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German High Court Confirms
Duggan Death a Suicide:
Ruling Exposes British Lies Against LaRouche

March 2010

Tony Blair
Tony Blair

The German Constitutional Court, the highest court in Germany, issued a ruling on February 4, upholding the March 2003 finding of German police officials that British national Jeremiah Duggan committed suicide by running into a busy highway in Wiesbaden, Germany in March 2003. In its ruling, the Court completely rejected as, devious or misleading, the wild conspiracy theory put forward by Duggan's mother, her lawyers and her hired “experts” that her son was killed elsewhere by a nefarious plot. The German court ruling clearly shows that the international propaganda campaign directed by Duggan's controllers from among the circle's of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is nothing more than a concocted tapestry of lies.

For the last seven years, the circles of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the British monarchy itself have used the Duggan case for an international smear campaign against American statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, [1] the chairwoman of the Schiller Institute and head of the German political party Buergerrechtsbewegung Solidaritaet (BueSo). Despite all the evidence including eyewitness accounts, the original determination of the German investigating officials, and previous lower court rulings in both Germany and England, these British enemies of LaRouche have fraudulently insinuated that LaRouche or his associates were somehow responsible for Duggan's death. Blair's circles have continued to assert, through the British and international media, fraudulent and false claims about the case contrary to the facts established from the beginning of the investigation and now reconfirmed by Germany's highest court. LaRouche has repeatedly presented publicly the substance of and the political motivations behind, the Blair-directed use of the Duggan case. (link to A Crucial Slant and Blair's Circles react to LaRouche break out.) The German Constitutional Court ruling, in effect, vindicates what LaRouche has said all along.

Having been thoroughly repudiated by competent investigating officials, the courts in Germany, and in the original coroner's inquest in the United Kingdom, Blair's circle's, through Her Majesty's Attorney General for England and Wales, Baroness Scotland, are organizing to convene a second coroner's inquest in Britain where Duggan's lawyers plan to present the same dog and pony show just rejected by the German Court without the interference of the stubborn facts known to everyone who has looked into the case. Their intention is to continue a media circus as typified by the February 27 London Independent article that re-voiced the wild claims of the Duggans while claiming that the case was “languishing” in the German Court, when in fact, the Court had renounced the Duggan's claims three weeks earlier and published the entire text of their decision on the Court's official website four days before.

With the ruling of the German Court, it is now abundantly clear that anyone who fails to recognize the simple facts of the case is exposing themselves as the lying minion of the perfidious Albion that they truly are.

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