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Last Chance To Save the British Empire

by Mike Billington
February 2016

A PDF version of this article appears in the February 26, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who had fostered close working relations with China and Russia as part of her Eurasian Vision for bringing peace through development in North Korea, has capitulated to pressure brought by Obama. She is shown here with Obama at the White House, May 7, 2013.

February 22, 2016 (EIRNS)—The desperate effort of the British empire to save itself from total destruction is now crumbling. The measures taken to prop up the bankrupt trans-Atlantic banking system since the 2008 collapse have only created an even bigger speculative bubble, which is now exploding across Europe and soon on Wall Street. Simultaneously, President Vladimir Putin’s brilliant strategic flanking intervention into Syria is very close to defeating the Saudi- and Turkish-funded terrorist operations there, leaving Obama and the British exposed as supporters of terrorism as a means of imposing regime change against disobedient governments.

Faced with this defeat, Obama has now dramatically escalated the U.S.-British confrontation with China, putting the world even closer to a thermonuclear war which could exterminate the human race. Using the false pretense that the North Korean nuclear weapons test and successful space launch required a massive show of force,— and the equally false pretense of China’s so-called aggression in the South China Sea,— Obama is deploying the world’s most modern and destructive weapons along China’s maritime border, in South Korea and the Philippines, adding to the extensive deployment of nuclear capable warships and submarines in the Pacific as part of his “Pivot to Asia” policy.

Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized the urgency of restoring the collaboration between South Korea, Russia, and China in rebuilding the rail connection through North Korea, completing the New Silk Road between Pusan and Rotterdam, which will end the Empire’s ability to use the North Korea issue to blow up Asia’s now central role in the world.

The British empire’s control of Asia for nearly two centuries was based on imposing backwardness,— preventing industrialization, pushing drugs under the guise of “free trade,” and dominating the sea with its navy to crush any resistance. Now, China is breaking out, with a miraculous economic development process and a “New Silk Road Economic Belt” to connect by land with the rest of Eurasia and Africa, along with a New Maritime Silk Road to establish economic and strategic maritime security.

South Korea, meanwhile, under President Park Geun-Hye, the daughter of the father of the South Korean economic miracle, Park Chung-hee, has adopted a “Eurasian Vision” based on development cooperation with Russia and China.

These development projects are perceived as a threat to the empire and, in the view of London and Wall Street, must be destroyed.

Obama’s Preparation for War

Obama is in the process of sending a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system into South Korea, claiming it is needed to defend against North Korea. Such high altitude systems are of no use against North Korea, which lies only 30 miles from Seoul, but are a real threat to China and the Russian Far East. The Chinese are quite aware of that,— just as Russia was not fooled by the incredible argument that the deployment of anti-ballistic missile systems on its border was needed to defend against Iran.

Missile Defense Agency
Obama is sending a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system into South Korea, which will be of no use against nearby North Korea, but which will pose a real threat to China and the Russian Far East.

An editorial in the official Communist Party of China newspaper Global Times on Feb. 17 was explicit: “Once the THAAD system is deployed in South Korea, Chinese society will be bound to support the Peoples Liberation Army to respond via a strong enough military deployment in northeast. If so, South Korea may turn into a highly sensitive area in the game of military deployments between China and the United States.”

Obama has also sent to the upcoming U.S.-South Korea annual military exercises four F-22 Raptor fighter jets (the most advanced war plane in the world), an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers, and a four-fold increase in U.S. troops. South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who until now has fostered close working relations with China and Russia as part of her Eurasian Vision for bringing peace through development in North Korea, has now capitulated to Obama. In addition to the U.S. military deployments, Park has shut down the economic development zone in Kaesong, North Korea, where 124 South Korean companies produced goods with North Korean labor. Members of President Park’s party have even called for South Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Amber Grimm
Obama has sent four F-22 Raptor fighter jets—the most advanced war plane in the world—to South Korea, in addition to an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers, and a four-fold increase of U.S. troops, for the upcoming U.S.-South Korea annual military exercises. Here (center), a U.S. F22 Raptor at Osan Air Base, South Korea in February.
Location of North Korea’s ice-free port at Rason, formerly called Rajin-Sonbong.

Most important, President Park has closed off the cooperation with Russia for transporting Russian coal through Rason port in northeast North Korea to the South. This project is promoted in the EIR report, The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, as the necessary seed-crystal for breaking the British geopolitical use of North Korea to destabilize Asia as a whole. The plan was to rebuild the rail corridors through North Korea, connecting South Korea with the Russian and China rail routes and bringing real development to North Korea. Lyndon LaRouche declared on Feb. 21 that this “Peace Through Development” approach to the Korea issue must be restored as the necessary means to prevent the British/Obama drive for war on China and Russia.

