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Plato's Symposium

Presented by the LaRouche Movement in Philadelphia
date unknown

To download this video, click here


To download this video, click here

Since our founding in 1984, the Schiller Institute has been in the forefront of the battle to save humanity from an impending worldwide New Dark Age and create a new Golden Renaissance. Each November, throughout the world we have Schiller Institute events with music, poetry recitations, and other presentations as part of Birthday celebrations for Friedrich Schiller, the Poet of Freedom.

Often, international Schiller Institute Conferences and Concerts have featured collaborative work among professional artists and amateur performers, and can be found on the “International Conferences” page, theVarious Excepts from Schiller Institute Conferences and Concerts page, and Music Pages.

Numerous regional and local Schiller events were presented without the benefit of hands-on professional guidance, but were performed with passion and a love of ideas, attempting to be truthful to the authors, composers or playwrights.  The archive presented here is a compilation of (unedited) Schiller Institute events that have been recorded since 1984. Much of the video quality is poor due to the original recordings, but we hope the ideas and the joy of presenting them are communicated, in the spirit of the American Celebrations of the Poet of Freedom of 1859.

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