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Dissolve NATO and Create a New Westphalian System

A PDF version of this article appears in the May 27, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. and is re-published here with permission.

May 21—In 1973 the secret police-state apparatus often known as the Federal Bureau of Imbeciles, or FBI, targeted leading international political activist and economist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. for elimination by the FBI-controlled Communist Party USA. This is the same FBI which was created by the British Empire in the early Twentieth Century to eliminate German and Renaissance culture from the United States, and which was deployed in 1944-1945 to destroy Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s legacy and the memory of his leadership. It was the same FBI which then played a hand in the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 Americans, and the same FBI which today continues the cover-up of its intended and nearly successful fascist coup on 9/11.

If the United States and the trans-Atlantic world are to escape this cycle of self-destruction and the satanic influence of the FBI—whose source is the very heart of the British Empire—then the entire Cold War system, that is, the IMF-Wall Street-London financial and NATO security system, established by the British Crown and its U.S. lackeys such as the Dulles brothers and Hoover’s FBI—must be dissolved, and in the coming weeks. Germany has a key role to play, as does Japan. As Japan now moves closer to Russia, and implicitly China, and distances itself from the implosion of the trans-Atlantic system, Germany must take the critical step and reassert German and European interests in collaboration with Russia, ending every excuse for the nuclear build-up now threatening nuclear annihilation.

At the May 9 Victory Day Parade in Moscow, celebrating the 71st anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, Putin declared that Russia wanted to create a modern nonaligned system of international security with all states.

This opportunity is greatly strengthened as a result of the brilliant flanking actions and initiatives undertaken by Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks. In his speech delivered at the May 9 Moscow Victory Day Parade, which was observing the 71st anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, he issued a call for all nations to join a “non-aligned” security system against terrorism. He said:

History lessons teach us that peace on Earth is not established by itself; that one needs to be cautious; that double standards as well as shortsighted indulgence of those who nurture criminal plans are impermissible . . . Today, civilization is again facing cruelty and violence: terrorism has become a global threat. We must defeat this evil; Russia is open to joining efforts with all states and is ready to work on creating a modern, non-aligned system of international security.

Since the direct intervention into Syria by Russian forces in late September 2015, the actions of Putin’s Russia, combined with the collaborative steps taken by China, now threaten to end the entire post-9/11 hyper- accelerated drive for global fascism and population reduction, a drive which has been imposed on the world by British assets since the removal of Bismarck as German Chancellor in 1890 and the assassination of President McKinley in 1901.

There is a specific current in Germany which wants to return to its better traditions of the post-war period. If Germany breaks now from British-NATO control, other European countries will follow, and the danger of nuclear war will be significantly reduced. Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Balkan nations will no longer be nuclear pawns in a British geopolitical game. And Europe may finally reverse the devastation of U.S.-British sponsored warfare along the entire southern and eastern coast of the Mediterranean with economic reconstruction.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier emphasized May 18 the close connection between politics and economic collaboration, underlining the importance of German economic collaboration with Russia and China. He said the train route from China to Germany symbolized a common security partnership from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

As German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in Berlin at a May 18 Business Conference of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), “. . . Most of all because we want to talk about political visions, and this in times of grave political turmoil. It is an experiment, because we want to talk about concrete cooperation, and this in times in which violent conflicts in our common area demand an almost daily toll of human lives. It is an experiment because we want to talk about economic practice, and this in times when many believe that our visions for a common area of security and stability have been cut into pieces.”

Referring to the China-to-Germany rail line, he said, “this amazing route across several climatic zones shows which geographical challenges are connected with the intent to shape our common area, a common area which spans from our trans-Atlantic partners via Europe to Asia.”

He went on to say, “At the same time, I see in this route the great economic dynamic that is unfolding already in this area or can still unfold its potential. And, the visit of the Chinese President to Duisburg [Germany] shows how important it is that politics deals with questions of the economy, and vice versa.” This train route symbolizes the “importance of the vision of a common security partnership from Vancouver to Vladivostok. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a vision to which we must commit ourselves.”

Lithuania Ministry of National Defense
Countering Russian and Chinese efforts to develop economic collaboration to ensure long-term human survival, the Obama-British plan seeks provocations against Russia and China. Here, a rotating U.S. military company with its weapons and vehicles is deployed in Lithuania for training. The same maneuvers have taken place in other Baltic nations and Poland.

As for the United States, we have now committed the greatest acts of destruction in the modern age, in just over the last 15 years since 9/11. We threaten the world with nuclear war, both in Eastern Europe and the South China Sea. We have spread terrorism, drugs, and a culture of death from Afghanistan to Algeria. And the population in the United States suffers increasingly from drug abuse, suicide, despair, mass unemployment, and outrage.

As is now clear, the British Empire no longer rules the world, it only destroys it. Everything under its control faces an accelerated demise which threatens uncontrolled nuclear war, best indicated by the behavior of the United States under Bush and Obama. It is now Russia and China, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, which have asserted the existence of a higher domain, one of actual victory, not won by killing, but by means of a system for long-term human survival. In other words, a new Westphalian system from Vladivostok to Vancouver, Beijing to San Francisco, increasingly rules the world.

And so it must, if we are to survive.

Germany’s Choice

Germany is currently sending troops—a deployment probably of battalion size—to the border of Russia, a step not taken since the Nazis’ Operation Barbarossa blitzkrieg attempt of World War II. This coincides with the Obama-British plan for further military provocations against Russia, as already seen in the Ukraine coup orchestrated by Victoria Nuland and her NATO-sponsored Nazis in 2013, otherwise known as Victoria’s Secret. Add to this the inauguration of missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, celebrated this past week, which counter Russia’s defensive second-strike capabilities,— and the threat of a pre-emptive nuclear strike by NATO has never been greater. From Russia’s standpoint, with NATO under British and Obama direction, war again is in prospect, and this time it will entail nuclear attack.