As for North Korea, although even China has denounced its continued nuclear weapons development program, I would note that the North Koreans have observed what was done to Iraq and Libya after they gave up their nuclear weapons programs to appease the West,— only to be bombed back to the stone age and left in the hands of warring terrorist factions.

As for North Korea’s satellite program, experts such as MIT’s Theodore Postol have emphasized that the technology needed to place a satellite in orbit is far from equivalent to the technology needed for an ICBM, which must re-enter the atmosphere and be directed to a target. Denying any country the right to a space program is pure technological apartheid.

Recolonization of the Philippines

In the Philippines, which threw out the U.S. military bases in 1991 and wrote into its Constitution that no foreign soldiers or bases would be allowed in the country without Senate approval, Obama’s puppet regime of President Noynoy Aquino in Manila has just approved the U.S. military occupation of bases across the country. A Supreme Court packed with Aquino’s supporters approved the plan on Jan. 12, without Senate approval, despite massive popular opposition and the clear constitutional prohibition against it. This will provide the United States with bases for air and sea power, pre-positioning and storage facilities for the military hardware needed for a war, as well as availability for essentially unrestricted rotating U.S. troop deployments.

The United States has already deployed warplanes and warships from Philippine bases to intentionally transgress Chinese territorial waters, not, as it claims for the testing of freedom of navigation, which China has never challenged, but as provocations to war. Indeed, approximately 90% of the trade passing through the portion of the South China Sea claimed by China is going to or from China, which therefore has the greatest need for freedom of navigation.

The Chinese recognize the danger, and are taking the necessary defensive measures. Several statements published in the official Chinese press have warned the Philippines, and now also South Korea, that if they insist on playing as pawns for the U.S. war plan, they may well end up being destroyed.

General Wang Haiyun from the China Society for International Strategy, which is close to the Central Military Commission which runs China’s armed forces, wrote in Global Times on Feb. 16 that the extreme danger of war on the Korean Peninsula requires that China increase defenses near the Korean border and in the maritime region. He said that the United States was using the crisis in Korea to justify the buildup around China. An editorial in the Global Times, referring to the U.S. provocation in the South China Sea, called Obama’s bluff: “China holds firm strategic initiatives in the South China Sea, and the United States has no actual effective tools to contain China in the waters. It is at best a rhetorical offensive, so we must reason with it head on.”

Is the United States under Obama capable of reason? These U.S. military provocations dramatically confirm the seriousness of Obama’s first strike doctrine, “Prompt Global Strike,” a policy to pre-emptively take out an opponent’s ability to respond to a first strike. Chinese President Xi Jinping, like Vladimir Putin, will not back down to tyranny.

The Death of an Empire

These threats are, in fact, the sign of a dying empire.

It began with the Vietnam War. President John Kennedy had rejected the British effort to draw the United States into a colonial war in Asia, under the guise of combating communism. JFK made clear to his inner circle, drawing on the advice of General Douglas Mac­Arthur, that he would not send ground troops into Vietnam, and that he intended to re-establish ties with China in his second term. He was then assassinated (by the British), and the United States was rapidly drawn into a war which not only laid waste to most of Indochina, but also marked the death of the American System of George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. The United States has never recovered.

The Chinese Miracle

China, on the other hand, under Deng Xiaoping’s leadership from 1987 to 1992, unleashed one of the greatest economic development processes of history, transforming a nation battered by the nightmare of the Cultural Revolution, into one of the most productive nations on Earth. Under current President Xi Jinping, China has restored the Confucian tradition of harmony and scientific investigation, while also reaching out to the entire world with a “win-win” policy of infrastructure development through the “One Belt-One Road” New Silk Road program, new international funding institutions, educational exchanges for developing nations, an aggressive space program, and more.

In the eyes of the Lords of the collapsing trans-Atlantic financial system, representing the last gasp of the dying British empire, this new paradigm of global development is seen as a threat, as the enemy which must be destroyed if the power of the City of London and Wall Street is to be maintained. This must be seen in light of the expressed view of the British royal family that the primary problem facing mankind is overpopulation, and that we must use whatever means necessary to bring the population down to its natural “carrying capacity” of one or two billion. Global thermonuclear war would contribute to that satanic aim, especially if directed against the world’s most populous nation.

Meanwhile, the man most responsible for placing Barack Obama in the presidency, Wall Street’s leading speculator George Soros, proudly announced in January that his and other hedge funds were shorting the Chinese currency, in an effort to break the markets and loot the nation’s reserves. The effort has failed.

Obama and his British/Wall Street sponsors are losing to the new paradigm of development represented by China and Russia through the BRICS network. The dinosaurs’ last chance for survival is thermonuclear war, which can, and must, be stopped by the constitutional removal of Obama from office, now, and the final demise of the British empire.

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