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Lyndon LaRouche's Mailbag:

Reply to Question from Russia
On the Immediate Danger of
Thermonuclear War

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
November 2012

Mr. LaRouche received the following question:

“Since your country has re-elected a president who is likely to provoke Russia into a thermonuclear war, what advice will you give to us Russians? You know what has been happening at the borders of Russia is exactly what Hitler did before he attacked our country. You know we will not militarily hesitate to pre-emptively or retaliatorily strike back against your country's aggressive moves against Russia. What kind of geopolitical agreement and politically stabilizing level can both of our countries come to an agreement on? Ever since Obama was elected back into office, all of our nuclear regiments are placed on alert and a certain portion of our key population essential for our C.O.C system (continuity of civilization) has been evacuated along with their immediate families to our underground C.O.C facilities.”

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Your description of the perceived threat to Russia is better than merely fair; but, what you need is a true identity of the enemy.  This requires the indispensable knowledge of the actual British (now Saudi-British) world empire. That necessary knowledge has been usually absent among most of the present leaders of the nations of the world.  Even our own United States, since the 1763 Eighteenth-Century Peace of Paris which established the de facto British empire as a de jure new world empire, and which consolidated that British imperial system through the 1815 Treaty of Vienna which was crafted through the schemes of Britain's Castlereagh and Metternich, often fails to recognize it.
It is important to emphasize, for your purposes here, that an empire is the superior power which exerts top-down authority over a collection of subject nominally nation-state entities. The British seizure of control over the  financial economy of the United States, with the inauguration of the British puppet-regime nominally under the puppet-President Andrew Jackson, wrecked the institutions of the United States repeatedly thereafter, leading to a recurring seizure of control over the government of the United States, a control which was periodically aided by the British empire's numerous, assassinations of Presidents, such as, recently, John F. Kennedy and  his brother, the prospective President, Robert Kennedy.

My Personal Role Amid All of This

My own insider role in these matters, has been essentially reflected in the following most relevant facts.

As a consequence of my unique success in having forecast the special  U.S. economic crisis of 1971, I became a prominent factor for that time in the 1976-1983 efforts to establish a strategic defense against thermonuclear warfare, an effort which was repeatedly sponsored, since 1983, by President Ronald Reagan - - against British-influenced cases of both Yuri Andropov and, later, Michael Gorbachov.  The British monarchy intervened with a new head of state, a Yuri Andropov with strong British special ties, to block the attempts to reach the relevant agreement against the danger of thermonuclear warfare.  I was soon severely punished, including by imprisonment in a strange sort of legal proceeding, based upon charges of my role in influencing the Ronald Reagan Presidency.  Now, the strategic defense of peace (SDI) which I, and numerous other notable figures of Europe and the United States promoted, has returned to Russia's strategic outlook.

It is the British monarchy's imperial system which now, still threatens the peace of the world, this time at the brink of thermonuclear warfare.

Since the defeat of my own effort to launch a global SDI agreement during the 1977-1983 interval, the world has been marching toward the thermonuclear warfare, which had become a danger since the inauguration of the personally nasty, but also personally silly, British imperial puppet-U.S. President George W. Bush, Jr. of the United States. Since that farce and also "9-11" were enacted, the world has entered, under President Barack Obama, into the British imperial monarchy's count-down for a threat of World War III.

Thus, under President Obama's drive toward the global thermonuclear warfare, to which you have responded, the fact of the deadly threat to mankind from the British monarchy should not be in doubt to competently informed circles of the world generally.  Your implied shudders in reaction to the present situation can be considered crucial evidence of the nature of the present state in world affairs.

This threat which I have emphasized here, has been augmented by an accelerated, and publically avowed intention by the British imperial monarchy, to bring about an early, great depopulation system of nations, by having them accept the elimination of all formerly sovereign and other nations of the world, and the practice of genocidal reduction of the human population of the planet to what Her British imperial majesty has specified. She has repeatedly and prominently demanded the immediate development of a pro-genocidal, so-called greenie policy, as an intended system of global, British imperial rule of Anglo-Saudi characteristics. This is intended to be a world empire without sovereign nation-states, as already in western and central continental Europe now, and with the intended reduction of the population of the entire planet. from seven billions human persons, under a green policy which requires nothing essentially greater than one billions persons.  The intended hyper-inflationary mode of political exterminations throughout the former system of sovereign nation-states throughout western and central continental Europe, is a typical expression of this intention.

The principal source of danger to society today, is the persisting lack of knowledge of the actual history of Europe and its broader, global implications.

Some Essential Background

Since the British royal family's ouster of Chancellor Bismarck, in 1890, and also, notably, the assassination of France's President Sadi Carnot, and the British-Japan 1893 launching of war against China, the planet as a whole has been subject to a British imperial scheme of recurring world-warfare. After some relatively brief preparations for a new round in a continuing state of pre-warfare under the conduct or threat of a world-warfare status, World War I was first launched in 1893 as the British alliance with Japan for a general war against China and against Russia in the far east.

The resulting, modern pattern of the British Empire's war against the nations of the world, reflects in a certain essential way, the same pattern of that aspect of European history from the Trojan war through the Roman Empire, as also the Roman heritage's British successor today.  This includes, the crucially notable role of the infamous British arms and treason merchant Alexander Helphand (Parvus),  who was assimilated into the British Fabian intelligence and weapons-trafficking services, that done through a negotiation with the senior Fabian agent Frederick Engels and the other British figures of the Fabian Society, during the early 1890s.

