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Speakers at Schiller Institute New Paradigm Conferences

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Leonid Kadyshev, Minister Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in France.
Les BRICS ne se réunissent pas contre quelqu’un, mais en faveur de quelque chose Feb. 2015 Paris
The Vocation of the BRICS, Seen from Moscow June 2015 Paris

Panos Kammenos, Chairman of the Independent Greeks, Member of Hellenic Parliament, Athens, Greece
Greece and the Silk Road Economic Belt Oct 2014 Frankfurt

Toni Kästner, Chairman of the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF), Essen, Germany
Where Germany Should Be 50 years from Now Oct 2014 Frankfurt

Theodore Katsanevas, Professor of Economics, University of Piraeus, Greece
Exit the Euro, Cut International Debt and Public Expenditure and Economic Growth is the Solution for Greece Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
Abolish the Euro and the Monetarist Malpractices of the Casino Capitalism Apr. 2013 Frankfurt
Greetings to America and the Schiller Institute from Greece Feb 2015 NYC

Mr. Faiyaz Murshid Kazi Counsellor, the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations
Presentation Apr. 13, 2017, NYC

Dr. Kelvin Kemm, nuclear physicist, CEO of Nuclear Africa, a consulting engineering firm (
April 7, 2016 NYC

Prof. Cliff Kiracofe, teaches history at the Virginia Military Institute and political science at Washington and Lee University
The Principles of John Quincy Adams Jan. 2013 NYC

Michael Kirsch, LaRouchePAC Basement Team member, principal author of LaRouchePAC’s NAWAPA XXI report and the pamphlet “How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States”
Constitutional Banking Jan. 2013 NYC
The Hamiltonian Credit System as an Integral Part of the American Constitutional System Mar. 2013 DC

Stélios Kouloglou, Journalist, Writer, and Member of European Parliament, Syriza, Greece.
The Troika’s Silent Coup d’etat Against Greece June 2015 Paris

Daisuke Kotegawa , Research Director, Canon Institute, Japan
The Case For Productive Investment Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
Greetings Mar. 2013 DC
Lost Two Decades for the EU and U.S.A.? Apr. 2013 Frankfurt
Message June 2014 NYC
Japan's outlook concerning Eurasian cooperation June 25-26, 2016, Berlin

Jennifer Kreingold, conductor, choral director, Schiller Institute Chorus
Bach: Magnificat Jan. 2013 NYC
Bach: Magnificat Mar. 2013 DC
Mozart: Requiem (excerpts) Dec 2014 Boston

Kasia Kruczkowski, political activist of the Schiller Institute in Germany
A Renaissance of Classical Culture in Europe Panel Discussion Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
Keynote: Poets of Freedom: Friedrich Schiller and Alexander Pushkin Mar. 2015 Düsseldorf

Brian Lantz, organizer, Houston Schiller Institute
Free Mankind from Terrorism & War: Embrace Krafft Ehricke's Age of Reason June 25, 2016 Houston
Welcome & Introduction Jan. 19, 2017, Houston

Evelyn Lantz, organizer, Houston Schiller Institute
Schiller's Wilhelm Tell Jan. 19, 2017 Houston

