Chicago conference. Delegates pledge to fight for increased food production worldwide and an end to the destructive GATT policies.

Feb. 13: Concert in the Mexico City Cathedral by the Schiller Institute chorus singing music of Bach and Vivaldi. Dec. 12-13: Seminar in New Delhi, India on ``The Campaign of Lyndon LaRouche for a Solution to the Worldwide Economic Collapse.'' Schiller Institute Lieder Societies formed in various US cities.

 Feb. 2: ``Towards the Creation of a North-South Action Committee for a New World Economic Order against the IMF''--International conference in Paris attended by 500 Europeans and Africans. April 22-23: ``The Strategic Defense Initiative: Its Military, Economic, and Scientific Dimensions'' in Tokyo, Japan. Sept. 16: Publication of ``Ibero-American Integration: 100 Million New Jobs by the Year 2000.''

Jan. 15: Ten thousand demonstrate on Martin Luther King holiday in Washington, D.C., for a just new world economic order. June 15-16: Krafft Ehricke Memorial Conference to promote the SDI: ``The Age of Reason in a World of Mutually Assured Survival and Space Colonization.'' July 15-17: ``Stop the IMF's Genocide! For the Integration and Development of Ibero-America''--First Continental Conference of the Schiller Institute Trade Union Commission, held in Mexico City. Nov. 1-3: ``Saint Augustine, Father of European and African Civilization''--International conference in Rome, Italy with 800 participants from five continents.  

July 3-4: ``Rescue the Western Alliance''--Founding conference of the Institute in Arlington, VA. Sept. 25: Board members tour West Berlin and call for the reunification of East and West Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nov. 10: Schiller Institute chapters worldwide celebrate the 225th anniversary of Friedrich Schiller's birth. Nov. 26: ``For the Inalienable Rights of Man''--international conference endorses the Declaration of the Inalienable Rights of Man. More than 3,000 people from 50 nations bring declaration to the White House steps.

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