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Voice of Russia Publishes Interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Fascist Threat in Ukraine

February 7, 2014

EIRNS/Daniel Platt
Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

The following interview text was published on Voice of Russia, the Russian government's international radio broadcast, early this morning. It was done Feb. 6, and was published at the top of the World section, under the title "'Fascist coup' in Ukraine escalating into civil war — expert."

"If you look at the facts of who are the people in the Maidan and in the other upheavals, mainly the violence is committed by fascists, not only the Svoboda Party but a whole variety of groupings who are followers of Stepan Bandera who was the Nazi collaborator helping the Nazis to prepare the invasion in Ukraine," Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Founder and President of the Schiller Institute, an international political and economic think tank, told The Voice of Russia.

VoR: It seems that the talks aimed at solving the Ukrainian crisis have reached deadlock as the government and opposition stay as divided as ever. So, do you think that these two sides still have a chance for a peaceful solution or not?

HZL: I think it depends on the question of what is actually going on because there is no question that if you look at the facts of who are the people in the Maidan and in the other upheavals, mainly the violence is committed by fascists, not only the Svoboda Party but a whole variety of groupings who are followers of Stepan Bandera who was the Nazi collaborator helping the Nazis to prepare the invasion in Ukraine. So, these are the people together with some outside terrorists who had been fighting as Ukrainians on the side of the rebels in Syria. And 350 of those have returned recently and they are together with Svoboda and hooligans who are committing the violence. So, there are probably somewhere between 3,000 to 10,000 absolutely violent criminal Nazi elements who are committing these crimes. And that is a complete lie on the part of most of the western media but also western politicians, western foundations and also such organizations like Washington Affairs Council or the National Endowment of Democracy. What is really going on is a fascist coup and already now there is a big danger that if this is not stopped by people in the west, people in the US and people in the EU, this indeed is escalating into a civil war. I mean there may be an argument if that civil war has already started or not. And the whole aim of it is to provoke the reaction from Russia, which then would be used as a pretext for a showdown.

I think it is very important that the developments in Ukraine cannot be seen in isolation from other developments in the region like the US ballistic missile system in Poland and Czechia and also the deployment of the Aegis destroyer to the waters base in Spain. Now, then you have to see also the different utopian military conceptions like the prompt global strike doctrine in the Pacific because all of these doctrines proceed from the utopian conception that a first strike by NATO against Russia and China could proceed without that these countries can develop or can deploy a second strike. Obviously, this is ridiculous and both Russia and China have made absolutely clear that they do have a second strike capability, but if this offensive posture is maintained, what we may end up with is that both sides have no other possibility or rather Russia and China have no other possibility than to also go into a first strike posture, in which case you have the simultaneous launching of the first strikes from both sides and that would lead the security to the extinction of civilization, and that is what is at stake in Ukraine.

VoRWhat can you say about these reports of the US and EU that they are preparing a financial aid package to Ukraine? So, why do you think America and Europe are so eager to help Ukraine and what is actually behind this support?

HZL: I don't think they are eager to help Ukraine at all because I think that if Ukraine would have signed the EU association agreement, it would have suffered the same treatment like Southern Europe and you can only look at what is the effect of the Troika policy in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and then you can see that Ukraine would have absolutely had no advantage of joining the EU agreement and it was a lifesaver for Ukraine not to sign that. Right now because the real situation is that the transatlantic financial system is collapsing, we can have a blowout of the financial system any moment. And on the other side, the Pacific Asian countries are in a much better condition; if you look at China, Korea, India, Russia, they are going in a much better economic direction than the transatlantic association. And Yanukovich was immediately travelling to China, he came back with very extensive cooperation agreements, and the president Xi Jinping was recently in Romania offering to build fast train systems in Eastern Europe, which the EU [cancelled] because they are in this total [austerity] mode.

Therefore, when Yanukovich started talks with China and Russia, EU realized that they have only demands but not offers. So, now they are using a carrot and stick, on the one side, offering financial help but with very clear conditions. They call it structural reforms and these structural reforms would mean that Ukraine would have to give up its state-owned properties, it will have to privatize, it would have to apply the usual conditionalities, which always cut the social aspect of the economy. But they are combining it with the blackmail, what they are calling sanctions, which is aimed to put pressure on the oligarchs in Ukraine who have obviously money accounts in offshore countries and by threatening to freeze these accounts and to deny visa for traveling abroad, they are trying to put pressure on these financial forces of the oligarch elements in Ukraine. So, it is extremely dangerous and can only lead to a catastrophe because I think that the argument of Russians to say that the Eurasian Union is much less integrated than the EU [is right], and the whole argument that Putin wants to reassemble the Soviet Union is really absolutely wrong.

Here [1] is the link to the Voice of Russia interview.