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, President of the Schiller Institute
Only a Complete Change in Paradigm Can Avoid Catastrophe Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
A Renaissance of Classical Culture in Europe Panel Discussion Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
A New Paradigm To Save Mankind Jan. 2013 NYC
The Definition of the Common Aims of Mankind Mar. 2013 DC
Mankind Is Better Than the Oligarchy Can Imagine Apr. 2013 Frankfurt
Roundtable: Aesthetical Education and Beauty Apr. 2013 Frankfurt
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Appeals to the American People To Once Again Save the World from Fascism: "Never Again!" June 2013 San Francisco
Keynote Nov 2013 Los Angeles
Keynote June 2014 NYC
Introduction to Schiller's “Nänie” June 2014 NYC
Keynote: A New Era of Mankind Oct 2014 Frankfurt
On the Brink of World War III Dec. 2014 Boston
Bring Americans Into the BRICS Paradigm! Dec. 2014 NYC
Keynote   Closing Remarks    Jan 2015 NYC
Keynote Jan. 30, 2015 Copenhagen diplomatic seminar
Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Copenhagen: public meeting Jan. 31, 2015 Copenhagen public meeting
America Needs A Mass Movement for Economic Development: Let's Join the BRICS to Rebuild the American Economy Feb 2015 NYC
The Mission of Cusa: The BRICS and A New International Order for Mankind Mar 2015 NYC
Keynote Address Feb. 2015 Berlin
Keynote Feb. 2015 Houston
Keynote: Die zivilisatorische Krise lösen – Eine neue Renaissance für die Menschheit Mar. 2015 Berlin
Keynote: On China's One Belt, One Road Policy Apr 2015 Copenhagen
Keynote, Concluding Remarks: Why You Must Join the Fight June 2015 Paris
Keynote Sep 2015 NYC
April 7, 2016 NYC
Keynote: The future of mankind will be beautiful — provided we can avoid the fate of the dinosaurs June 25-26, 2016, Berlin
The Historic Paradigm Shift Sept. 10, 2016, NYC
Strategic Discussion July 23, 2016, Seattle
Keynote Address: The Potential for France & All of Europe in the Construction of the World Land-Bridge   Oct. 19, 2016, Lyon, France
Keynote Address: Germany’s Potential Role in Developing the World Land-Bridge  Oct. 21, 2016, Essen, Germany
Keynote Address: “The LaRouche Four Laws: the Seed-Crystal for World Economic Recovery and Unprecedented Civilizational Growth”   Oct. 29, 2016, NYC
Keynote Address: World Land-Bridge: Mankind’s Next Great Task Dec. 10, 2016 NYC
Keynote Address Dec. 12, 2016 Copenhagen
Keynote Address Jan. 11, 2017 Stockholm
Keynote Address: Inaugurating a New Paradigm: A Dialogue of Civilizations Jan. 14, 2017 NYC
Keynote Address Feb. 4, 2017 NYC
What Role Will Germany Play? Worldwide Spirit of Optimism Over the New Silk Road! Mar. 25, 2017, Munich
Keynote Address Apr. 13, 2017, NYC
Panel 2 Opening Remarks Apr. 13, 2017, NYC
July 7, 2017 NYC
July 11, 2017 Berlin
Introductory Remarks Oct. 24, 2017 Paris
The New Silk Road, a New Model for International Relations  Panel I Questions and Answers Nov. 25-26, 2017 Frankfurt

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
The Crucial Issue of this Crisis Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
From SDI to SDE: Mankind's Mastery of the Solar System Mar. 2013 DC
The Strategic View from the US  Apr. 2013 Frankfurt
Concluding remarks: "cease having confidence in what happened yesterday" Apr. 2013 Frankfurt
Keynote: Glass-Steagall Will Revive The Economy of Living People June 2013 San Francisco
Keynote Nov 2013 Los Angeles
Remarks Jan 2015 NYC
Human Economics: For Mankind, Nothing Is Inevitable Video montage on the avoidance of nuclear war Feb 2015 NYC
Message June 2015 Paris
Message Sep 2015 NYC
April 7, 2016 NYC
Strategic Discussion July 23, 2016, Seattle

Eric Larsen, Professor Emeritus from the John Jay College of the City University of New York, Author, A Nation Gone Blind:  America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit
‘Art Emotion’ versus Political Correctness June 2014 NYC

Ann Lee, U.S.-China Economic Relations Expert, Author of What the US Can Learn From China, Adjunct Professor of Finance and Economics, NYU
Co-creating A Better World -- What the US Can Learn From China Dec. 2014 NYC

Chanyoung Lee, Bass, from Korea
Musical Dialogue of Cultures Concert June 25, Berlin

Eve Lee, daughter of Sylvia Olden Lee
June 29, 2017 NYC June 30, 2017 NYC

Everett Lee, Sr., husband of Sylvia Olden Lee
June 29, 2017 NYC

Ulricke Lillge, Schiller Institute Board of Directors
Dialogue of Cultures presentation Feb. 2015 Berlin

Dr. Wolfgang Lillge, Editor-in-chief of the Fusion Magazine, Berlin, Germany
Fighting Diseases and Pandemics Through a Policy of Global Development Oct 2014 Frankfurt

Ren Lin, Researcher on the One Belt One Road Policy at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China
The New Silk Road Win-Win Perspective June 25-26, 2016, Berlin

Mr. Jack Liu, President of the Society of Chinese American Aerospace Engineers
"Aviation Future across the New Silk Road - one belt one road region" July 23, 2016, Seattle

David Anthony Lofton , pianist, music director and conductor of Academy of Vocal Arts' Jubilate.
June 29, 2017 NYC

Ricardo Lopez, soloist
China's National Anthem "March of the Volunteers" Dec. 2014 Boston

