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Are These Guys Clinically Insane?
No, They're From Wall Street

February 2015

What can have made Barack Obama declare he's thinking of pulling Ukraine de facto into NATO and arming Kiev for war against Russia? And suicidally putting U.S. arms and military personnel into six other countries on Russia's border, under NATO Article 5 as he said, which requires the United States to defend those countries as if itself.

Does Obama think he's going to provoke a war and win it, against Russia, with a NATO "forward brigade"?

Obama is pushed along this crazy path by a group of former administration has-beens, acting through the Atlantic Council and Brookings Institution, who put out a report Feb. 1 demanding the U.S. and NATO arm the Kiev government for war against Russia. Media editorials and articles are beating this drum from the British daily press to the New York Times, which claims that the opposition of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff has been suppressed.

Starting a war with Russia on the strategic basis of a six-page report by a gaggle of former government officials? Michele Flournoy, Ivo Daalder, Strobe Talbott, James Stavridis .... remember the names. Timothy Garton Ash of Oxford, planner of "color revolutions" against allies of Russia and China, who writes "Putin must be stopped with guns" in the London Guardian. Call them "the self-extinction movement."

If they succeed in provoking Russia and China to war, they'll bring an end to human life on this planet — all of us. Are they clinically insane? The answer is that Wall Street, and the City of London financial powers, insist on this war policy, because they are bankrupt. Their bankruptcy comes from two decades of unbridled speculative bubbles and crashes, retarding and ruining the trans-Atlantic economies while the BRICS — particularly China — developed theirs apace and took scientific leadership of space exploration.

Now the megabankers insist on financial warfare against BRICS-allied nations, provocations, even the threat of thermonuclear war against Russia and China, to force them to let London and Wall Street continue to run the world.

Proof? The Kiev regime in Ukraine is now being offered a second IMF package of loans in one year, and The Economist — which speaks for the City of London banks — demands that it be a $20 billion package, and write-off of previous loans Ukraine admits it can't pay.

The same banks, the same IMF, the same London-allied political leaders like Cameron, Mrs. Merkel and Obama, refuse — with a furious hard line — the same debt relief to Greece.

Kiev is to get the $20 billion loans and debt writeoff to go to full-out war with Russia. The Greek government, publicly opposed to the sanctions against Russia, is to be refused debt relief to develop its economy — even if this refusal means, as it does, breaking up the so-called Eurozone.

Wall Street and the City ARE clinically insane.

The BRICS-allied nations have their own movement, a "mass movement for development," as Indian Prime Minister Modi calls it. A movement to rebuild the Silk Road, to bring fusion power fuel from the Moon. China has directly asked the United States to join the new international development banks of the BRICS and jointly create the credit and construction of this economic development.

That is the choice we must make. As Lyndon LaRouche concluded his discussion with the LPAC Policy Committee yesterday:

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The question here is, what is the end of the game? What's the meaning of all this? What's the issue? The issue is, simply, what is the nature of mankind? What is the nature of mankind that you should want to keep it? What is the importance of mankind's existence which is important for the very existence of any form of life on this planet, of being upon it? ... Mankind is the only creature that we know of, which is actually creative. The animals are not creative... And that's the point: We're trying to save humanity, which is this precious, unique thing for which there is no comparison in the known universe for us. And therefore, we have to defend humanity as a principle. But only mankind can create a new force in the Solar System. Only mankind can do that! No animal can replace humanity.

And what we're on the edge of, is the loss of the existence of humanity, the extinction of humanity, the meaning of everything. And if humanity gets destroyed, which can be the result of this process, then the meaning of all living human life up to the present time, because a zero, a nothing!And therefore, those of who are human, who have some insight into what human beings are, the meaning of man as opposed to beasts, we have the responsibility to provide the leadership, the inspiration, at whatever price, by whatever resources we have, we must fight to save the human species in the Solar System otherwise, and that's a real fact.

China's Yutu lunar rover.

Our job now is to get out there, and do what some people in China are beginning to do, with their exploration into the Solar System, the Solar System which is the location of the existence of the human species. And anyone who's out for thermonuclear war is the enemy of all mankind! And every means needed to stop this thing must be used, and anybody who tries to make an excuse for not doing something to defend the principle of humanity, has no morality, no fitness at all! And you have to think that way.


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