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France's 9/11:
Cheminade Calls for Thorough Investigation of Londonistan

January 2015

Jacques Cheminade.

Jacques Cheminade, former French Presidential candidate and president of Solidarité et Progrès, issued the following statement Thursday under the title "Face à Notre 9/11," "Our 9/11," after the bloodbath at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which killed 12 people and wounded 11 others. The statement is translated from the original French, available on Cheminade's website.

"France is threatened. But we must not give in to the dictatorship of fear. To keep a cool head, the nation must be united around the need to fight terrorism wherever it rears its head and most importantly, to no longer tolerate the environment in which it flourishes.

"The fight against terrorism is the responsibility of our police force, our national gendarmerie, and our intelligence services. They must take very seriously the immediate threat before us, everywhere and on a daily basis in their deployments. There are no lone wolves, there are small and medium-sized terrorist outfits that are more or less manipulated. From other European countries, we must demand serious border controls, because we are at war. At home, we must put an end to all incitements to violence, including through images in violent video games, which the terrorists are often devotees of and which help make their minds sick.

"Changing the environment is a matter of our public policy. We must hold to account Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where certain institutions and families have funded and continue to fund 'Salafist' terrorism. We must hold to account Recep Tayyib Erdogan's Turkey, which is playing both sides and thus has become an accomplice. We must end any and all 'special partnerships' with these countries.

"We must demand an investigation into the role of the banking networks, especially the British ones, which act as transmission belts for the money used by al-Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists. These are the counterfeiters who keep these misdirected criminals going.

"Moreover, we must not allow the debate to be detoured into being against immigration and Muslims, which would lead us to fall into the trap that has been set for us. In particular, fighting anti-Semitism with all our might means we are supporting the dialogue of civilizations, of cultures, and of religions.

"Let's be blunt: In the strategy of chaos aimed at Europe and at France, the financial oligarchy is fueling the flames of Islamic terrorism — the giveaway is in the agreements between the Londonistan system and Saudi Arabia — while at the same time calling for war on Islam, as do the PEGIDA movement in Germany and the identity networks in France, including within the Front National. But what France is, is "a certain idea," or a pact with freedom in the world, and not a perverted notion of doctrinal sovereignty, such as with British UKIP (U.K. Independence Party) or the Alternative for Germany, which is de facto associated with PEGIDA.

"Only in a world without the City of London and Wall Street, and enlivened by the spirit of the New Silk Road on a world scale, the spirit of mutual development, can terrorism truly be fought. France can and must be a pillar of that new world."