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Christmas Greeting from
Vice Chairwoman of the Schiller Insitute, and Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson

December 2009

Amelia Boynton Robinson

To my extended family,

Hello,  this message is rather late for a Merry Christmas greeting, but it's not too late to wish prayers, hope, and a good life for you, your family, and friends, hoping you will have a most prosperous, happy, successful beginning on First Day of January 2010:  This will be the greatest step you are taking and will last throughout the year.  May these attributes grow on you and like passing the torch of wisdom, may it become a part of you.  This cannot happen, unless we let go old grudges, fear, jealousy, and hate that have been deeply seated in our minds, waiting for the opportunity to explode. 

Bridge Across Jordan

To our favorite, LaRouche Youth Movement, let go of any and all pettiness, jealousy, and hate within our heart.  Cleanse it like we do our physical bodies, and replace that space with love.  Let your New Year's resolution for the entire year be, "I will cleanse my heart of all hate and replace it with love.  This is my 2010 resolution for the year, and hopefully forever."

I will always be your extended mother,

Amelia Boynton Robinson


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