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A Crucial Slant on the David Kelly Case

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

January 2010

David Kelly
David Kelly

So far, the British parties involved in the somewhat celebrated affair of suspected links between both the deaths of Dr. David Kelly and what has been fraudulently represented as the alleged non-suicide of Jeremiah Duggan, have failed to disclose crucially relevant facts respecting the subject's, Jeremiah Duggan's, relevant mental health history since childhood until his suicide in the vicinity of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The British circles have curiously failed to take into account statements reportedly made by Jeremiah himself shortly before his suicide, to the effect that he was having difficulty in securing some medication essential to his mental stability. Even without such information, the facts of the manner of Duggan's death, strongly indicate a mental health problem. Where is the relevant British investigation of the matter of the suicide of Jeremiah Duggan? What of such relevant facts as his reported statements regarding past emotional disturbances dating from his childhood, and indicating a role of the London Tavistock Clinic at some point in this case? Are there not additional areas of investigation of Jeremiah's mental health status absolutely required for judgment in a case in which relevant eyewitnesses have presented reported facts confirming three separate acts of attempted suicide, in quickly repeated succession?

David Kelly
Tony Blair

Since the core of the utterances from British sources have stubbornly asserted falsified facts on relevant matters in the case, facts repeatedly shown to have been false to established facts, is there not a clear and strong suggestion that there is a connection between the dubious finding of suicide in the case of Dr. David Kelly, and the fraudulent denial of well-documented eyewitness evidence of the actually suicide of Jeremiah? Is not my appearance twice on the BBC broadcasts in the matter of Prime Minister Tony Blair's lying pretext for launching war against Iraq, as this fact of the matter was emphasized by Dr. Kelly, the primary area of fact bearing on Erica Duggan's launching what has been a largely fraudulent campaign against me, launched by important associates of Blair in the setting of the death of Dr. Kelly, of the highest relevance in the behavior of certain British circles in the strange role of Erica Duggan?

If that evidence respecting such highly relevant matters as the strongly implied mental health problems of Jeremiah Duggan, is not supplied by the relevant British sources, then, in light of already clearly established facts, is it not clear that the political motives of those British interests pushing the denial of Jeremiah's suicide, must be called into question in this matter, especially in any case, such as the case of the Duggan suicide, in which the issue of the lying by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, on the subject of launching a war against Iraq, is the crucial setting of the crafting of what has already been shown to have been a politically motivated, fraudulent allegation?

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