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Sputnik Interviews Helga Zepp-LaRouche

August 2015

Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

Aug. 7—Following a radio interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche today, Russia’s Sputnik News published the following news release, under the title “U.S. Analyst Claims Geopolitics Could Lead to Extinction of Human Race.” The article included a link to a 7-minute excerpt of the interview, which is transcribed below. The mp3 audio file is available here.

Lyndon LaRouche’s wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke to Sputnik about how U.S. atomic bombing in Nagasaki and Hiroshima was completely unnecessary and how the United States is preparing for another atomic war against Russia and China right now.

For 70 years, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States has been marked by reverence for the many victims who tragically lost their lives during the nuclear attack, but now an influential American international affairs outlet, Foreign Policy, has decided to spin the event, blaming the Soviet Union for what happened.

In his article “Did Hiroshima Save Japan From Soviet Occupation?” Sergey Radchenko makes it seem like the nuclear bombings were a godsend, and that the United States humanely intended to save Japan from communism.

Following the publication of the provocative article, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the international Schiller Institutes, spoke to Sputnik radio, saying that there is no justification for what the United States did in Japan.

There was absolutely no reason for this bombing as there was already peace negotiation between the emperor and the Vatican at that time. The bombing was done to instigate horror and awe by Truman so that he could continue the era of imperialism.

“There are many people who have been warning that the U.S. and NATO are preparing a new war against Russia and China. There is a very serious escalation of the situation, making the month of August extremely dangerous as history shows most of the wars started in August, and the U.S. military has changed tactic in Syria last week and the U.S. Congress has gone into recess.

She goes on to say that the United States is busily preparing itself for war. Signs indicate that another nuclear war is getting closer and this time it will annihilate the entire human race.

In order to prevent that from happening, LaRouche said that the United States, Russia and China need to sit down and talk. Europe must apply pressure, and say that it will not be a part of such a war.

“The leaders of the U.S., Russia and China must sit together and discuss the new international security architecture. We must overcome geopolitics if we don’t want to extinct ourselves.” Below is the transcript of the interview.


Helga Zepp-LaRouche: I think historically it is now well-established that there was absolutely no reason for this bombing, because there were already peace negotiations between the Emperor and the Vatican at that time. And therefore the argument that it was to save American soldiers, is completely fraudulent. I think the bombing occurred to establish an aura of Schrecklichkeit, of horror, of awe, to basically—this was Truman, and it was a way to start to establish a post-war order in order to continue the rule of colonialism and imperialism, which would not have happened if Franklin D. Roosevelt would have been alive.

Sputnik: And let’s look at these poll findings, from the Japanese. The majority of Japanese don’t share the point of view presented by foreign policy, so the question here, Helga, is, who and why is someone trying to rewrite history?

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes, but I think it is part of the present logic. I think there are many people in the last period who have been warning that the United States and NATO are preparing a new war, this time against Russia and China. Even the Observer has an article to this effect. My husband, Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, has warned at the end of June already, that the most dangerous period would be the month of August. First of all, because all world wars in the past century have started in August, and he said the most dangerous period is when the U.S. Congress goes into recess. And unfortunately, this was totally confirmed, because the U.S. Congress went into recess last Wednesday, a week ago, and on Friday, the U.S. changed the rules of engagement for the U.S. Air Force in Syria, and that was done without announcement, without approval of Congress, and it was only then leaked the following Sunday by the Wall Street Journal.

Now this means a very serious escalation, because it brings the world back to exactly the situation where it was two years ago, when the U.S. Congress voted against military strikes against Syria. So this time, the Congress is out of session, and this was changed—this is unfortunately only one aspect. You have to look at the totality of the situation.

You have the modernization of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, the B61 and B61-12, which could indicate an attack being brought into the Russian territory by F-35 stealth bombers, and there are many people who are extremely concerned that this is a preparation for a regional nuclear theatre in Europe. You have to add to that the fact that the United States did not stop the U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe after the Iran P5+1 agreement was successfully concluded, and that confirms what Russia has said many times: that this U.S. missile defense system was never meant for missiles from Iran, but it was always directed against Russia.

And then, at the recent and present ASEAN forum in Malaysia, Foreign Minister Lavrov just warned correctly, that there is a huge military buildup in the Pacific. Obviously, what is the purpose of these aircraft carriers and other systems being brought there?

So I think the signs are overwhelming that there is a war preparation, and I think there will be a maneuver in September which basically will be—it’s called the Trident Juncture 15— which will rehearse the use of nuclear weapons against Russia.

All of these signs are overwhelmingly worrisome, and I think we need, really, a complete mobilization of the world public, because this is the eve of World War III, and it has to be stopped. Because if it happens, I don’t think it will be a regional theatre; I think it will, by the nature of thermonuclear weapons, it will be a global thermonuclear war, in which case there will be probably nobody left alive. So, we are really looking at the annihilation of mankind, and that is where we are at.

Sputnik: At this point, Helga, what should be done? Who should sit down and talk?

Zepp-LaRouche: Well, I think there must be made an absolute effort that the United States, Russia, and China are sitting together at one table, and all the other leaders of the world who are concerned, should make maximum pressure that this occurs. Europe could do a big role, if Europe would say, we are not part of such a war, and we insist that the United States and Russia and China, the leaders, sit together, and discuss the new international security architecture.

I think President Xi Jinping has given a very good example when he offered to President Obama at the recent APEC meeting last year, in Beijing, the win-win policy of cooperation with the New Silk Road. He has said that we have to have a world order in which cooperation among major nations occurs for the common benefit of everybody, a win-win strategy.

And I think, that if we have learned anything from the geopolitical wars in the Twentieth Century, then the lesson must be that, if we don’t want to make ourselves extinct, we must overcome geopolitics. Geopolitics is what causes world wars. And that we must move to a new paradigm in the history of civilization, a new era, which is defined by the common aims of mankind as one humanity first, and then you can settle regional questions after you have agreed on these common aims of mankind.

And that is the all-demanding question of this moment.