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Amelia Boynton Robinson Brings
Fight for ‘True America’ to Italy and Germany

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Amelia Boynton Robinson Brings Fight
For ‘True America’ to Italy, Germany

Special to New Federalist
Dec. 28 (EIRNS)—Immediately after a tour of the West Coast of the United States, (Seattle and California) which began in mid-November, the world-reknowned civil rights veteran Amelia Boynton Robinson, began a high-profile tour in Italy and Germany. Mrs. Robinson, who began organizing African-Americans to vote in Alabama, in the face of what most people thought were insurmountable obstacles, 30 years before Dr. Martin Luther King came to the state, focussed on two major subjects during her tour.

The first was the creation and role of a youth movement for social change, specifically the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), which organized a most her events. The second subject was what she calls “the real America,” the majority of American citizens who reject the policies of torture and war represented by the Cheney-Bush Administration. To her European audiences, Mrs. Robinson has provided a fresh look at the movement which is being built under the leadership of Lyndon LaRouche, in order to restore the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Mrs. Robinson made an official visit to Rome from Nov. 28 to Dec. 4, where was received by the vice president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Hon. Alfredo Biondi, together with a delegation of women parliamentarians from the Democrats of the Left Party. The leader of this delegation, Hon. Silvana Pisa, told Biondi that Mrs. Robinson “represents the true America.” (Click here for a full report on Mrs. Robinson’s visit to Italy.)

Courtesy of www.margheritaonline.it
Amelia Boynton Robinson, in Rome, Italy, with Francesco Rutelli, the general secretary of La Margherita party, and former Mayor of Rome.

Courtesy of Ansa
Amelia Robinson, center, with the women caucus of the Unione in the Italian Parliament. Right, in the front row is Mrs. Elena Montecchi.

Courtesy of www.margheritaonline.it
Amelia Robinson signing her book, Bridge Across Jordan, in Rome.

Tour of Germany

On Dec. 5, Mrs. Robinson made her first presentation in Berlin, at Humboldt University, to a class of 40 students, and she addressed the John F. Kennedy Institute of the Berlin Free University, on Dec. 8.

EIRNS/Wolfgang Lillge
Amelia Robinson at the Bueso Berlin meeting.

Her highest-level meeting in Germany took place on Dec. 9, (below) where she had an hour-long meeting with the vice president of the German Bundestag (parliament), Katrin Göring-Eckardt. Göring-Eckardt was especially interested in the work of the LYM, as well as the social and economic areas of U.S. politics.

EIRNS/Kasia Kruczkowski
Veteran Civil Rights leader Amelia Boynton Robinson met in Berlin Dec. 9 with the Vice President of the German Bundestag, Katrin Goering-Eckardt (left).

Her tour then continued throughout Germany, where she addressed large meetings in Magdeburg and Hannover, in northern Germany; Düsseldorf (below) in western Germany; Munich in southern Germany, and finally in the Frankfurt region.

Amelia Robinson in Dusseldorf.

She brought greetings from “the real United States,” and was asked many questions, which she always answered directly. When asked why Bush was elected, she pointed out that he was “selected, not elected,” and said that “America’s society is corrupt, especially at the top.”

Amelia Robinson addresses meeing in Dresden.

Despite the problems in the world and the United states, she was optimistic, because of the role of the youth. Pointing out that African-Americans had to fight for 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, to win their civil rights, she cited individual contributions by Martin Luther King, but pointed out that without the invidivual courage of Rosa Parks (whom Mrs. Robinson had met two weeks before Parks died), the spotlight would not have been turned on the South and the incredible discrimination. Without that, the civil rights work of many, including King, would not have been recognized, and he would have been only a church paster. The world needs leadership, she emphasized, stating that she was happy to work with the LYM and with LaRouche, who she identified as carrying on the civil rights movement of Dr. King. Like LaRouche, King had also been vilified, shunned, and called names, she said.

One student responded: “Now I know things can change for the better. And as the example of Rosa Parks tells us, what we do can make a difference for the nation.”

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