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Schiller Institute Conference
1:00 pm - ?
LIVE from Houston, Texas

Ending the Age of Austerity–
Join the BRICS' Mass Movement for Development

Civilization stands at the doorway of a new age, one that our present generation is tasked with the joy and responsibility of bringing to life. The brutal imperial policies, which are eliminating sovereign nations states, in order to impose killer austerity regimes, threaten the continued existence of human civilization on this planet. In response to these destructive aims, a mass movement for development and human creativity is taking hold everywhere. This transformation is catching fire across the planet, a breakthrough resulting from over 40 years of life's work and conferences, organized by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, which is now being realized by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia India, China, South Africa), and allied nations. A new paradigm for mankind and a mass movement for development is at hand, if we as Americans choose to free our nation and mankind from a rotten, bankrupt Wall Street, and London Centered financial oligarchy, and restore the intended purpose of our republic and nation states throughout the planet, to promote the general welfare of all, just as Alexander Hamilton understood and intended to do.

This new era must be self-consciously organized based on the true, innate nature of mankind, as the only willfully creative species in the known universe. Large portions of the globe are now taking charge of the future of science, culture, and industry, openly breaking from the clutches of a bankrupt and desperate financial monarchy. This process is being carried forward by the BRICS alliance of nations, which now includes approximately 5 billion people.

In response to these developments, the oligarchs of Wall Street and City of London have only one plan, to launch thermonuclear war, to prevent this new paradigm from coming into existence.

Will you join us on this stage of history, is the question. Will our founding fathers find a nation 239 years later, of Hamlets and Macbeths, or one of Dr. Kings and Gen. MacArthurs?

This is the challenge now facing us all, for our nation and the world. This will be the subject taken up at the Schiller Institute Conference on February 28th: The End of the Age of Austerity: Join the BRICS’ Mass Movement for Development!

For more information, or if you need any further details on the conference, please call (713) 830-9052 or email


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