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This Week in History
June 14-20, 2015

30th Anniversary Conference
of the Schiller Institute in Manhattan:
It’s Time to Create a World Without War

(June 15, 2014)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche recites Friedrich Schiller's "Nenia" before the chorus performs Johannes Brahms' setting of the same poem. (AudioTranscriptVideo)

“Now Comes Schiller’s Time” (Nun kommt die Schillerzeit) had been the banner theme of the founding of the Institute in Arlington, Va., on Independence Day 1984. Representatives of 50 nations marched into the hall behind their flags, and pledged their support to a renewed era of cooperation among sovereign nation-states based on their highest cultural achievements. While originally focused on uplifting German-American relations with a revival of the Classical culture of both nations, the Schiller Institute rapidly became a worldwide institution, and has campaigned tirelessly for global economic development and a realization of the German poet Friedrich Schiller’s assertion that “It is through beauty that one proceeds to freedom.”

Thirty years later, the results of the Institute’s campaigns, which have especially emphasized the economic development policies of Lyndon LaRouche, have contributed to palpable results, particularly in the Eurasian region of Russia and China. This reality is reflected in these nations’ pursuit of the Eurasian Land-Bridge concept of high-technology development, with its prominent stress on thermonuclear fusion power and space exploration. The prominent role of the Institute in Eurasia was also evident at the 30th Anniversary conference, in the greeting received from Sergei Glazyev, an advisor to President Putin, among others (see Greetings), and the presentation given by retired Col. Bao Shixui, of the Chinese Military Academy, on China’s Silk Road policy.

Yet, the West is acting so much under the dictatorial control of the British financial empire, that most of the world sees it as a murderous reincarnation of the Roman Empire itself.  Thus, the importance of the Schiller Institute June 15, 2014 Conference was paramount, as the alternative the policy of war and collapse. As the keynote speaker for the afternoon panel, former Texas Senate candidate Kesha Rogers asserted that there is a “real America,” an American citizenry eager to restore the United States to its historical mission of world leadership as defined by the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and most recently, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. That “real America” must rise up now to take back the nation, and reinstitute the Constitutional measures which will bury the British Empire’s control, and put the United States on the road to progress, joining with the nations of Eurasia to build a world without war. This “other America” was also reflected in the participation at this conference, including the speakers and the greetings received, the beautiful music presented before each panel and in the Evening Concert.