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Building A World Land-Bridge:
Realizing Mankind's True Humanity

Thursday, April 7, 2016, 9:00am - 9:30pm

Conference Greetings

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Message of Support signed by U.S. legislators and labor leaders

Mr. Richard Black, State Senator of Virginia, U.S. Video presentation denouncing U.S. regime-change policy.

Mr. Xolisa Mabhongo, Representative of the Director General of the IAEA to the United Nations

Mr. Mike Gravel, former U.S. Senator

Mr. Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, leader of LaRouche Movement in South Africa

Dr. Kelvin Kemm, CEO of Nuclear Africa

Message from Mr Xolisa Mabhongo, Representative of the Director General of the IAEA to the United Nations

I regret that I have not been able to join your conference this year due to travel abroad.

The IAEA welcomed the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. In the SDGs framework there is an explicit recognition of the importance of science and technology for development. The IAEA in its work affords the world the opportunity to utilize peaceful nuclear technology in many fields including, energy, human health, food production, water management and environmental protection. We transfer nuclear technology to developing countries around the world to help them achieve their development objectives. There are many examples of crucial interventions by the IAEA to enhance development using nuclear and isotopic techniques. On agriculture we enable farmers to grow more abundant crops of rice and barley that thrive in difficult conditions. The IAEA helps countries to monitor and respond to marine pollution that threatens the livelihood of fishermen. Regarding human health, our organization assists countries to provide life-saving access to radiotherapy for cancer patients.

Had I attended the conference, I would have elaborated on these and many other aspects of the IAEA's work. I wish you a successful conference.

Message from former Senator Mike Gravel:

Let me congratulate the LaRouche organization for sponsoring this unusual conference, a conference on subjects that are vitally important to mankind. First off, of course, is going to be treatment of the Silk Road. I've indicated in the past my views that the Silk Road is going to be the defining project of the 21st century. And what it's going to do is going to unify the economies of the world into one, continuous path of communication, whether it's by ports, whether it's by high-speed rail, whether it's by roads, whether it's by internet: This is the unifying force that is being sponsored by this conference, and that's the reason why I congratulate the sponsors, and I congratulate the participants.

One of the issues that's going to be taken up in the second part of the conference, of course, is an effort to expand our activities in space. One encouraging factor is that the private sector has now got itself involved with space activities, and this would be a great deal, as they progress and are able to do this less expensively than the government has been doing in the past.

But we need the government to weigh in on space exploration. This is the future of our planet, is in space. And so, along with the Silk Road unifying the economic elements of the planet, we now have an effort that will reach out into space, and that will add to the unification within the planet, and will add to the economic capability beyond the planet.

And finally, the conference will be focussing on cultural matters, which are so typical of the LaRouche organization, who has always developed a consciousness of music in our lives, and in our spiritual beings.

So again, I want to wish the conference, in their deliberations, a great deal of good luck, a great deal of effort in what they're undertaking. The Silk Road, the space exploration, and the cultural expansion beyond national boundaries. The silk road, in my mind, remains an opportunity for all nations, not only the BRICS, but all nations. And I hope and pray that the United States will eventually join this effort, because this effort is what will disarm the militarists in the future and will provide the economic wherewithal for all societies to prosper and to be able to take care of their own economies.

Again, thank you for participating in the conference. I wish you well.

The World Is Watching

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

On behalf of the LaRouche movement in South Africa, I offer greetings to the Schiller Institute conference on 'Building a World Land-Bridge: Realising Mankind's True Humanity'.

The hope of all of Africa, indeed of the every person on this planet, is with you. We wish you success in your efforts to bring our troubled world into the safety of a new global paradigm, one based on peace, development, and prosperity.

Let me tell you that not only is your leadership necessary for all those presently alive, but you carry the hope of yet unborn generations, that they will have a future based on the ever greater capabilities of human creativity, a future that will transport Africans and others beyond Earth, to our destiny in the stars.

While the number who have accepted this challenge is growing, you hold in your hands the future for the children and grandchildren of those who today struggle to survive against the decadent and evil power of the British Empire and its disgusting imperialism of murderous, enforced underdevelopment. We must act on behalf of those who have been denied a voice in these matters, whom the British Empire treats as mere animals, and now proposes to slaughter. Your fight is our fight, for development and the dignity of human creativity, against the imperial Beastmen.

My nation, South Africa, has cast its lot with the rising tide of humanity, coming from the East, from Russia, China, and India, against the inhumanity of the British Empire's collapsing trans-Atlantic system. We are a proud member of the BRICS alliance, which offers a pathway to the new, just world economic order, for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have fought for half a century.

