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Schiller Institute/ ICLC 1994 Labor Day Conference

Sept 3-4, 1994
Reston, Virginia

Lyndon LaRouche Keynote Address:
Building a Bridge from Hell to Purgatory


Lyndon LaRouche Answers a Question About... (YouTube videos)

Annexed German Lands Mr. and Mrs LaRouche get into a dialog about justice for Germans that lost property in East Germany after WW2 when land was annexed into the Warsaw Pact countries of Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Hill Burton, Newton, and Zionism Mr. LaRouche answers 3 questions about the fraud of Newton and Galileo, if Hill Burton is socialistic, and why LaRouche opposes Zionism.

Nicola Tesla and Nuclear Energy Mr. LaRouche answers a question about Teslas inventions making nuclear power obsolete.

Credit and Banking Mr. LaRouche answers a question from an Egyptian on the economy and the proper role of credit in a non usurious banking system.

War and Economic Collapse Mr. LaRouche answers a question about the war plans of the Oligarchy because of the economic crisis, and leads into the issue of mind and the distinction of man and the beasts.

Food Policy Mr. LaRouche was asked about fraud being committed against family farmers in South Texas. His answer is very relevant to the situation we face today with the destruction of the food supply with the biofuels scam and collapsing infrastructure.

Other YouTube videos from this conference

Hill Burton As Health Care Policy - The Health Care panel 1 hour, 20 minutes. The first half of a panel on the need for the principle of the 1944 Hill Burton legislation to govern health care policy and the dumping of the post-industrial criminality of the 1973 HMO law brought in by Nixon.

Statement On Lyndon LaRouche's Exoneration Statement read by attorney Curtis Clark on the LaRouche case.

Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, and Australia 55 minutes. September 9, 1994. ICLC Schiller Institute conference business meeting. The meeting following the regular conference featured a musical setting of 2 Bach chorals, 2 Bach minuets, Sonatina in G by Beethoven, and a concertino by Beethoven conducted by Rafael Venka. The beginning and end of Joseph Haydn's Stabat Mater was conducted by John Sigerson. The nascent LaRouche movement in Australia, the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) was discussed by its leader Craig Isherwood and then the CEC chorus sang two Australian songs ________ and Waltzing Matilda.