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Bust the British Empire and
Go with the Eurasia Solution

February 2016

A [PDF version of this article] appears in the February 26, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 21, 2016 —Lyndon LaRouche today delivered a strategic assessment that the world has reached a turning-point moment, such that either the power of the evil British empire, with its system of monetarist looting, is crushed, or the world will soon plunge into the horrors of thermonuclear war. While there is legitimate focus on the insane provocations coming out of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who are attempting to do everything possible to start World War III on the Syria-Turkey border, the reality is that the real seat of power behind these maneuvers is the British Crown.

The trans-Atlantic British system is totally bankrupt, and the real center of global power and stability has shifted to Asia, where collaboration between China, Russia, and India has created a relative stability, by trans-Atlantic standards. There are threats in Asia, but these threats can be defeated by the kind of physical economic development policies that China has advanced with the One Belt One Road initiative. Asia has become the center of humanity’s future because the British have destroyed almost every ounce of creativity in the United States, Britain, and much of continental Europe. There are options, but they all begin with the wiping out of the power of the British Empire.

For continental Europe, the only productive solution is for Germany, the last remaining economic force in Europe, to align with Russia around a plan for physical economic development, across the entire corridor between Germany and Russia. A Russia-Germany coalition for a revival of the productive forces would be the kind of change, away from British Empire monetarism, that is urgently needed. Forget the bankrupt system of British empire money. It is all gone and can never be revived. A German alignment with Russia to build the productive links across Eurasia, in partnership with China and India, spells doom for the forces of empire that are driving for war, using pawns like Erdogan, Obama, and Mohammed bin Salman.

The same approach is urgently required in Northeast Asia, where the Korea crisis can only be solved by a revival of the China-Korea-Russia rail links that have historically existed and can and must be revived today. Without a physical economic dimension, there is no way to defeat the British geopolitical swindles. The late Gen. Douglas MacArthur understood this principle of Asia development and stability, as seen by his program for rebuilding Japan at the close of World War II and his brilliant leadership in Korea. The revival of the China-Korea-Russia rail corridor is crucial for the stability of Asia, and is understood by the Chinese leadership as a key element to the entire “win-win” Eurasian development strategy.

There are no viable alternatives to this total victory/total war approach to defeating the British. A German-Russian alliance to revive Eurasia from the European side, as earlier envisioned by French President Gen. Charles de Gaulle, the last French leader to possess a Eurasian vision, is the only option left for Europe and the entire trans-Atlantic region. In the United States, this means dumping Obama, who is nothing but a British pawn, and wiping out Wall Street. In Asia, the China-Korea-Russia rail corridor is critical to a meaningful solution to the escalating British empire war provocations, largely run through the mouth of Barack Obama and directed not against North Korea, but against China. India is a natural partner in this Asia development endeavor, and is already on board, extending the Eurasian development corridors into the Indian Ocean.

Russian President Putin has accounted well for himself in the Russian strategic intervention in Syria, which has drawn the fools in Turkey and Saudi Arabia into a trap of their own making. This trap has caught the British empire crowd off guard, and this is the moment to crush them entirely.

These are the pressing global policies that must be considered and adopted. This is no time to engage in endless debate and procrastinating. These policies must be adopted, now, and effectively implemented. It is the effective implementation that is subject to serious planning among serious world leaders, the majority of whom reside in Eurasia, as the result of generations of British brutalization of the American and continental European populations.

If you catch yourself thinking “Yes, but this is not practical,” you are already doomed.