Edward Lozansky, president of the American University in Moscow and founder of the World Russia Forum
Greeting Mar. 2015 NYC

Meixu Lu, 'cello
July 7, 2017 NYC

Anika Telmányi Lylloff, Violin
Musikabend Nov. 2012 Frankfurt

Benjamin Telmányi Lylloff, piano, tenor
Musikabend Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
W.A. Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 10 in C Major, K. 330 June 2014 NYC
Beethoven's Fidelio Oct 2014 Frankfurt
'Der Soldat' by Robert Schumann; A Russian Folk Song; 'Der Leiermann' by Franz Schubert Mar. 2015 Düsseldorf
Musical Introduction: Johannes Brahms - Intermezzo for piano op. 118 No. 2 June 2015 Paris
Musical Introduction: Korean Folk Song "Dear mother, dear sister", Sowol Kim; "Das Veilchen", W.A. Mozart, Goethe June 25-26, 2016, Berlin
Musical Dialogue of Cultures Concert June 25, Berlin
A Chinese love song, Mar. 25, 2017, Munich

Mr. Xolisa Mabhongo, Representative of the Director General of the IAEA to the United Nations 
April 7, 2016 NYC

Chance McGee
'Der Leiermann' by Franz Schubert Mar. 2015 Düsseldorf

Ray McGovern, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS); CIA analyst on Soviet affairs, 1963-1990
‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ June 2014 NYC
How Long Will the “Sovereign Republics” of Europe Keep Dancing to Washington’s Tune? Oct 2014 Frankfurt

Wayne Madsen, investigative journalist, author of Jaded Tasks: Brass Plates, Black Ops and Big Oil:  The Blood Politics of George Bush & Co 
The NSA Collects It All; Shut It Down!
June 2014 NYC

Clyde Magarelli, author and former Director of War Studies and current professor of sociology at William Paterson University, in Wayne, N.J., spoke on
“Positive Approaches to a Russia/China/India Alliance: The True West Point Intelligence Tradition.” Dec. 2014 NYC

Indira Mahajan, soprano
Symposium and Musical Tribute In Praise of Sylvia Olden Lee June 26, 2016 NYC
June 29, 2017 NYC

Ramtanu Maitra, New Delhi correspondent for EIR
The Alliance of India-Russia-China Nov 2013 Los Angeles

Frank Mathis, bass/baritone soloist, LaRouche PAC organizer
Bach: Magnificat Jan. 2013 NYC
Bach: Magnificat Mar. 2013 DC
Glinka’s “I Remember A Wondrous Moment” Dec. 2014 Boston
"Be Calm, Restless Passions" A song in Russian by Kukolnik, introduced and translated into English, then sung in Russian Feb 2015 NYC
Bach: Cantata “Herr, deine Augen sehen nach dem Glauben” June 2014 NYC
Symposium and Musical Tribute In Praise of Sylvia Olden Lee June 26, 2016 NYC
Glinka - “Wondrous Moment” Apr. 14, 2017, NYC
June 29, 2017 NYC

Maëlle Mercier, Schiller Institute, Paris.
Jean Jaurès: Nurturing Politics With Art and Science June 2015 Paris

Prof. Safieeldin Mohamed Metwally, The National Center for Desert Research, Ciaro, Egypt.
Rebuilding Egypt June 2015 Paris

Norton Mezvinsky, president of the International Council for Middle East Studies in Washington, D.C., professor emeritus at Central Connecticut State University
“The Destructive Effects of Religious Extremisms.” Jan. 2013 NYC

Mulugeta Zewdie Michael, Consul General of Ethiopia, Frankfurt, Germany
The "Grand Millenium Dam" Project Nov. 2012 Frankfurt

Saket Mishra, The Association For India’s Development (AID), Atlas Corps, Massachusetts General Hospital
On the Use of Technology To Solve Medical and Other Problems in India
Dec. 2014 Boston

Peter Möller
poem recitation Mar. 2015 Düsseldorf

Anthony Morss, Conductor, Music Director and Principal Conductor, New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera
Why We Need Classical Culture June 2014 NYC
April 7, 2016 NYC
Symposium and Musical Tribute In Praise of Sylvia Olden Lee June 26, 2016 NYC
June 30, 2017 NYC

Odile Mojon, political activist of the Schiller Institute in France
A Renaissance of Classical Culture in Europe Panel Discussion Nov. 2012 Frankfurt
Introductory proposition (propos introductif) Feb. 2015 Paris
(moderator) PANEL V. A New Scientific and Cultural Renaissance is the Key to Our Future June 2015 Paris
Oct. 19, 2016, Lyon, France (moderator)

