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Tsokolibane: 'These Are the Principles that Must Define
the Policy of a New Trump Administration'

November 2016

Nov. 14--Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, leader of LaRouche South Africa, issued the following statement November 13.

Trump Swept into White House by Global Wave Rejecting
Old World Order of War and Collapse

Ramasimong Tsokolibane.

On behalf of the LaRouche movement in South Africa, I offer my congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump on his victory over the corrupt Anglo-American elite and its policy of economic collapse and war. I join President Jacob Zuma in wishing the new American President success. I hope that Mr. Trump and his administration are able to bring the United States into a new era of cooperation with my nation. I hope he and his administration will seek peaceful economic development with all nations, and avoid war.

But let us be clear about what happened on November 8 and what must happen if we are indeed to secure peace and development for all mankind.

President-elect Trump comes into office riding a global wave of revulsion and rejection, by people all around the globe, now including the citizens of the United States--rejection of the failed policies of the global elites. Those policies have led to the collapse of the elites' trans-Atlantic empire of money, delivering us to the brink of general thermonuclear war with Russia and China--the elites' last remaining option. It was those policies--of the current U.S. President, Barack Obama, and his clone Hillary Clinton--that the American people rejected Tuesday in a solid vote.

Mr. Trump had skillfully positioned himself to be the beneficiary of this rejection of the Obama-Hillary Clinton program of war and economic collapse. Repeatedly, he repudiated the policy of confrontation against Russian President Putin and expressed his support for reinstating the Glass-Steagall legislation of 1933, the repeal of which by Bill Clinton in 1999, unleashed the wild speculative orgy by Wall Street that is still ongoing. Just as Britons--defying the `advice' of the elite and its lying media and pollsters--rebelled by voting to leave the failed European Union, forcing the so-called Brexit, so have American voters overturned the applecart, crushing Clinton, who was heavily favored by Wall Street, the media, pollsters, and pundits.

But as the world's leading economist, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, tells us in his response to the election of Mr. Trump, this has only bought us a temporary respite from the drive towards war by Obama. There is no secure and stable global system among nations at this point that can secure peace. Unless such a system is built, we will soon, once again, be back on a path towards war.

We can see the outlines of such a new system in the way the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) functions, in which South Africa plays a crucial role. The BRICS seek a common ground for cooperative efforts, realizing that peace and prosperity come with the betterment of all, at the expense of none. This is in complete defiance of the globalist, monetarist system in which the benefit of a few oligarchical interests comes at the expense of everyone else.

At root there are two distinct views of humanity. The current, dying system sees man as merely a more capable beast, whose animal urges and interests are curbed by the laws of competition.

But men are not animals! We are uniquely creative beings who, through our creativity, can alter the course of our own history. It is our creativity that makes us master of our vast universe and of our future in it.

Mr. LaRouche warns us that it has now become an urgent matter that we bring relations among nations and peoples into agreement with this human view of man as a creative, sentient being. To do so we must, once and for all, do away with the systems of competition among men and nations, including geopolitics itself. Our new paradigm's sole principle is to nurture the increase in the creative potential of mankind as whole, and of each individual human being. Such a system has no place for war as a means for settling disputes among nations--an urgent necessity--as we now possess weapons that can destroy us all.

We will bring about this new system in steps of cooperative development, such as by participating in Chinese President Xi Jinping's win-win strategy of development called One Belt, One Road, which is building infrastructure projects and development corridors throughout Eurasia and into Africa. The One Belt, One Road project (the New Silk Road), when extended to the whole world, is a plan identical to the World Land-Bridge proposal that Mr. LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche have championed for more than 30 years.

The new system will also require increased cooperation in our exploration of space as a global mission for mankind, and in a crash program for the development of thermonuclear fusion as the new energy platform--of much higher energy-flux density--for our booming global economy.

Mr. LaRouche has insisted on the adoption of Alexander Hamilton's approach in creating the new, global economic system, and has set out the necessary principles in his `Four Laws,' as follows:

1. Protect banks from speculation. Return to a strict separation between commercial and investment (speculative) banking, and protect the legitimate functions of commercial banking, by enacting laws that are identical in purpose and content to Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall legislation.

2. Hamiltonian systems of national banking. Create or return to a Hamiltonian system of national banking, and create National Banks, to replace the current monetarist system of private central banking.

3. Government credit to increase productive employment. Provide government credit to increase the quality and quantity of productive work, measured in increases in the productive powers of labor and in energy-flux density.

4. Fusion power and space programs. Use national resources to launch a worldwide crash program or programs to master and widely deploy fusion power and related technologies, and to build up full-spectrum space programs.

For a fuller exposition of LaRouche's Four Laws, visit the LaRouche PAC website or these pages: The Four Laws of LaRouche and Hamilton, The LaRouche-Hamilton Laws Will Solve Today’s Crisis

These are the principles that must define the policy of a new Trump administration. But we must not rely on Mr. Trump to put them on the agenda. It is the responsibility of all men and women of vision and courage in all nations around the world to take personal responsibility for bringing into being the new, just world order and to move on the potential opened up by the great rejection and change that took place in the United States this week. I pledge my full devotion and effort to that task.