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Retired U.S. Military Push for U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Syria

October 2015

Patrick Lang.

Oct. 11, 2015 (EIRNS)—Retired Colonel Pat Lang wrote today, in his Sic Semper Tyrannis blog, on the Russian military campaign in Syria, that

"the U.S. Government continues to resemble a petulant child who, having dominated the schoolyard, is faced with another child who takes control of a game. The petulant one then announces that the new kid is cheating and walks away from the scrum. Ridiculous. In my opinion, Russia + allies (R+6) [Russia + SAG + Hizbullah + YPG Kurds + Iran + Iraq] have an opportunity to reverse the jihadi threat to the Syrian government and the region."

That opens the way for "deep planning for Iraq ... in anticipation of success in Syria."

Lang presents some ideas on what the "R+6" should do for victory, including his endorsement of a prior commentary by another regular collaborator on his blog, that a Russian alliance with the YPG Kurds "should be earnestly pursued."

Yesterday’s posting by the contributor to which Lang refers, mentions that Col. Lang and others, including himself, had months ago called for the U.S. to support the YPG Kurds in the fight against ISIS in Iraq. Were the U.S. to do so, it

"will cause great consternation among the Erdogan crowd. We will probably lose the use of our base at Incirlik once again. So be it. All the more reason to coordinate our air activities with Russia.... An added benefit of this coordinated approach would be a reduction in the chance of a U.S.-Russian incident leading to WW III."