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Capitol Hill Press Conference Demands Release of 28 Pages

January 2015

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Left to right: Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham, U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, U.S. Rep. Walter Jones at Jan. 7, 2015 press conference demanding declassification of the 28 pages of the report of the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9-11, which was live-streamed from the LaRouchePAC website.

Jan 7, 2015 (EIRNS)—The need for the immediate release of the redacted 28 pages on the funding of 9/11, from the Congressional Joint Inquiry report of 2002, was the subject of a high-powered press conference on Capitol Hill Jan. 7. The event was sponsored by Congressmen Walter Jones (R-N.C.) and Steven Lynch (D-Mass.), who on Jan. 6 reintroduced their resolution demanding that President Obama declassify the pages, but the leading speaker was former U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who co-chaired the Inquiry and has fought for the last 12 years for the pages’ release.

Joining Jones, Lynch, and Graham on the podium were family members of 9/11 victims: Terry Strada, co-chair of the 9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism; Sylvia Carver, sister of a 9/11 victim at the Pentagon; and Abraham Scott, husband of a 9/11 victim at the Pentagon.

In his remarks, Sen. Graham outlined three devastating consequences of the failure to release the 28 pages: 1) denial of the truth; 2) denial of justice; and 3) a weakening of the national security of the United States. Sen. Graham demanded that President Obama live up to the “Lincolnesque standard,” whereby President Lincoln made every message sent in to the State Department during the Civil War a matter of public record, and, following the war, started the process of the U.S. holding the British government responsible for aiding and abetting the Confederacy. Ultimately, damages were actually paid to the U.S. for this perfidy.

While every speaker demanded the President act now, Rep. Jones took special aim at the U.S. Senate, insisting that the Senators had to move immediately to introduce a companion resolution demanding declassification. His words, and those of Graham and Strada, will be resonating loudly in the Capitol in the days to come.

The full video is available on the LaRouchePAC website.