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Pravda Interviews Virginia State Senator Richard Black on Syria: NATO Is ‘A Very Profound Threat to World Peace’

June 2016

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June 3, 2016 (EIRNS)—At the outset of a lengthy May 26 interview, Virginia State Senator Richard Black (Republican District 13) is identified by Pravda as a one of the few American politicians to speak in defense of Syria and her people. In the wide-ranging interview which references Senator Black’s meetings with Syria’s President and First Lady on his recent visit, Senator Black told Pravda that it is time for the American people to know that the United States started the war, which did not originate in a spontaneous uprising but as a cowardly secret operation launched by the US government.

Later Black elaborates on the positive role of Russia and the Russian intervention which saved historical Palmyra and changed the "cards on the table" in the Syrian war. He notes that ironically, Russia has become the defender of human civilization and of western values. Black states that the Western attitude towards Russia must change: that NATO, which originally was an admirable alliance, should have been dissolved when the cold war ended, and has now become a very profound threat to world peace. He added that the so-called U.S.-led "coalition" coordinates with Saudi Arabia, which is one of the largest sponsors of international terrorism on Earth, and with Turkey, whose president said he wanted the power of Adolf Hitler. Black minces no words on the role of Turkey’s dictator Erdogan, whom he terms one of the most dangerous men on Earth, the man who wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, which has always been the enemy of Europe and her culture.

Hitting hard on aspects of the U.S. political scene, Black characterized Hillary Clinton as one of the most bloodthirsty leaders that America has ever had. He described Clinton’s behavior at Tripoli airport, shortly after the death of Gaddafi, quoting her gleeful "we came, we saw, he died" and then describes how Clinton burst out laughing like a witch. Lyndon LaRouche, briefed on these comments, remarked that Black’s characterization of Clinton is "fully warranted."

At the conclusion, the Pravda interviewer, who provided a written summary for publication, interjects a personal note, urging that the entire 40-minute interview available on youtube be viewed, characterizing it as "not only a collection of sounds and images, but a document, historical although recent, about who could not remain silent in the face of injustice and did not do it, about who could look the other way and instead preferred to look at and take his responsibilities." Go to youtube for the full interview.