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The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
July 2015

This transcript appears in the July 31, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Christopher Lewis
Helga Zepp-LaRouche

July 24—The revelations of the deep affinity between numerous members of the British royal family and Adolf Hitler—in light of the central role which British policy is playing both in the imposition of a brutal austerity policy on all of Europe, and in the confrontation course with Russia and China—ranks among the most important strategic developments of today. The quicker the House of Windsor lands in the rubbish heap of history, the better are the chances for reorganizing the totally bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system, and avoiding a new—this time thermonuclear—world war.

In that context, the publication of a 17 second-long video, in which the seven or eight year old Elizabeth—later Queen Elizabeth II—is seen presenting a Hitler-salute, is only the tip of the iceberg. Since then, hundreds of articles have been circulated in the English and American press and on the Internet, which shed light on the open adulation of various members of the British Monarchy and British aristocracy for Hitler and the Nazis. The sympathies of Elizabeth's uncle, former King Edward VIII, who, after his abdication was called the Duke of Windsor, are well-known. More explosive is the role of Prince Philip, whose involvement, according to the British media, are to aired on July 30 on Channel Four of British TV, in a documentary called "The Plot to Make a King." In this, the close ties of Prince Philip to the Nazis are supposed to be uncovered, as well as the fact that his three sisters were all married to leading members of the National Socialist Party and the SS, and much more.

The Times of Israel on July 19 published an extensive interview with German-British historian Karina Urbach of the University of London, on the results of her research on this subject, which she has just published in a book with the title "Go-Betweens for Hitler." The book deals with the intense alliance between broad sections of the British Establishment and the Nazis, which alliance played a central role in British geopolitics between the world wars.

A young Prince Philip, second from the right in the first row, marches in a funeral procession with SS friends in 1937. The picture, publicized in the 2006 book Royals and the Reich by Jonathan Petropoulos, has been widely publicized in recent days.

How did this material, which until now had previously been kept under absolute lock and key in the British archives, now become public in a way that can only be called a campaign? The background is, among other things, a kind of blood feud among the Windsors concerning the line of succession to Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who are in the meantime considered too old to hold the British Empire together at a point in time when the trans-Atlantic financial system is on the edge of a crash, compared to which the collapse of Lehman Brother and AIG in 2008 was child's play. Part of the Windsor clan wants to skip over Prince Charles in the succession, and make William King; another faction is convinced that Great Britain can only save its relevance if it undergoes a fundamental restructuring of the whole Commonwealth. This second faction is apparently behind the revelations.

Environmentalist Fascists

But in the current strategic situation, the significance of the exposure of the Nazi sympathies of the British royals does not lie merely in hushed-up historical facts coming out, but in the meaning of this tradition for the political offensive which is using the so-called anthropogenic climate change as a pretext for the "decarbonization of the world economy"—an offensive which the British Monarchy is leading globally. Because if the goal of this climate-lobby, the goal of supporting the energy consumption of the entire world exclusively with so-called renewable energy sources—therefore excluding not only nuclear energy, but also all fossil fuel energy sources—were reached, then the number of people who could be sustained on Earth would be reduced from today's approximate seven billion, to one billion or less. Because there is a direct connection between the energy flux density used in the production process, which, with "renewable" energies is extremely low, and the potential population which can be supported.

ATP/Donald Stampfli
The Prince visits his own organization dedicated to population reduction, the World Wildlife Fund. Here he visits the WWF Switzerland in 1965.

Prince Philip is infamous for his statement that, in his opinion, the Earth is only suitable for one billion people, and he wrote in the foreword to his book If I Were an Animal, published in 1986, that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus, in order to make a contribution to the reduction of the world's population. The same holds for the World Wildlife Fund and a whole number of other environmental organizations he founded, who, over the past decades, have sabotaged innumerable infrastructure projects in all parts of the world, and thereby have shortened the lives of millions of people.

At present a worldwide campaign is escalating, which would use the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in December in Paris for the conclusive erection of a world dictatorship, through which the prescribed climate goals would strangle all development of those formerly called developing countries. The fact that Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who insists on being identified as "Commander of the British Empire," succeeded in writing his population-reducing theses on the "Great Transformation of Decarbonization of the World Economy" into the latest Encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si', represents a great catastrophe for the Catholic Church, of a sort that hasn't occurred since the Inquisition.

Prince Philip's adviser for religion and climate questions, Martin Palmer, who, in preparation for the December Conference, co-organized a so-called "Summit of Conscience" in Paris on July 21, in his role as general secretary of the "Alliance for Religion and the Environment" (ARC), attacked the "anthropocentric gospel" there. By this he means that religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have had difficulty understanding that man is simply not that important. He believes there must be a debate between members of these religions, in order to stamp out the idea that mankind represents something unique.

Here there comes to light the man-hating ideology which is the same as that of the Conservative Revolution, founded against the "ideas of 1789," and of the Nazis and the Green movement: that man is only a higher beast, and therefore human life should be no more sacrosanct than that of the animals; therefore, if required, the numbers of people could also be reduced—as the helots were in ancient Sparta, or the "useless eaters" under the Nazis, or even up to six billion people, who must be sacrificed to the goal of 'saving the climate." Armin Mohler, the former chairman of the Siemens Foundation, already wrote in his 1949 book The Conservative Revolution that the Conservative Revolution wanted to return to the pre-Christian Gaia-mythology, because the Christian image of man brought with it the cultural optimism, which made possible the modern development of mankind.

The sooner the whole historical truth about the British Empire leads to its well-deserved end, the better. The Indian opposition parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor performed a small, but important service July 24, in a brilliant speech at the University of Oxford on the crimes of this British Empire in its 200-year colonial domination of India. He pointed out that India's share of the world economy over this period was reduced from 23% to 4%, and that deliberately triggered famines costing 15 to 29 million Indians their lives.

cc/Chatham House
Indian parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor’s May 28 speech at the Oxford Union, detailing British genocide against India, has now gone viral. Here, Tharoor at Chatham House on June 2, 2015.

For example, Winston Churchill deliberately ordered the removal of foodstuffs for the starving Bengali population, which cost four million Bengalis their lives in 1943. When conscience-stricken British officials alluded to the dimensions of the tragedy which his decision had caused, Churchill only answered: "Why hasn't Gandhi died yet?" The same Churchill in 1937 said before the House of Commons: "I did not suggest that, if I had to make a choice between communism and Nazism, I would choose communism."

The fall of the British monarchy would have a liberating effect for all Europe, but especially for Germany, because it would break the continuity of geopolitical manipulation and world wars which has persisted from the dismissal of Otto von Bismarck, deliberately arranged by the British manipulation, to the present day, and of which the tightening of austerity policy toward Greece after the visit of the Queen to Berlin, and the sanctions against Russia are only the latest examples.

But let it be said to the court lackies of the likes of Palmer and Schellnhuber: Mankind is a unique species, whose inviolable dignity lies in his creativity, which differentiates him from all animals. Mankind is the only creative species known so far, whose capability for discovering ever new and progressing universal principles, is capable of unlimited improvement, and which has explored the laws of the anti-entropically developing universe ever more successfully. And that applies in particular to the effects of the cycles of our Solar System and our Galaxy and their effect on the climate. Therefore the creativity of all mankind will undergo a gargantuan qualitative leap forward—after the downfall of the British monarchy.