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Leave NATO
Campaign Photo Album

July 2016

This past weekend, in the run up to upcoming NATO meeting scheduled for July 8-9 in Warsaw, Poland, the Schiller Institutes and the international LaRouche movement have been visible on the streets of Europe and the USA, mobilizing the population to stop the insane push for war, and to demand that our nations change policy and leave NATO. Read, sign and please circulate the petition, and be sure to watch the proceedings of the extraordinary Conference of June 25-26, here:

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Left: Bologna, Italy; right: Bordeaux, France
Left: Grenoble, France; right: Paris, France
Left: Ploërmel, France; right: Rouen, France
Left: Beauborg, Paris, France; right: Bornholm, Denmark (June 2016)
Left: Boulonge-Billancourt, France; right: Denmark (June 2016)  
Both: Germany (June 2016) 
Left: Düsseldorf, Germany; right: Germany   (June 2016) 
New York City, United States (June 2016) 

Read and Sign the Petition