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Schiller Institute Conference

"World Infrastructure Development:
The Alternative to Global Financial Disintegration"

November 30, 1994

Keynote Address by Lyndon LaRouche

Once free from his incarceration as a political prisoner of Sir Henry Kissinger, Lyndon LaRouche went on a global organizing drive on the need of a New Bretton Woods type of organization to deal with the menace of financial and physical collapse of the criminal and usurious system of Globalization and rampant speculation that everyone pretended was just a tiny pothole in the road to unlimited wealth under Alan Greenspan's bubble machine.


Fight For the European Triangle by Helga Zepp LaRouche

Mr. LaRouche, during his incarceration, conceived of the European Triangle development policy to use the manufacturing capability of the area between Berlin Paris and Vienna to modernize and develop the former Warsaw Pact countries and Russia in the best tradition of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia concept of the benefit of the other. Mrs. LaRouche reports on her organizing efforts with a view to the social, cultural, and economic implications. There is a short question and answer period at the end, both Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche answer.