In the course of that history, the natural enemy of the British empire, my own United States, has suffered numerously repeated assassinations of those U.S. Presidents who were notably considered by our British enemies, as being obstacles to British imperial intentions.  Such victims of assassination, have included the overt British agent Aaron Burr, who murdered a leading intellectual figure of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, a Burr who had been the British agent (and  sometime U.S. Vice-President, and President Jackson's controller), and Martin van Buren (a leader of the New York City cabal of British Rothschild banking interest which had taken root as a controlling factor in the Boston and New York financier circles).

Among the worst swine in the course of the history of the United States itself, has been the snarling puppet-President Andrew Jackson, who was actually a merely snarling puppet of the British monetarist system's control, through the same British spy Aaron Burr and other elements of the United States through such agents of British imperial outreach, such as the Boston and New York City bankers.  The loss of even a nominal sovereignty of the former states of western and central Europe under the hyperinflationary British imperial Euro system, is typical of the present preparations for the prospective early launching of global thermonuclear warfare.  The British puppet known as Barack Obama, has been the tool of Britain's notorious Tony Blair since the fraudulent launching of a Second Iraq War, and the promotion of the British drug-baron's fraudulent installation of Obama as President.

The George W. Bush, Jr. Presidency's farce, had supplied the opportunity for the immediate preparation for the launching of the form of Obama regime which has been prepared by the George W. Bush, Jr., and Anglo-Saudi-BAE, "9-11" terrorist operations of 2001 against the people of the United States.  It was expressed again, in the Obama administration's complicity in the assassination of U.S. diplomat Stevens and his immediate associates in the Benghazi location this year, and by Barack Obama's spread of British imperial operations through Libya into Syria and beyond.  British puppet-President Obama has become, thus, the keystone for the present threat of general thermonuclear war.

All this has a deep history in modern civilization, but ultimately in the pre-history of the original Roman empire. History is actually of that nature.

The Southwest Asia cockpit of British weapons-and-treason spreading of Parvus's original system of permanent warfare and permanent treason, has been a pivotal staging area of the intention of launching of an immediate prospect of thermonuclear war.

The event in Benghazi has been the relevant, present accelerator of an advance to the brink of global, thermonuclear warfare.  The present threat of thermonuclear warfare against Russia, and also other relevant targets, is to be regarded as the intended detonator for thermonuclear warfare.

The greatest source of the threat to civilization, including threats to Russia, are precisely the actuality of the British empire which has reduced the nations of western and central Europe into hapless puppets being destroyed by London-centered hyper-inflation.  Russia's fault in this matter, has been the numerous Soviet and post-Soviet figures who have been complicit in British games of the sort represented by inherently evil Bertrand Russell.  A.I. Oparin is notably typical of such cases from alien influences on Russia since the period of the Soviet Union.

The greatest danger to all mankind, is the British imperial complex also represented by such elements in the U.S.A. and the George W. Bush, Jr. and Obama administrations.  The British empire established at the 1763 Peace of Paris, has been a leading enemy of the existence of our United States, and, of the nations of the world generally since that time.

It is the reluctance of nations of the world to recognize the fact of the same British-Saudi empire, which launched internal U.S. treason in cases such as "9-11," and that warfare in the Afro-Asian regions presently marked out as the triggering stages for an immediate threat of Thermonuclear World War III, which allows that Empire to exercise that threat.

In Conclusion

Those are the most essential facts respecting threats of thermonuclear warfare.  That should be clear.  The confusion in this matter lies in the dominant features of the trans-Atlantic system and its reach into Africa and near-Southeast Asia.  The key to that is to be recognized in the currently dominant economic system, including certain monied circles of off-shore Russian super-wealthy, who are essentially under the control of London-Saudi-based British imperial interests.  That factor is key to the understanding of the present source-threat of thermonuclear warfare.

In warfare, the most important, but often overlooked factor, is that truth which the intended victims refuse to recognize.

I am an avowed and impassioned enemy of this threat to mankind, by being in defense of human decency.  Selecting enemies for warfare requires relatively little intelligence.  The fault has lain in the need for recognizing and defeating the actual perpetrators, which has proven to be the foremost obstacle to defense of mankind against its own present follies.

The problem is that so many leaders of powerful and other governments have been, and still are, opportunist fools in matters such as this, as we have witnessed in the farcical debate between the Republican and Democratic parties' respective candidacies.

I add two concluding notes to a report on some exemplary pieces of evidence which I fear you will accept with some difficulty:

General Douglas MacArthur, who was, in fact, the greatest truly professional military genius of his times, was also, not mysteriously, removed from command.  He was considered dangerous to British interests by the British-lackey-President of the United States, Harry Truman.  Just when peace was about to break out, once again we were faced with that Anglophile gang, which, incidentally, also hated President Charles de Gaulle, murdered President John F. Kennedy, and, then, later, added the assassination of that President's brother, Presidential pre-candidate Robert Kennedy.  Such are the typical footprints of the British monarchy's rule through to the present day of the systemically evil Tony Blair.

The lesson to be learned, is that, all too often, it has been those who were not a threat to the enemies of the U.S.A., as among the essentially foolish Socialist opponents, such as the evil President Mitterrand, in Charles de Gaulle's France, who were rightly deemed less annoying to British imperial desires during those times of the fall of the Soviet Union.  Russia under the leadership of President Putin is, therefore, a target chosen by the British empire for his early elimination.  I wish you well, but I also wish that more well-meaning leading figures of our time, were also as wise as their passions should require.