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LaRouche Special Address:
Build the Trans-Pacific World Now!

October 2011

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Leading American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche gave a special international address on Sept. 30, laying out the need to act rapidly to seize the strategic window of opportunity opened up by moves in Russia over the past ten days. A transcript of the broadcast is available.

Given the general breakdown crisis in the entire trans-Atlantic region, LaRouche made clear, there is no option for a recovery to be initiated there. Therefore, we should to look to the alternative of organizing a recovery in the trans-Pacific region, with Russia, China, and other Asian countries that still maintain "a semblance of sovereignty," in contrast to Europe, and a sense of future-oriented optimism.

Speaking with the quality of leadership required of a U.S. President, LaRouche explained that for the United States to participate in such a global recovery prospect,

"the first thing we have to do is to fire the President of the United States. That does not mean necessarily that he's going to leave the Presidency entirely, at once. It does mean he's going to be under conditions, under which he is being impeached or thrown out of office."

Then, "we have to re-enact the Franklin Roosevelt Glass-Steagall program," which is quickly gaining support throughout the United States, and in Europe. But as long as Obama remains in power, LaRouche insisted, he will probably be able to prevent passage of such a bill.

Once the banks' so-called assets are reorganized and/or eliminated under the Glass-Steagall standard, sound credit will have to be issued by governments in order to finance productive investments. And to keep up the value of that credit, a long-term program of physical investments, primarily, as well as health-care and social programs, will have to be launched.

"The basic thing is to increase our productivity, under a credit system, with large projects, especially large projects of very high rate of gain in technology and capital-intensity."

That means cancelling all the "Green" policies. "Reasonable things against bad poison, and so forth, that's fine, but we're going to cancel the entire Green program, and we must do it by one, single act of Congress, immediately." Either Green goes, or people die.

NAWAPA is the keystone project for North America, LaRouche explained, because it's generally high-technology, and capital-intensive, and will also create millions of jobs. At the same time, there is a high degree of activity in China and Russia, including for development of Russia's natural resources, which Japan, Korea, India, and South Asia "will happily join in."

"During this period, we will then, at the same time, move to restore Western Europe to a system of sovereign nation-states. No more of the present policy of the British Empire. In fact, we will be very happy to see the British Empire disappear entirely!"

LaRouche's presentation was followed by a discussion with members of the LPAC "Basement Team" on fundamental questions of physical economics, in particular, on the notion of what "credit" really is. Beyond any physical or financial conception as such, LaRouche developed, credit is the means to invest in progress over generations, far beyond our own lifetimes, to advance the powers of mankind. The idea of credit, he stressed, is uniquely human; no other species knows what it means.