Couple this with the Weimar-style hyperinflation of negative interest rates in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway, and the massive money-printing program of Mario Draghi’s European Central Bank, now 80 billion Euro per month,— and Germany seems once again to have been suckered into acting as the British puppet for war against Russia.

China Daily
German Foreign Minister Steinmeier said on May 18 that the 2014 visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping (second from right) to Duisburg, Germany, a terminal for the Land-bridge railway from China, demonstrated the closeness of politics and economics. Duisburg is the world’s largest inland port.

Germany must act, and within the coming weeks, to end the sanctions regime against Russia. Germany must again lead the other nations of Europe, and it can, but only by engaging in the foreign policy tradition of Bismarck, who insisted on collaboration with both France and Russia, and by looking eastward towards the development of Eurasia. Nations such as France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have each disavowed, in different ways, the sanctions regime against Russia as detrimental to economic growth and international security. The sanctions are the very basis for NATO military escalation, and their removal will enable European integration into the vibrant development program of the “One Belt One Road” policy now dominating Eurasia.

Squirrels Invade Washington

The United States today is British-occupied territory, just as Vichy France was occupied by the British-sponsored Nazis during World War II. As was true then, the media hails the occupation as a success. The corruption since 9/11, under both Bush and Obama, has promoted a program of fascism domestically and has targeted the nations of Russia and China for submission to aggression, according to the program of the British Empire’s leading geopolitician Halford Mackinder of eliminating any threat from Eurasia. The bloody act of 9/11 itself, run by the British and the Saudis with accomplices inside the United States’ rogue security apparatus, was nothing less than a fascist coup attempt, and the U.S. political class and media are guilty accomplices in war crimes committed over these last fifteen years.

The outrage that now dominates American politics is the direct result of capitulation by the leadership of both parties to the fascist program of Bush and Obama. The cowardice of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership in failing to impeach Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, actually pales in comparison with the explicit protection that Republicans such as John Boehner and Paul Ryan have given to Obama and his perpetuation of his heinous crimes, such as his Terror Tuesdays. The entire political establishment in the United States is now facing chaos. Hillary Clinton as a human being has been destroyed by Obama. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is a British-run chaos operation. The political parties are destroyed, and the rise of Trump’s populist fascism, which bears a striking resemblance to that of Vichy’s favorite fascist, Jacques Doriot, is a direct result of Obama’s further destruction of the United States.

Thus, we are witnesses to the destruction of the British Empire in its entirety, not dissimilar to what was witnessed in the fall of the Roman Empire. The means to prevent this threat of massive population destruction, as we saw in the dark ages of Europe, is the immediate impeachment of Obama and the end of the Wall Street-NATO system of war and death, and its replacement by the New Westphalian System now developing in Asia, led by Putin.

For those gullible enough to fall for Trump, such as Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen, and Louis Farrakhan,— only to name a few among the many disgruntled suckers of America,— they may be surprised to find themselves, under Trump, perhaps at one of his holy casinos, somehow tied naked to a wooden post while Trump himself parades in a tiger costume hungry for future conquests. Rather fitting for the collapse of the Roman Empire. But those who study history would find such an image appropriate for the myriad prostitutes of popularity that are so common in the ongoing collapse of the British Empire’s trans-Atlantic system today.

True leadership against fascism is something else.

LaRouche and Putin

In terms of historical comparisons, one might draw the conclusion that Lyndon LaRouche is similar to Charles de Gaulle. As had de Gaulle, so has LaRouche opposed the fascist occupation of his nation, almost as one lone individual, providing a living sense of the true United States last seen under the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. Given the role that Roosevelt played in defining victory in World War II,— as when he told an angry Winston Churchill that we are not fighting a war to defeat fascism simply to restore the British Empire’s system of slavery,— one might draw the conclusion that Vladimir Putin, with his profound intervention with the Prayer for Palmyra concert, as in his intervention into the Syrian war against ISIS, and more broadly in his leadership against the ongoing threat of nuclear world war,— performs today the role of Franklin Roosevelt.

Although this comparison may be useful as a mnemonic device for the American layman today, it falls far short of disclosing the gravity of the global strategic setting within which we find ourselves, and the unique role that Lyndon LaRouche has played in reviving a global leadership to end the British Empire, once and for all. Britannia delenda est!

Putin’s efforts since the Second Chechen War, in tandem with LaRouche’s intervention with his 1999 “Storm Over Asia” analysis,— a presentation of the British intent for full conquest of Russia and China before the trans-Atlantic financial system should hemorrhage and die,— has been the critical foundation for ending the Bush-Cheney-Obama coup in the United States and freeing Europe from the British-imposed bureaucracy of the European Union and NATO’s fascist war agenda.

Patriots of the United States must rally to the work and efforts of LaRouche, for no other figure combines the greatest tradition of the United States with such a well defined and demonstrated conception of mankind’s future potential as a creative species. As Putin and his collaborators in China—such as President Xi Jinping—work to end the threat of nuclear war through the most comprehensive development of humanity that has ever been initiated in history, the action to break the British Empire’s destruction of the trans-Atlantic region now depends on a higher courage, one to act for the greater good of mankind and independent from the cynicism and despair on which fascism feeds. We must now embark upon a Renaissance.

And this Renaissance depends on the actions of Putin, China, Germany, and the leadership of LaRouche in the United States. Nothing less will suffice, anything else will fail.