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Free Mankind from Terrorism & War:
Embrace Krafft Ehricke's Age of Reason

June 2016

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Krafft Ehricke.

Saturday June 25, 2016 at 1:00pm
Susan Mathews Theater Helen Hall Library
100 W. Walker St., League City Texas 77573

"Nobody and nothing under the natural laws of this universe impose any limitations on man except man himself."

--Krafft Ehricke, First Law of Astronautics

Mankind is a species capable of unlimited progress, due to the potential for creative discovery in every human being. Why, then, does civilization stand closer than ever to collapse? To economic disintegration and the threat of terrorism? And to the outbreak of thermonuclear war, as seen in the escalating provocations by the transatlantic nations and NATO against Russia and China?

Krafft Ehricke, the great space pioneer and visionary, recognized that it's not enough to possess advanced technologies; mankind must make a moral choice to pursue progress, an open world, and to reject the closed world/limits to growth ideology which leads inevitably to collapse, shrinking resources, geopolitics, and inevitably, war.

This is exactly the moral choice that has been made by nations such as China and Russia, who are leading the world with a win-win New Silk Road paradigm of progress--including China's commitment to a Moon program--while the transatlantic nations continue to cling to a disintegrating closed world system.

We must reverse course, and choose to be human: Revive our manned space program, and enter the Age of Reason.

Join the Schiller Institute for an event featuring speakers Kesha Rogers, former Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress (TX-22), and Megan Beets, LaRouche Science Team, followed by Classical musical offerings by the Schiller Institute Chorus, celebrating the creative potential of mankind.