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Press Release

The Friday Project

An International Webcast Series

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 2012

About a year ago, we presented a featured special webcast event, of which I was the principal subject, an event chaired by Matthew Ogden, with questions presented by Meghan Rouillard and Michael Kirsch. Now, the time has come for a comparable webcast event:

‘The Moment of Our Greatest Crisis’

It has been evident to me for more than a year, and as I have warned repeatedly, and consistently, in public, that the world at large has continued to be hinged on the gravest threat to the human species in all known history, a threat now recognized by an increasing number of the most powerful of the world's presently leading national governments: "The Winter, not of our delights, but of general thermonuclear warfare, warfare culminating within approximately less than an hour and a half to the years-long radioactive winter born of a global impact of general thermonuclear war." At present, the leading threat of such a war is located within the trio of the British monarchy and its auxiliaries, the Saudi kingdom and the U.S. Barack Obama Presidency, poised against not only Russia and China, but the human species at large.

For us, in our United States, the likelihood that such a global event would occur, hinges on the continued influence of the regime of the current U.S. President, Barack Obama. Without Obama's continued control over U.S. policy, a thermonuclear war, and its mass-destruction of most American citizens, could not be likely to occur at this time if Obama were rightfully expelled from office.

The crucial fact is, that no important power on this planet would consider launching such a war, excepting the circles of Barack Obama, the British monarchy, and the British puppet known as the Saudi monarchy. The issue for all sane statesmen today, in preventing such a war, is the justified removal of President Barack Obama from office: without the current role of Barack Obama as a stooge of the British and Saudi monarchies, such a thermonuclear war would be virtually impossible at this time.

What I have said this far brings up a crucial, and very important practical question. Polar bears, Kodiak bears, and grizzly bears kill, and are known to eat human beings when such prospective victims were available. Do we say that those beasts have conspired? Do we call cows eating grass "conspirators"?

What historians and others may identify as the often "grisly" behavior of republics and nationalities generally, we often do name as "conspiracies." In that and related senses of practical meanings, all great upheavals in human history, especially grisly ones, are fruits of "conspiracies." Indeed, like predator creatures generally, all of the most notable wars, and war-like human conflicts are products of nations doing what they do not know they are actually doing, as American citizens did not know what they were actually doing when they (appear to have) "voted" for President Obama.

Truly great statecraft demands that the knowable fraud driving most public political and related mass opinion, such as the political support for President Obama's re-election, has little more rationality in its motives than that of grisly, predatory beasts. Call it "national interest," and foolish varieties of self-claimed "patriots" show about as much insight into their own personal motives as the "poor damned fools" who would vote for Barack Obama again, now.

The first Webcast will be held at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, on Friday, Oct. 5, at the LaRouche PAC website, and will continue each Friday through November 9, 2012.