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The Schiller Institute is pleased to announce the release of a DVD recorded from the proceedings of the Schiller Institute’s International Conference, held on November 24-25, 2012 in Flörsheim, Germany. The conference took place under the title “A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization”, and this leading imperative shaped the entire two-day event.          

The conference provided insight into all the issues with which every person finds themselves confronted: the immediate danger of a third, this time thermonuclear world war; the desintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial system, which is providing the pressure for the war threat; the greater dimension, intimately connected to solving these crises, of setting mankind on the path to achieving the next step in its evolution — moving to a society whose power to survive is based on interplanetary space flight and fusion energy (with the green dogma removed from cultural hegemony) and, most importantly, the coming classical humanist Renaissance, in which the creativity of man will overcome the neurotic sub-cultures of today’s Zeitgeist.

A complete package of unique presentations, inspiring excerpts, lively Q&A-sessions, arousing greeting messages and wonderful musical performances await the viewer.

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$6 International  shipping

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