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International Day of Truth Exposes
British Empire/Soros Hand in Ukraine
And U.S. Color Revolutions

by Diane Sare
March 2017

A PDF version of this article appears in the March 3, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and is re-published here with permission.

Feb. 27—On Thursday, Feb. 23, on the third anniversary of the Nazi coup in the Ukraine, activists associated with the LaRouche political movement deployed to get out the truth around the globe—and emphatically in the United States, itself—as to what happened in the Ukraine in 2014 and how, today, the very same forces and methods are being hurled against U.S. President Donald Trump.

EIRNS/Sylvia Spaniolo
New York City LaRouche PAC Ukraine Mobilization, in Union Square, Feb. 24, 2017.

The Feb. 23 mobilization was powerful enough that it has already elicited howls of hysteria from former Nazi-collaborator and Queen Elizabeth II-moneybags George Soros, who has denied “any direct connection to the [allegedly] growing tide of anti-Trump demonstrators.” Additionally, as the on-the-ground reports given below indicate, the majority of Americans are not, in fact, being whipped up into an anti-Trump hysteria, as the news media would have you believe, but rather are searching for answers and are remarkably open to reasoned discussion.

Approximately three weeks ago, founder of the Schiller Institutes and Chairwoman of the German Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, called for an international “Day of Truth” on the occasion of the third anniversary of the British Empire’s “color revolution” coup in Ukraine. This proposed action was especially necessary because the very same interests which overthrew the democratically elected Yanukovych government in Ukraine, replacing it with a pro-Nazi regime of terror, have now resurrected their anti-Russian lies from that period, to attempt to overthrow the newly elected American President. (See Jan. 21, 2017 London Spectator,Will Donald Trump be assassinated, ousted in a coup or just impeached?”)

On Feb. 13, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign over his contact with diplomatic representatives of the Russian Federation. The “failing” New York Times, as President Trump rightly calls it, had a feature article accusing at least four of Trump’s inner circle of having “illicit contact” with the Russian Federation. As you will read in the reports below, most Americans agree with President Trump’s efforts for a dialogue with Russia as a critical initiative that is preferable to war between two nuclear powers, and the media hype about Russia is actually causing people to become curious about what is really going on. It is the task of the LaRouche Movement worldwide to expose the truth of the matter, and put an end to this dangerous geopolitical threat of thermonuclear war once and for all.
Sputnik News reporting the LaRouche PAC Day of Truth campaign, exposing the truth on the 2014 coup in Ukraine.
EIRNS/Sylvia Spaniolo
LaRouche PAC Day of Truth organizing at Union Square, New York City, Feb. 24, 2017.

To this end, last week, Executive Intelligence Review published a 17-page dossier for mass circulation, both in the United States and worldwide. The dossier, titled “Obama and Soros—Nazis in Ukraine 2014—U.S. in 2017?” has been circulated electronically and at highly visible rallies and street corners in the following cities: Berlin and Dresden, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Montreal, Canada; Stockholm, Sweden; Mexico City and Hermosillo, Mexico; Guatemala City; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Caracas, Venezuela; Cali, Colombia; Madrid, Spain; as well as Houston, Boston, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New York City, and other cities in the United States.

On the Day of Truth, the center of the activity in the United States was Manhattan, where activists held a rally near the United Nations and distributed copies of the dossier to diplomats and institutional representatives. Over 70 copies were given to diplomats from two dozen countries or more, as well as to individuals with various UN agencies. Over 200 copies of the Hamiltonian broadsheet, “The Voice of the LaRouche Political Movement,” were also distributed at this location, and the rally and distribution of the report were covered in the Russian wire service TASS, as well as in Sputnik News in several different languages.

Press coverage particularly featured the signs calling for jailing both Soros and Obama for treason, as well as material from the dossier about Victoria Nuland’s boast of the U.S. State Department’s expenditure of $5 billion to more than 2,000 NGOs in Ukraine, many affiliated with Soros’s Open Society Institute. Both Sputnik and Tass also made prominent mention of the recent Schiller Institute Chorus memorials to the Alexandrov Ensemble.

At the UN deployment, passers-by were generally very open, with only a pitifully small handful of “Hillary screamers,” still trying to convince themselves that Russia hacked the election. One young African-American veteran said that he had been surprised by the barrage of media attacks on Trump, since Trump is “white and rich.” So he figured that the President must be up to something that the establishment is afraid of. He stuck around to talk and observe for several minutes. Cars with diplomatic plates were observed stopping in front of the rally with their windows open to hear the briefing, and many people came back after reading the material, to ask questions and get more information.

