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Poems by Amelia Boynton Robinson


Speech by Amelia Boynton Robinson (introduced by her poem, "Dig a Little Deeper") to a Schiller Institute meeting in Frederiksberg-Hallen, Denmark, September 27, 2007 (MP3 audio, 24 MB)

Amelia Boynton Robinson recites her story, "The Dissatisfied Violet" (MP3 audio, 11.85 MB)



My race is a race of people,
Black, white, yellow and red.
Colored by all blood and culture,
Together we’ve all been fed.

At first God made himself a man,
Placed him in Eden’s land of shade.
Gave him control of everything
God’s law he disobeyed.

Offspring began to move about.
East, west, north and south,
Farther and farther from whence he came
From the food God had for the mouth.

Man then began to squabble o’er
God’s land, mountain and sea.
Making wars upon his brother
Where he may be.

Man’s far from where he used to be,
The love he had is gone.
He’ll kill his brother’s children
And will not spare his own.

We put the blame on children
For doing these awful crimes.
Though Mom and Dad have planted hate
In their precious little minds.

He starts by saying to the child:
Don’t play with him, my dear.
Immediately the child’s mind clicks,
“Dad, can you be sincere?”

A child of a different color
May come to a parent’s home.
The child’s reminded of Dad’s words.
Then, his mind begins to roam.

Like a pimple the thought is planted,
“I’m better or greater than they”.
That pimple grows a cancer of hate.
The thought that is there to stay.

Deeply in his little mind
The cancerous pimple grows.
Consumed by the hate he hears each day.
Till he feels no respect he owes.

The cancerous hate is now full-blown.
He has no respect for you.
His greatest joy is to kill or maim.
Matters not if it’s gentile or Jew.

Sister and brothers, let’s search ourselves.
Where we’ve planted that seed of hate.
By telling your kid he’s better than they,
May end up in being your fate.

September 5, 1999



It is easy to think shallow
As we watch the TV tube
Deeply drinking of its nonsense
Though all principles exclude

It takes no brain but sponge instead
Absorbing what you wish
To fit your every fancy
Though shallow as a dish.

Have you thought of digging deeper,
In a mind that's yours to keep
For ever and for ever
Where there'll be no cause to weep?

Wisdom is a precious stone,
Is found by digging down
Into the precious mental cup
Where jewels can be found.

It takes a lot of thinking
In the quiet of the night,
Where angels gently whisper
I'll help you get it right.

Just follow my instructions
Don't be afraid to think,
God endowered you with wisdom
From work you must not shrink.

Just dig a little deeper
In the vessel of your mind.
There's love for everybody
And compassion you will find.

There are also peace and justice
Confidence and self-esteem,
Grand jewels of all description
Good health you can reddem.

So, dig a little deeper
In the vessel of your mind.
Be sure to do researching,
There diamonds you will find.



When you get what you want in the struggle of life,
And the world calls you King-For-A-Day,
Then, go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that guy has to say.

It's never a man's mother or father or son,
Your mistakes are – NOT USING YOUR BRAIN.
It is only yourself, and nobody else,
You're the one whom you have to blame.

Just face the mirror and look at yourself
Do you really like what you see?
A guy who could be the greatest of men,
But you traded for NO LIBERTY.

Look good at the guy staring back at you,
Whose life was as bright as the sun.
Did you know as a pawn you'd find yourself,
When you thought it was all fun?

Take a look at yourself before it's too late.
Straighten up and act real fast.
You still have a chance to mend your ways,
If you are true to the guy in the glass.

April 24, 1992


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