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Schiller Institute/ ICLC 1994 Presidents' Day Conference

February, 1994
Reston, Virginia

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LaRouche's Discoveries (Lyndon LaRouche's Keynote Address)

February 19, 1994 ICLC Schiller Institute Conference Keynote by Lyndon LaRouche. In order of appearence, Amelia Boynton Robinson introducing, Mr. LaRouche, Prof. Taras Muranivsky from the Russian Academy of Sciences awarding Mr. LaRouche membership, Webster Tarpley reading the proclamation of the Academy, Amelia Boynton Robinson introducing Reverend James Bevel.

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LaRouche's Discoveries: Musical Science Speakers: Anno Hellenbroich, Sylvia Olden Lee, John Sigerson, and Norbert Brainin of the Amadeus Quartet. Sylvia speaks on the history of the spirituals and the Fisk Jubilee tradition she came out of. John Sigerson, with additional comments by Mr. Brainin, discusses the principle of Motivführung through the compositions of Mozart. The panel is ended with a performance of Mozarts Ave Verum Corpus.

LaRouche's Discoveries - The Physical Sciences Phil Rubinstein chaired the panel. Former member Jonathan Tennenbaum lectured on the method of Dmitri Mendeleyev in making his discovery of the periodic table of elements and aspects of his political and economic work. Former member Dino DePauli lectured on the problem of mathematical deduction in astronomy.

Why James Earl Ray Must Be Given A Fair Trail - Rev. James Bevel Introduction by Amelia Boynton Robinson. Rev. Bevel, speaks about his method of organizing for the 1960's Civil Rights Movement, his controversial decision to defend James Earl Rays right to a trial, and the duty of a citizen in a Constitutional republic. There is a statement from a representative of the nation of Bosnia. In the question and answer period, both Lyndon LaRouche and Rev. Bevel spoke.

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Panel IV: "The Palmerston Zoo"

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