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ICLC/Schiller Institute Conference Panel 4
Solving the Paradox of Current World History
Lord Palmerston's Multi Cultural Zoo

February 20, 1994
Reston, Virginia

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Introduction—Webster Tarpley part 1

Introduction—Webster Tarpley part 2

The Venetian Takeover of England: A 200-Year Project—by Gerald Rose

How The Venetian Virus Infected and Took Over England—H. Graham Lowry

British Intelligence Subversion: Shelburne and Bentham—Jeffrey Steinberg

America's 'Young America' movement: slaveholders and the B'nai B'rith—Anton Chaitkin

Palmerston launches Young Turks to permanently control Middle East—Joseph Brewda

Freud and the Frankfurt School—Michael Minnicino

Jim Crow, a cultural weapon in the hands of the Confederacy—Dennis Speed and Epilogue by Webster Tarpley

Solving the Paradox of Current World History - Nancy Spannaus