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Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Remarks to the Solidarité et Progrès General Assembly

We Stand at the Threshold
of a New Era of Mankind

October 2011

Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of Germany’s Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität (BüSo), Founder of the Schiller Institute and Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute in Germany, addressed the general assembly of France’s Solidarité et Progrès party, on October 16, 2011. The S&P party is headed by Jacques Cheminade, who officially launched his Presidential candidacy Cheminade2012 on October 15, which Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche endorsed on behalf of herself and her party.

She spoke in English for 51 minutes, and then fielded questions for another hour and a half. Here are her remarks.

Well, I think the present history, the outcome of this historical epoch, will be decided by which of the two combatting tendencies will be victorious: One is the forces associated with the British Empire, and the other one is the system associated with the American System and its historical roots in other countries.

Now, we see right now, the final collapse of the British Empire, and most of you, or many of you know, that when we talk about the British Empire, we don’t mean the island of Great Britain, but we mean this present monetary system which exists out of the conglomerate of central banks, investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, vehicles of all kinds, bigger vehicles, smaller vehicles, and insurance companies.

Now, what we see right now in terms of this breakdown is the result of the forty years of deregulation. And most of you know that on 15th August, 1971, Lyndon LaRouche at that point, with an absolutely clear precision, said that the measures which were taken by Nixon, then, namely, to decouple the dollar from gold, to eliminate fixed-exchange rates, and to create the money markets in the offshore markets in the Caribbean and elsewhere, that this would lead, if it were continued, necessarily, to the danger of a new depression and a new fascism. Or, it would lead to a just new world economic order.

French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade at the Solidarité et Progrès General Assembly, October 16, 2011

Now, the entire LaRouche organization, in Europe, in the United States, in Ibero-America, and wherever we have friends elsewhere in the world, our entire identity has been shaped around that prognosis of Lyndon LaRouche. And you can actually say, that the older warhorses, so to speak, have been waiting for this moment for 40 years. Now, some people may think this is a long time and it didn’t happen, but now it is here, and basically, we have been prepared: We are the only organization on the planet right now, which has been prepared for this moment, in this unique way.

Now, what we have witnessed in this whole period, was the continuous process of deregulation, away from the common good, a redistribution from the poor to the rich, up to the point where the present monetary system is completely predatory. Now, we have documented this well, and I don’t want to repeat it here, I just want to refer to it for people’s memory. We have, at each point, and especially Lyn has at each point, put his finger on where the development went in the wrong direction, and when, basically the next step of this process occurred, starting with, dramatically, after Nixon, Paul Volcker in ’79, the 1984 paper by Alan Greenspan, which he wrote for JP Morgan, "Why Glass-Steagall Should Be Eliminated" — this was ’84. Then, in ’87, when Alan Greenspan became the head of the Federal Reserve, he started to actively undermine the Glass-Steagall system and in the ’90s, step by step did he continue this deregulation, up to the point, where in 1999, Larry Summers went for the total repeal of Glass-Steagall.

The Euro Was a Disaster From the Beginning

Now if you have that process of 40 years in mind, it is very clear, that the whole euro was never anything else, but the regional expression of that transformation of the global financial system into a predatory system. Now, it was never a sound economic conception. We said it before it was introduced, that it could not function, because you could not put economies of such different nature, as Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, into one integrated economic and monetary zone, and as we have documented also, it was never meant to be that, but it was the geopolitical design, to contain Germany at the point of the German reunification.

As a matter of fact, the euro system, the European Monetary Union was the price Germany had to pay, so that the other powers, especially France, England and the United States, would permit the German re-unification to happen. Anything else which you ever have heard is a lie. The whole idea that the euro would "create peace in Europe" so that the long history of wars would no longer be the case: It was a lie! If you look at the hatred of the Greek people against the EU and against Germany at this point, you see that this was a complete concoction. Another lie: That the European Monetary Union is necessary to defend the European position against the emerging big powers. A complete lie. China and others are now laughing at the quarrels happening within the EU.

What we identified at the time, and we were in the middle of this fight, was that the euro imposition was the geopolitical strategy of Margaret Thatcher, Mitterrand, and Bush Sr., with the clear aim to destroy the German economy. Attali, in his biography of Mitterrand, wrote that Mitterrand threatened war against Germany and the reappearance of the Triple Entente to basically contain the German economy. And I’m referring to this, because yesterday, at the economic panel, one of the speakers was saying that the euro was the construct of Germany and Great Britain, and I can not let this stand, because our ability to liberate our European nations from that, depends on a clear view of what really happened.

