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Schiller Institute Former Vice-President
Amelia Boynton Robinson Hospitalized

August 2015

The Schiller Institute has been informed that Amelia Boynton Robinson, who served as vice President of the Institute from 1985 until 2008, lies in a Montgomery hospital in critical condition. She has apparently suffered an ischemic stroke, which has left her unable to speak, at least temporarily. Since that time, further medical complications may have arisen.

EIRNS/Wesley Irwin
Amelia Boynton Robinson at Montgomery, Alabama rally, November, 2006. Left is LaRouche organizer Kesha Rogers.

Amelia Robinson is a completely unique figure in American history. She has successfully and passionately campaigned for voting rights for every American since the year 1920—longer than any person in the history of our republic. Her work with the Schiller Institute, which took her to many other nations and inspired people all over the world, was a successful, inspiring continuation of her fight for the dignity of all people. She is important to not only generations of Americans, but generations of people from all over the world, including generations yet to be born. They will come to know her and love her, as we have.

Prior to her becoming incapacitated approximately three weeks ago, Amelia had made her wishes clearly known as to her medical care and treatment. These wishes were ratified by a court hearing last year, after attorneys for the court visited her in Jackson Hospital in Montgomery to determine her wishes.

Actions were taken, including legal actions, in accordance with her sovereign desires expressed at that time, and were ratified by the court. Now, at the point that she is for the moment unable to express her wishes, it appears that those clearly stated wishes are being reversed by a subsequent court action. 

Amelia has stated time and again that she believes that she is still alive, speaking and traveling "for a reason. There is work that God gives me to do." Audiences have been continually amazed at her energy and clarity of mind, including in the past months. She continued to travel throughout the United States, and to receive individuals and groups of students at her home this year through this past June. The video record of this is readily available, and speaks for itself. It is clear from that record that she was in every way as articulate and decisive recently, as she was last year when she expressed clearly to the court her desire and intent to continue to live at home, to remain independent, and to pursue the work that she has done, in one way or another, for 95 years. Americans have the moral obligation to allow her, and to assist her, to do that. 

The question is, has the court been placed under some form of pressure to reverse Amelia's choices—the same choices which this very court ratified one year ago? The persons that were given, by Amelia, medical power of attorney over her day to day affairs, and who have cared for her both before and after the court decision of last year, have asserted that there may be a scheme underway to profit from the present circumstance. Trained personnel that were entrusted by Amelia with giving her "24/7" medical care for years were, on July 28, abruptly dismissed and banned from further contact with her, or with any other members of her family. They, as well as non-medical parties, have also been denied in-hospital access to Amelia for any reason whatsoever. The removal of persons completely familiar with Amelia and her condition, whom she designated as care-givers and assistants, could not have had a positive effect on her overall condition. 

Often, in our time, we have seen people, young and old, exploited for political and financial gain. We "sell" presidential candidates. Young celebrities "sell" their bodies and what is left of their minds. "Legacy" is also sold. How many people falsely claim to have been associated with a great historical figure or incident, or to deserve some monetary reward just because they are related to someone special, that postively changed the world? 

Some have correctly said that "Amelia Robinson did not 'march with Dr. King'; Martin Luther King marched with Amelia Robinson." Former UN ambassador, Congressman, and Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young said in January of this year, that the 1965 Selma voting rights campaign was "not Lyndon Johnson's idea. It was not Martin Luther King's idea. The Selma campaign was Amelia Boynton's idea". That legacy should not be merchandised. 

Courts can make mistakes, but courts can also correct mistakes. A probate court hearing to review the decision is scheduled for Thursday, August 20. Amelia Robinson deserves to win the battle to do with her life exactly as she pleases—because with her, as the poet Friedrich Schiller, after whom our Institute is named, said, the "Beautiful Soul" is that in whom duty and inclination are the same. Amelia's beautiful soul is inclined to keep fighting for justice in her own way, and America has a duty to help her do that. There is no power on earth, including that of the President of the United States, which is greater than that of the beautiful soul.