Unfortunately, today the United States is under the effective control of the British Empire and its Wall Street colony. Founded to be a force for human progress and justice, your country, under Barack Obama, has become a force for the murderous intent of the British, to the point of threatening global thermonuclear war against the BRICS nations, against my country.

The world is watching your conference for signs that forces in the United States can be mobilised in time to bring your great nation back to its true historic mission, as a force for human progress, before it is too late.

For us in Africa, this is not some academic question. Our lives depend on your success in changing not merely bad policies, but changing the way people think about the future. As was once said by someone in the American space program, which you are fighting to restore, 'failure is not an option'.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 3 April 2016

The Road Travelled...and the One Ahead

Dr. Kelvin Kemm

Just recently, scientists have reported the apparent detection of gravity waves, which is being hailed as a major achievement; and which has great implications for the understanding of our universe.

What is also amazing is that gravity waves were predicted by Albert Einstein, a century ago. Yet again he is proven correct.

Einstein warned against using 'common sense' in one's thinking. He observed that common sense is that collection of prejudices and misconceptions which one picks up by the age of eighteen. He said that it is far better to actually think properly.

So what is common sense? We hear it being quoted almost daily.

Using common sense is a case of finding the rapid answer to an apparently obvious problem, by thinking 'inside the box.'

So, Mike says to Pete: “Please go and buy me a loaf of bread.” Pete dashes to the nearby corner shop and buys a loaf of bread. He returns and gives it to Mike: “Oh no,” says Mike, “I wanted the bread with the cherries and raisins in it, and the sunflower seeds on the top.” Pete replies that for such special bread you would not go to the corner shop, but would have to find a specialist baker, a somewhat more difficult task.

So whose fault was the error? Should Mike have been more specific in his request, or should Pete have asked for much more detail before rushing off to buy?

Here in Africa, we come across this scenario frequently, on an international basis. We are forever encountering people from first world countries who just 'know what Africa needs.' Few bother to ask what Africans think Africa needs.

Here in South Africa we don't blink at travelling by car, to a meeting 100 or 200 kilometres away. In Europe, often that distance can mean going to another country. African circumstances really are different.

Recently, I was invited to speak at a conference in South African, organized by extreme-green radicals. Their plan seemed to be to crush me in public. It did not work. There were representatives of about a dozen African countries present, who were there by invitation and did not seem to know what to expect. At a point a Swiss speaker and a German speaker spoke, after each other.

To an amazed audience the Swiss speaker explained that Switzerland had gone too far with modern development. In contrast, he said, Africa was getting it right and was living in harmony with the land and Mother Earth. He said it was good that many African women walked to the river to fetch water, and then carried it home in a pot on their heads. He said it was excellent to see a man ploughing his lands using a wooden plough and one ox, instead of using a horrible polluting tractor.

The German showed his village electricity solution. It was a motor car battery in a wooden box, with an attached solar panel, and one single light bulb on the box. The idea was that each day the housewife would carry the box out into the sunshine and leave it there all day to charge. Then at sunset she would carry it back inside, so that the bulb could replace the candle.

These European visitors, 'protecting the planet' people, presented their 'common sense' solutions to their perceptions of African thought and aspirations. The Africans present, me included, viewed the presentations as a total insult.

There is talk of establishing a new Silk Road, to address a certain spectrum of world issues. What about establishing a new Ivory Road, to address African issues with an adapted spectrum of sentiments? In the past, Europeans came to Africa and killed our elephants in vast numbers, to the amazement of the locals. They then chopped out the ivory and went home to sell, what was in effect, stolen ivory. That is the old Ivory Road, of a century ago. That wholesale slaughter period was coming to an end at around the time that Einstein was predicting gravity waves.

The Ivory traders used their 'common sense.' They reasoned: Take the valuable ivory by force, and sell it in Europe. In contract, Einstein was thinking deeply...deep into the future, so to speak.

People of the vast Dark Continent want light, not from a wooden box, but from nuclear power stations.

We want to see a dozen new cities arise in Africa, looking like new versions of London, New York, Paris and Berlin.

Great minds will be gathered in New York for the contemplation of the challenges in Building a World Land-Bridge. True Humanity needs to be addressed.

These minds can easily build land bridges; water bridges; jungle bridges; in fact any bridge you like.

Good Luck with it. Have fun. True achievement is exciting and exhilarating.

Dr. Kelvin Kemm CEO, Nuclear Africa