Talal Moualla, Board of Trustees, The Syria Trust for Development, Executive director of "Syrian Cultural Heritage Transformation" project -- Ministry of Culture, Syria
Repositioning of the Cultural Variable: Towards a New Modern Cultural Approach. June 25-26, 2016, Berlin

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad
The Jubilee Year: Time for Development, not Debt Mar 2015 NYC

Jacqueline Myrrhe, a renowned freelance space journalist in Germany who also publishes the Go Taikonauts! journal.
On the development of the Chinese space program, Mar. 25, 2017, Munich

Alexander Nagorny, Historian, deputy editor of Zavtra newspapaer, member of Izborsk Club, Russia
The Chinese Dimension of the Strategic USA-China-Russia Triangle Apr. 2013 Frankfurt

Mayumi Nakamura, Alto, from Japan
Musical Dialogue of Cultures Concert June 25, Berlin

Elizabeth Nash, co-author of The Memoirs of Sylvia Olden Lee, Premier African-American Classical Vocal Coach
June 29, 2017 NYC

Prof. Claude Nicollier, former Swiss astronaut
Steps in Space Mar. 25, 2017, Munich

Prof. Lei Nie, School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University
Presentation Apr. 13, 2017, NYC

Asst. Prof. Milena Nikolic, Higher Education Institute for Applied Studies, Belgrade, Serbia
The Danube, Morava-Vardar-Axios-Aegean Waterway and the Silk Road Economic Belt Oct 2014 Frankfurt

Alan Ogden, piano
Johannes Brahms: Nänie, Op. 82 June 2014 NYC

Dr. Igor Okunev, vice-dean of the Political Science School of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Greeting Mar. 2015 NYC

Kristin Olson, solo oboe
Bach: Cantata “Herr, deine Augen sehen nach dem Glauben” June 2014 NYC

Stephan Ossenkopp, moderator
Mar. 2015 Berlin

Charles Paperon, Veteran Figher of the French Resistance, decorated of the Free France medal
We Must Fight the Financial Oligarchy June 2015 Paris

Mindy Pechenuk, conductor
“Ave Verum Corpus” by W.A. Mozart Nov. 2013 Los Angeles

Omar Pensado
Man and the Biosphere: Occupying It as Human Civilization June 2013 San Francisco

Prof. Anatoli Perminov, Board Chairman, International Committee on Implementation of the IGMASS Project
Letter Mar. 2013 DC

Sebastien Perimony, Schiller Institute Africa desk in France
Industrialization in Africa under way! Oct. 24, 2017 Paris

Mary Phillips, mezzo-soprano
Symposium and Musical Tribute In Praise of Sylvia Olden Lee June 26, 2016 NYC

Denys Pluvinage, consultant to the French-Russian Dialogue, Paris.
Multipolar or Unipolar – We Cannot Go Back   TRANSCRIPT (short excerpt only; scroll to page 6 of PDF document)

Rada Pogodaeva, piano
Russian dance from the Nutcracker Suite; Musical moments, Op. 16 by Rachmaninov; Russian folk song Mar. 2015 Düsseldorf

Prof. Reinhart Poprawe, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology at the Technical University of Aachen
Oct. 21, 2016, Essen, Germany

Albert Pozotrigo, PE, Executive V.P. and Director of Construction Management, M&J Engineering
Infrastructure Needs of the Americas: North, Central and South Apr. 7, 2017 NYC

Carl Pray, Distinguished Professor, the School for Enviromental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University
July 7, 2017 NYC

Lorella Presotto, Nuova Italia, Florence
What Italy’s Future Depends On Nov. 2012 Frankfurt

Patricia Prokop, soloist
Musikabend Nov. 2012 Frankfurt

Nomi Prins, Author, AIl The President's Bankers,  It Takes A PiIlage: Epic Tale of Power, Deceit and Untold Trillions
Glass-Steagall: An Idea Whose Time Has Come Again June 2014 NYC

Willy Pusch, of a citizens initiative for the construction of a new tunnel system to handle rail freight in the Middle Rhine Valley
Oct. 21, 2016, Essen, Germany

Dr. Liu Qiang, Director of Energy Economics Division, Inst. of Quantitative & Technical Economics at Chinese Acad. of Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Graduate School of CASS
Presentation Apr. 13, 2017, NYC