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Schiller Institute Friends Bring Reality
to NATO Summit

July 2016

The NATO Summit (July 8-9, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland) concluded with a Communiqué built on a completely false narrative:  For the past several years, we've been hearing about how complex the security and threat environment in the world, particularly that emanating from Southwest Asia, is, without any consideration begin given to the possibility that maybe the trans-Atlantic West has been a significant contributor to that increasing complexity. How is it that NATO can talk about the threat of terrorism, instability and migration flows emanating from Libya without ever mentioning that it was NATO that destroyed that country in the first place? Yet, that's what the communiqué released at the end of the NATO summit in Warsaw, yesterday, does.

The communiqué is based on a false narrative of the history of the past several years. Therefore, it's not surprising that, in NATO's view, everything in the East is Russia's fault. For NATO, history began on Feb. 22, 2014, after the U.S./EU instigated coup in Kiev, Ukraine. Therefore, Russia's response  can only been seen as "aggression" and "invasion" of the territorial integrity of a sovereign state--never mind that that's exactly what NATO did in Libya. "Russia's recent activities and policies have reduced stability and security, increased unpredictability, and changed the security environment," the document intones. Therefore, Russia must give Crimea back to Ukraine and fully implement the Minsk agreement  before everything can be made right with NATO.

The presence of our European friends who, along with other protestors outside the summit, established that not all Westerners are as insane as those NATO planners whose anti Russia/anti China fixation is leading to thermonuclear war and the possible extinction of the human race.

Read, sign and please circulate our petition to leave NATO, and be sure to watch the proceedings of the extraordinary Conference of June 25-26, here:

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