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Congress Ratifies Obama's Hitler Coup

by Nancy Spannaus

August 2011

This article will appear in the upcoming August 5, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

With the fate of the U.S. republic hanging in the balance, 269 members of the House of Representatives, on August 1, cast their votes for President Barack Obama's copy of Adolf Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933, thus ratifying a measure that will, if implemented, rip up the American Constitution. Today, the Senate followed suit with a vote of 74 to 26, and sent the bill to Obama, who immediately signed it into law.

"This vote brings us that much closer to the imminent destruction of the United States," declared Lyndon LaRouche on the evening of Aug. 1. LaRouche is leading a major mobilization to stop Obama's coup. "The people who voted for it have committed an act of treason on behalf of a foreign power, whether they knew it or not."

Under the pretext that the U.S. budget had to be massively slashed in order to preserve U.S. solvency, British and Wall Street institutions had waged an extraordinary campaign to intimidate and brainwash the Congress into going along with Obama's "budget control act," which was agreed upon by the leaderships of the two Houses of Congress on Sunday night, July 31. But the evil content of the bill they crafted, and which has now been ratified, does not lie in the cuts per se, but rather, in the creation of a new body—what Obama calls a "Super-Congress"—to usurp the authority of the Congress itself on matters of budget policy.

White House/Pete Souza
President Obama and his Republican Party allies (House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Rep. Mike Pense) observe a moment of silence, perhaps for the U.S. Constitution, which they have just killed.

The key asset of the London-Wall Street crowd in this endeavor was not, as popular wisdom claims, the Republican Party, but rather British puppet Barack Obama himself. As we will elaborate below, it was Obama, not the Republicans, who colluded with the British-controlled rating agencies to demand up to $4 trillion in budget cuts, and it was Obama, not the Republicans, who first proposed making cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid part of the package linked to the so-called debt ceiling. And finally, it was Obama, who has already created two special commissions to usurp the powers of Congress—the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare, and the Catfood Commission (Committee on Fiscal Reform and Responsibility)—who demanded the creation of a "Super-Congress," which is to be empowered to decide on $1.5 trillion in cuts, including in entitlements, without any interference from the Congress, which can only vote them up or down. And if they vote them down, a nearly equal amount of draconian cuts are to be made automatically across the board.

To reverse this disaster, therefore, not only must the credit system of the United States be restored through the immediate reinstitution of the FDR Glass-Steagall Act, but British puppet Obama must be removed from office immediately, by Constitutional means.

Like Hitler's Enabling Law

The legislation being rammed through the Congress has the following elements:

  1. An initial cut of $1 trillion (over 10 years) from the Federal budget;
  2. The creation of a "Super-Congress," a 12-person body, composed of 6 Democrats and 6 Republicans, from the House and Senate, who are tasked to come up with an additional $1.5 trillion in cuts by Nov. 23 of this year, including from entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare.
  3. This package will be "expedited" through Congress, without any chance for amendments or filibusters, or substantial debate. But, if it is not passed, or if no agreement is reached by the full Congress, at least $1.2 trillion in cuts will be imposed automatically, across the board.

Herein lies the coup, where Congress cedes, as a first step, its power to decide on matters of spending—a specific violation of Article I, Section 1 of the nation's founding document. And that's just the beginning. Regardless of what the Congress decides, the cuts worked out by Obama and his cronies go into effect! Obama has made the Congress irrelevant.

With these provisions, Obama and his British backers are attempting to fill the loopholes in their previous attempted coup through the Catfood Commission. When that Commission failed to agree on a package of budget cuts to be submitted to Congress, the cuts died on the vine. Not this time—if Obama gets his way.

The Obama Super-Congress measure directly mirrors the Hitler Enabling Law (Ermächtigungsgesetz) of March 1933, by which the German Reichstag "democratically" voted to give Hitler emergency powers, by passing the "Law for Removing the Distress of People and Reich," which gave Hitler the right to govern on his own, and in contravention to the Constitution, without consulting the parliament for a period of four years.

How was it done? The parliamentarians "made a deal."

Specifically, the crucial agreement with Hitler was concluded with the Center Party, headed by a Catholic priest named Ludwig Kaas. Kaas agreed to deliver votes for Hitler, in exchange for assurances of protections for religious liberties and the continued existence of the Center Party. Hitler acceded, promising to memorialize the guarantees in writing. The letter of guarantee wasn't forthcoming, but Kaas fulfilled his part of the bargain, on the promise that the letter was being drafted. Not surprisingly, it never came.

At that point, the vote was assured. Only 84 Social Democrats (their ranks diminished by arrests) opposed the Enabling Act. The Center Party and the National People's Party decided to take Hitler at his word, permitting him to act on behalf of the parliament, including passing laws which deviated from the Constitution, "as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and Reichsrat" (the two houses of parliament), and maintained the rights of the President.

The guarantees, as any sane person could see, were a farce. Within three months of the passage of the Enabling Act, all political parties but the Nazis had been banned. Hitler did not rule alongside the parliament, but effectively superseded it. It only met 12 times over the next 12 years—including the two sessions in which it renewed the Enabling Act.

Only a cowardly idiot would not see the handwriting on the wall with Obama's Hitler coup today.