Rationality Awakens

In addition to this report from New York City, initial reports from our International Day of Truth as well as from other recent political events, show Americans and others responding to us in unexpectedly rational and sensible ways, often with deep and wide-ranging impromptu discussions. And this is regardless of political label.

During the seven days, LaRouche activists have participated in at least eight Congressional Town Hall meetings in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. All but one of these were in Democratic districts, districts which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the recent election. These were extraordinary meetings, with attendance at many in the range of 800 to 1,000 people, whereas most Congressional meetings from the recent past drew well under one hundred.

What characterized almost all of these meetings was a great deal of fear and uncertainty—expressed by many of the speakers in the form that they “don’t know what the future might bring”—but also an overriding civility and a noticeable lack of anti-Trump rhetoric. These were most emphatically not “leftist Tea Party” events.

For example, at one of the meetings, a district in Silicon Valley which voted 83 percent to 17 percent for Democratic Congressional candidates in last year’s primaries, almost all of the questions were about health care, immigration (many Asians live in this district), science policy, Social Security, and infrastructure. Rather than attacking Trump, most of the speakers wanted to know what the Congressman personally was going to do about these issues, and at one point, the Democratic Congressman even invited Trump supporters in the audience to speak up. A few of the meetings were somewhat more polarized, but nowhere did anyone demand Trump’s removal from office, and at all of the meetings what people clearly expressed is that what they are most concerned with are solutions for these problems.

EIRNS/Rachel Brown
LaRouche PAC Day of Truth organizing in Boston, Mass., Feb. 24, 2017.

In Boston, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave a speech at Harvard sponsored by a Massachusetts Peace Action-affiliated Harvard student group. Attendance included anti-war activists, former Kucinich activists, and Harvard students—just the type of audience which the New York Times desires to mobilize against President Trump. Kucinich delivered a powerful address, stressing the message which he has most recently focused on: That there is no reason for war with Russia, and that especially the left should not get duped into supporting such a war.

Kucinich repeatedly attacked Barack Obama by name. He talked about his own visits to Russia in the 90’s, and the humanity of the Russian people and culture, which are deeply affected by the loss of thirty million people in World War II. He said that he had read the DNI report on purported Russian interference in the election, that it was “pretty sketchy” and that the validity of the charge of DNC hacking is “still open.” He brought up Obama’s request for $1 trillion for upgrading the nuclear arsenal, the U.S. missile defense shield, and the expansion of NATO to Russia’s border. He said that these actions, combined with the continual hostile rhetoric, are creating a “witches brew for a new Cold War,” which is very dangerous.

He also quoted—positively—from Trump’s speech earlier that day about the mistakes in the Middle East, where the President said that we could have rebuilt the United States with all of that money. Kucinich harshly criticized Obama a number of times, for putting troops in Syria, for working with a “bad array of people” there, and for his drone-kill sessions where Obama picked his targets from “baseball cards.”

LaRouche PAC organizers in attendance asked two questions: the first on the Ukraine coup, and the role of Victoria Nuland and Soros; and the second on the connection between what was done three years ago in the Ukraine, and what is being orchestrated now in the United States to bring down President Trump.

Kucinich responded very seriously by emphatically describing the “U.S. coup” in Ukraine, detailing Victoria Nuland’s role—after the previous Ukraine government had refused to sign an economic agreement that was against their own interests. He said that the United States makes “cars, planes, and coups,” and if it smells like a coup, don’t be surprised, because that’s what we do. On the second part, he said Trump was democratically elected; the election was not stolen, it was constitutional; and it is not lawful to attempt to oust the government. LaRouche PAC literature was given to most of the participants, who were all happy to receive it.

The Day of Truth

In addition to the Manhattan deployments reported above, the Day of Truth also witnessed rallies, interventions, and other activity in a variety of American cities. What follows is a handful of reports from a few of them.

Seattle: Three organizers made a banner titled “Jail Obama and Soros for Treason, Ukraine 2014 USA 2017.” In the early morning rush hour, the banner was displayed from a freeway overpass just off the exit for the University of Washington. To the surprise of the organizers, the ratio of supporting honking and middle fingers was 50:50. So much for the “liberal” majority of Seattle!

As the organizers reported, “After morning rush hour, we then hit the University of Washington with the truth. With banner raised and tables set, we were swamped with students for quite a while—mostly students who were very confused about what was going on. Notable was an increase in students who would tell us that they have been thinking that something was fishy about the media, and that they knew something was “off.” These students were not Trump supporters or Hillary/Obama supporters, but genuinely confused, given all the media garbage. They were thankful for the briefing, and some left contact information or sat down to talk. There were international students who would defend us from “narratives,” including one from Azerbaijan who made it very clear to other students that Russia never invaded Ukraine, and that it was actually the Nazis who were provoking “both sides to shoot each other.”

