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William Warfield

Weep not; he's not dead;
he's resting in the bosom of Jesus”

In Memoriam


Dennis Speed, Schiller Institute

George Shirley

Amelia Boynton Robinson

Sylvia Olden Lee

This message from George Shirley, leading baritone and music educator, was read at the Labor Day 2002 Schiller Institute Conference.

"It is written we should all rejoice, when one of our brothers or sisters returns home, since we are all prodigals wandering this earth, in search of salvation. Leaving the world, and its pain and injustice behind, in order to return to our Father's house, should be cause for rejoicing. This is especially true, when the earthly journey has been as productive and notable a triumph, as has that of William Warfield.

Rest assured, that, although silent to our mortal ears, save for those moments frozen in time by the miracles of audio-visual technology, the great voice of William Warfield now rings forth robustly in Heaven, in chorus with those of Hayes, Anderson, and Robeson, and will ever resound in mortal memory. Mors janua vitae: `Death is the gate of life.'

"Thank you, Bill, for so richly blessing us, along your journey back to the Promised Land. We look forward to hear in your glorious voice again, when we, in turn, re-enter the portal of Life Eternal.

"With lasting admiration, George Shirley."

  Singers, from left to right: Rev. James Cokley,
George Shirley,
Willliam Warfield, and Robert McFerrin
at the May, 1994
Schiller Institute Concert

Amelia Boynton Robinson, Schiller Institute Vice Chairwoman and civil rights heroine,made these remaks at the Labor Day 2002 Conference Keynote Panel:

A tribute to William Warfield: God needed a songbird in Heaven, and God took William Warfield away. He only loaned him to us. And we know, wherever he is, he is really giving a beautiful, beautiful recital to the angels in Heaven.

We have dedicated this section of the Schiller Institute Website to messages and tributes to the immortal William Warfield. More postings will be added.

For more about William Warfield, please visit:


Audio Video of Dr. Warfield Performing at Schiller Institue Events
(It's at the beginning of Panel 5)

William Warfield with Friends in Pasadena, California October 2000 (video and audio)

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