On Behalf of a Foreign Power

In addition to violating the Constitution, from the Preamble on down, the Obama-Congressional deal in fact serves the interests of a foreign power, specifically, that power identifiable as the British-dominated international monetary system. To put it succinctly, the deal maintains the legitimacy of the trillions of dollars in private gambling debts, a large portion of which are in foreign money-centered banks, which the Obama Administration (like Bush before him) has been bailing out—and dictates an accelerating austerity regime which takes the cost of the bailout out of the living standards of the American people. In sum, it fulfills the long-standing goal of the British Empire to destroy the United States.

Among the leading agents of the supranational financial power, in addition to Obama, are the so-called financial rating agencies, which have wielded the threats to downgrade U.S. sovereign debt as a spur to forcing Congress to capitulate to this unconstitutional deal. Take the case of Standard & Poor's.

A House Financial Services Committee hearing July 27 provided the evidence against S&P, specifically suggesting that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and S&P executive David Beers, a Briton, may have started that wrecking ball swinging in the current "debt ceiling" crisis. Beers, a London School of Economics graduate, is S&P's head of "Sovereign Credit" ratings, based in London.

Both Republican Randy Neugebauer of Texas and Democrat Michael Capuano of Massachusetts forced the evidence of this collusion out at the July 27 hearing. What was shown was that Beers and Geithner (and other Treasury personnel) have been exchanging large numbers of e-mails about the U.S. credit rating since March 2011; that Beers put United States debt on "negative watch" in April; and that Beers and Geithner had been in "very regular, frequent contact, many times" since then on the issue. This last comes from hearing witness and S&P chairman Deven Sharma, who knows something about what goes on in Beers' Sovereign Credit department.

The direct attack on the United States went public when Beers, on July 4, told the London Financial Times and Bloomberg News that Congressional action to increase the U.S. debt ceiling would not suffice to save its AAA rating; that it would require something like a $4 trillion package of cuts and tax revenues to (supposedly) reduce U.S. deficits by that much in a decade. Immediately, Nerobama propelled himself into negotiations with House Speaker John Boehner, pushing what Obama called the "Big Deal": $4 trillion in cuts and tax increases, including "putting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid on the table." He did this amid mass unemployment and negative employment growth in the nation.

Ever since then, certain members of Congress have endlessly repeated, "S&P says $4 trillion," in the debt debate, and the sane idea of simply increasing the debt ceiling (with investment demand for U.S. Treasury debt extremely high and stable) has been dropped from this disastrous debate. Although Sharma quickly backtracked at the July 27 hearing and said that "smaller agreements" on austerity might suffice to keep AAA, the crime had been committed.

Beers continued, in a Bloomberg interview July 28, to criticize the United States for "not having taken action as European countries have," a recipe for national suicide, and, now, even after the deal was done, S&P continues to suggest that it might have to downgrade U.S. debt because a full agreement on trillions in cuts has not yet been reached.

Why Listen to Them?

"There is no excuse for a Congressman to tolerate the actions of the rating agencies," said LaRouche Aug. 1. "These rating agencies must be closed down!" Referring to the fact that Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner have been shown to have been conspiring with the London-centered rating agencies to force through the murderous cuts, LaRouche continued:

"They are engaged in treason. It is an act of treason to shut down the U.S. government, and these agencies are engaged in a conspiracy to shut down the U.S. government. Instead of them acting to shut down the government, the government should shut them down!"

LaRouche then referenced the well-documented reality that these very agencies "cost people billions, even trillions, with their fraudulent positive ratings for Enron, Lehman, mortgage-backed securities, while they are moving to shut down the U.S. government." In fact, S&P's malevolent role goes back even further, to 1975, when it took the lead role in downgrading New York City bonds, precipitating that city's financial crisis. Later the same year, it became the first rating agency to begin valuing mortgage-backed securities, the infamous instrument for mass looting of the U.S. population which made the bankers trillions, and helped trigger the blowout of 2008.

And the U.S. government has decided to listen to these criminals, to guide its economic decision-making?

The Only Line of Defense: Glass-Steagall

As LaRouche and LPAC have consistently made clear, the first step toward economic and fiscal sanity in the United States—and globally—is the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Law as implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Up to $20 trillions of dollars in fictitious, unpayable debt will be off-loaded from the Federal books by this means—and, if you doubt that figure, take a look at the recent GAO preliminary audit of the Fed (see following article), or the testimony of former TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky, or numerous other knowledgeable, and honest, sources.

Eliminating those gambling debts should help the United States' ability to pay its debts, don't you think?

And once that's done, the U.S. government can issue credit directed to the physical economic improvements so desperately needed to save our people, provide jobs, and restart the path to technological progress.

The relevant legislation for reinstituting Glass-Steagall already exists in the House of Representatives (H.R. 1489 and H.R. 2451), and between them, 35 Representatives, from both parties, are on board. At the same time, there is a growing movement among trade unions, the Democratic Party, and other constituency groups to force Congress to act now—before the disintegration of the economy goes any further.

As LaRouche put it on Aug. 1, if Obama's Hitler coup goes ahead, the U.S. population is looking at bodies piling up in the streets, soon, real soon. Some will be as a result of cutting energy assistance, others from cutting medical services, others from cutting jobless benefits and Social Security, to name only a few proximate causes. Others will come from the desperate social conditions that generally result from robbing a population of its future, not to mention its current ability to survive.

Glass-Steagall, implemented rapidly and combined with removing Obama, could reverse this coup, and stop these deaths, before it's too late. That requires a mobilization of the American population on a level not seen for decades. That is the challenge that lies before us.