In the evening rush hour, the response to the overpass banner was even more enthusiastic: “We had bus drivers, laborers, cleaning ladies, truckers, and even police officers honking and giving thumbs up! It definitely seemed to be more lively this time around, and to be more for us than against us. We also noticed that it had a remoralizing effect when one person honked, and that would set off a chain of others who probably had been scared to show their excitement.”

Houston: Members and activists of the LaRouche political movement in Houston held a highway overpass rally, with the same banner as described above. A conversation between our activists and the police officers who were there to protect the rally, revealed that a younger officer had been scheduled to be part of the training offered by the Obama Administration to the Kiev government. He was sent to Kiev; but he, at least, was not involved in a program there. He was a bit shocked to learn the full story, but the Soros involvement was not surprising to him, as he had been following reports of Soros’ involvement in “Black Lives Matter.”

The support from passing cars was largely positive, with many drivers honking and giving “thumbs up.” Later, a few people went into the downtown tunnels and found a very open and inquisitive response from people who knew that something was behind the anti-Russia hype, but were not sure what it was. People wanted to know the truth about Ukraine, and the U.S. support behind the coup under Obama. They wanted to know what was setting off the anti-Trump and anti-Russia insanity in the United States, and what were the operations behind the demonstrations. One African-American who walked past our team and then came back, said “Soros works for the Rothschilds.” Another tweener who stopped to take literature, had been reading LaRouche for some time. A young woman who stopped with four friends, said “Soros has to be stopped.”

Washington, D.C.: Five activists armed with seven large signs and a table set up at Dupont Circle, which is the intersection of the streets housing most of the foreign embassies to the United States, as well as most of the so-called “think tanks” About one hundred copies of the Hamiltonian and the leaflet “Are the Same People who lied to you about Ukraine. . .” were distributed to passers-by.

EIRNS/Sylvia Spaniolo
Day of Truth Ukraine Mobilization in Union Square, New York City, Feb. 24, 2017.

From the organizers: “There were a number of freakouts from the Obama/Clinton crowd, probably from the nearby Brookings Institution. A couple of Clinton supporters screamed obscenities, but they were just being their eloquent selves. There was subdued support for Trump, but the most polarizing sign was clearly ‘No War with Russia, Putin is Your Friend.’ One train worker, as well as a sanitation worker who has followed LaRouche for a long time, were very happy to see us out organizing. There were also several immigrants, a half a dozen or so who were strong Trump supporters, which seems to be a consistent pattern in the Maryland area.”

All the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee received the Ukraine dossier in their Washington offices, as did other Senators totalling over 30 members of the Senate. All 45 members of the House Foreign Relations Committee will get it on March 1.

Boston: There was an early morning leaflet distribution downtown, including a car decorated with signs about the Soros-Obama coup, and “Russia is not your enemy, Wall Street is,” as well as signs for Glass-
Steagall. One team stayed in Boston for the day, and others went to a transit stop in Quincy.

From the organizers: Many people had a sense of the coup, or were willing to take the flyer who we didn’t think would do so. A few people came back to get literature. One said, “I’m glad there are some sane people out there.” A young twenty-something guy pulled out his earbuds, came over, and said, “That whole mess in Ukraine is our fault; the United States did that.” Another man in his sixties signed up and said, “God bless you for being out here; I have to applaud your courage.” He was familiar with LaRouche. A young man from Brazil, said, “This happened to us in Brazil! You’re right!” There was also a minority of Soros-oriented people who would angrily refuse to take the leaflet.

At the table deployment in Boston, a woman in her early thirties said that Russia was not the enemy, but Wall Street is the problem. She was against Trump, and has been to all of the anti-Trump rallies, but she stayed to engage in discussion. She was challenged not just to resist, but to have a solution, and she gave her contact information to stay in touch. Another younger man who does environmental canvassing in Chicago, joined LaRouche PAC with a membership contribution, saying he agreed on stopping Wall Street’s policy of perpetual war.

At the afternoon Quincy distribution a man pulled over and initially asked if we were working with the “Bernie people.” When he was informed that we were with LaRouche, he said that he remembered LaRouche from the 1970s, and LaRouche’s proposing a NASA- style budget for fusion,—something that he has always appreciated because he is a scientist.