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Lima, Peru BRICS Seminar

Opening Remarks by Retired Gen. Juan Luis Autero Villagarcia
May 28, 2015

Gen. Juan Luis Autero Villagarcia (retired).

The short opening remarks by retired Gen. Juan Luis Autero Villagarcia, the newly-installed president of the ADECAEM, capture the shift occurring in Peru, one of four Ibero-American countries still participating in Obama's would-be TPP, whose government until recent months had been overly-subservient to the mining cartels which dominate the economy. Gen. Autero's full statement (minus formalities) follows:

"Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa: the BRICS are taking up the historic challenge for tomorrow's future. A group of countries which constitute, and are building, a new destiny, a new world order of progress. But, in my opinion, they are doing this not as against what, until now, has been the growth and economic development of the western countries --the United States and Europe -- and what it has meant. It is above that, a demonstration of new real capabilities of countries that have united to forcefully constitute a new axis, which are the new poles of development on three continents: Asia, the Americas, especially South America, and Africa, which already represent, I reiterate, a New World Economic Order, a real challenge for humanity today, which also means progress, social and human development. It is the rising and development of the emerging countries which signifies a new world dynamic, a birth between them and their growing relationship to the rest of the world, which will bring great prosperity.

"And it is in light of this perspective, that Peru feels intimately tied to this common effort, and makes an effort to participate; that it needs to create the infrastructure required to be interconnected, and to become South America's principal access route towards the Pacific: the new panorama which will now materialize with the construction of a bioceanic Peru-Brazil train, pushed forward by an ecoomic accord with the Chinese republic.

"This event, which through the progress of technology allows us to bring together various distinguished speakers from different countries around the world, to take up current matters of great relevance, has a profound importance today, since ... the San Martin Institute of Peru has allowed us to gather such a select public here.

"The Alumni Association of the Superior War College once again steps forward with the presentation of this important conference on the BRICS Alterntive and the Development of Peru and South America...."