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Seattle Area Strategic Seminar

“Humanity at the Brink: 
The U.S. Must Join the 'Greater Eurasia Project'”

Lynnwood, Washington
July 23, 2016
10am to 5pm PDT

Sponsored by the Schiller Institute, the North America China Council,
and the Russian American Youth Association



Invitation to this conference


Morning Panel: Strategic Discussion with Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Video Connection)

Early Afternoon Panel: “The Science and Technology of the New Paradigm”

Dr. Ahmed Hussein: "The Energy Requirements of the New Silk Road"  Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Northern British Colombia

Mr. Jack Liu: "Aviation Future across the New Silk Road - one belt one road region" — President of the Society of Chinese American Aerospace Engineers

Mr. Jesse Tam: "Building Greater Banking Platforms across the Pacific Rim" — Managing Director of Mega Pacific Investment

Kesha Rogers: “The Vision of Krafft Ehricke: Space Exploration as the End of Geopolitics”—LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, two-time nominee for US Congress (TX-22) in the home of NASA’s Johnson Center

Late Afternoon Panel: “Will the US Join the ‘One Belt, One Road’ through the Bering Strait?”

Mike Gravel: “The New Silk Road as the Path to Peace” — US Senator (1969-1981), and 2008 Presdiential Candidate.

Dr. Hal Cooper: “Connecting Eurasia and North America Through the Bering Strait” — Chair of the Freight Advisory Board, Seattle Department of Transportation.

Mike Billington: “The New Paradigm: Russia, China, and the ‘American System’” — Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) Asia Desk

Short Biographies of the Speakers:

Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche have organized the conceptual framework for the New Silk Road for over 25 years, as part of their larger mission of creating a new paradigm for the nations of the world that goes beyond the framework of British Imperial style "geopolitics," and brings nations together for the common aims of humanity.  Mr. LaRouche has made fundamental breakthroughs in the science of physical economy that has provided the epistemological and scientific basis for this new paradigm. Helga's work on organizing the New Silk Road (One Belt, One Road) over nearly 3 decades has earned her the nickname of the "New Silk Road Lady" in China.

Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel is a former two-term US Senator from Alaska (1969-1981), known for his role in reading the “Pentagon Papers” into the Senate record, exposing the lies behind the Vietnam War.  That act has now become a precedent for other such classified documents, such as the urgent case of the “28 Pages.”  After his presidential campaign in 2008, he continues his role as a senior statesman, working to promote the New Silk Road as a path to peace through development, with the LaRouche movement.

Michael Billington

Michael Billington is a long-time collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche and his political association. Serving in the Peace Corps in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s in Thailand, he quickly developed a passion for the needed economic development of the rest of the world, which eventually led to him to discover and then to join the LaRouche Movement in 1972. He is one of the leading contributor’s to Executive Intelligence Review’s recent report “The New Silk Road Becomes the World Landbridge.”

Dr. Ahmed Hussein

Dr. Ahmed Hussein is a senior member of the IEEE, and chair of the Joint Applied Physics Chapter, Vancouver BC section.  He has a long and distinguished career as a professor of physics at the University of Northern British Columbia, as well as a published career as a research scientist at such places as Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Tri University Meson Facility in British Columbia.  He is also co-inventor of the 4th generation molten salt dual fluid nuclear reactor design. 

Dr. Hal Cooper

Dr. Hal Cooper, of Cooper Consulting Co., received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and his PhD in Civil Engineering from UW. Since 1991, he has travelled numerous times to Russia and China, mapping out the route of the Bering Strait project, as well as the route connecting the US west coast to Canada, assembling the most advanced feasibility study. He is presently the acting chair of the Freight Advisory Board of the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Dr. Jack Liu

Dr. Jack Liu is the current President of the Society of Chinese American Aerospace Engineers (SCAAE), and previously was the SCAAE Northwest chapter President and Chairman, as well as Chairman of the SCAAE national board. He has won national awards in both China and Canada, and has worked in aerospace firms in Southern California and the Pacific NW. Since 2009, Dr. Liu has been Council Representative for the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA).

Mr. Jesse Tam

Mr. Jesse Tam is the Managing Director of Mega Pacific Investments Ltd. (WA), providing a full range of financial and international business consulting services.  He remains active as a leader in the community, having served his term as Rotary International District Governor, responsible for overseeing 55 clubs and 3,500 members.  He has a personal passion in education, with roles in teaching, lecturing, and mentoring at Seattle University, University of Washington, Boise State University, and City University. 

Kesha Rogers

Kesha Rogers is a two-time nominee for US Congress in the district that is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. She also ran a successful campaign for US Senate in Texas, forcing her way into a run-off vote. She is known in Texas, and across the nation, for her personal mission to save NASA. She continues that battle working with Lyndon LaRouche on the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, writing articles in EIR Magazine and giving numerous presentations on space pioneer, Krafft Ehicke.