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Volume 2, Number 4, Winter 1993

Cover of Fidelio Volume 2, Number 4, Winter 1993


The Spirit of The Golden Renaissance Is Mankind's Best Hope  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Population Growth Is Caused By Renaissances  

by Paul Gallagher

America's Contribution to The Golden Renaissance  

by Christopher White

Leonardo da Vinci and The Scientific Revolution of Renaissance Visual Arts  

by Nora Hamerman

Nicolaus of Cusa and The Concept of Negentropy  

by William F. Wertz, Jr.

The Classical War Against Multiculturalism  

by Dennis Speed


'Outcome Based Education' Must Be Ousted To Save Western Civilization!  


Schiller Institute Conference: 'History as Science'  

Resolution for Christian-Judaic-Islamic Ecumenical Policy  

LaRouche Hails PLO-Israeli Accord  

Concert Honors Civil Rights Movement  

LaRouche Elected to Russian Academy  


George Shirley, Tenor  

Cornelius Reid, Professor of Voice  


Johannes Kepler: New Astronomy  

Proclus' Commentary on Plato's Parmenides  

Preparing for the Twenty-First Century  

Around the Cragged Hill  

Culture of Complaint  

I, Rigoberta Menchii