Now, therefore, the entire treaties, from Maastricht to Lisbon, basically had only one purpose, the elimination of national sovereignty and the imposition of an oligarchical structure. The EU as it is today is de facto identical with the British Empire, if you understand the British Empire the way I referred to it before. Now, they have eliminated democracy; democracy is a joke by now. What you have in Europe is "governance," which means, essentially a complete undermining of the parliamentary process and of the accountability of politicians. It has led to a domination of politics through private interests, who, in governance, work together with NGOs and private groups making policy, and the parliaments have become increasingly irrelevant. It has undermined the parliamentary process and the accountability of politicians; it has led to a total gap between the governments and the people, a total lack of confidence among the masses of the population toward the governments, which is a very, very dangerous situation.

Now, since the outbreak, especially, of the financial crisis in July 2007, the G20 has essentially only been involved in a gigantic redistribution of private gambling debt, into public debt, and there was only for a very short period, a shock in September 2008 after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and AIG, where people, for a very brief moment, were talking about a New Bretton Woods system, but that was clearly quickly off the table. Instead, you had one bailout after another, and now, we are basically at the absolute end of this process.

There is now a discussion to go for a "European government," a "United States of Europe," or a "European Economic Ministry" or at least a "European Economic Finance Minister," and the only thing which makes the pro-euro, pro-Europe people hesitant, is, they have to watch national sensitivities, like, for example, that the German taxpayer may become upset about being the milk cow for all of Europe!

Now, the euro, therefore, has not created peace and unity in Europe, but people are displaying EU flags with swastiskas; they have pictures of Mrs. Merkel with a moustache (which doesn’t make her any prettier), so it is basically now down to the wire, where everything is now really, until October 23rd, they want to have Mrs. Merkel come out with a bold initiative, a grand design, which would solve all of these problems.

Now, interestingly enough, Allianz insurance — what does an insurance company have to do with making policy, I ask you? — anyway, they have come up with the proposal that the European Financial Stability Fund should be turned into a bank, with a leverage factor of 5:1, so that basically you would more or less do what Geithner had proposed, using the TARP and TALF model, by basically turning the ECB EFSF into a bank, which could then take unlimited amounts of credit from the ECB and turn the present fund into a EU4 trillion, EU5 trillion, or whatever is needed.

Now, this will create, in the short term, a hyperinflation as we only had it in Germany in 1923. And as people in Germany know, and they’re the only people who really have it in their bones and in their genes, hyperinflation is the most brutal expropriation of the common people. Their life’s savings, their life’s work is just evaporating. The only difference is, that this time, it would be in the entire trans-Atlantic region, and from there, spreading to the entire globe.

If we go that way, it will lead to a dark age.

Germany Faces an Explosion

Now, Germany is, right now, facing an explosion, not only because it’s clear that the German taxpayer cannot possibly pay all of this, because if you look at the other countries which have a budget surplus — Holland, Austria, and Finland — these are small countries with small economies, and it’s very clear that the brunt of all of this is supposed to paid by the German population, which is not going to function, and the German population is increasingly starting to understand that, and they are not going along with it any longer.

But you have to take this bailout insanity, together with what happened recently in Germany, which was the nuclear exit, or the exit from nuclear energy. Now, you can be sure, that in the very short term, you will have brownouts, blackouts; the moment the weather turns cold, you will have the possibility of devastating blackouts. Already now, the increase of energy prices will lead to a slow but steady deindustrialization of Germany, and people in France should ask themselves, "Why are the Germans so crazy that they would exit from nuclear energy, when they have no alternative in place?" They have no renewable energy, they don’t have the energy grids — it’s completely insane!

Now, if the imposition of the euro was already a British Empire operation, with Mitterrand being the instrument of that empire, so was the exit from nuclear energy, and the aim is to destroy Germany as a sovereign country.

Now, the key person in this coup, is this Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, who is a remarkable person: If you go to the BüSo website, you can see a psychograph of him. He is the head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research; he’s the head of the European Climate Foundation, which is totally financed by all the hedge funds in London that are now investing in renewable energies. He’s also the head of the scientific advisory board to the German government, and he has the Order of the British Empire, which he got from Queen Elizabeth in 2004, personally.

Now, what is behind all of this, is the British policy to reduce the world population, from presently 7 to 1 billion people or less. What you all know, it’s going back to Cecil Rhodes, to the plan to depopulate Africa of black people; it is the policy of Prince Philip and the World Wildlife Fund, and I can only point your attention to an unbelievable video which shows how a certain Sir David Attenborough gave a speech in March before the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts (RSA), headed by Prince Philip, where you have a total call for depopulation, to save some frogs here, and some spiders there, because these spiders and frogs supposedly are threatened with extinction: It is genocidal policy. And if you look at the policy of the World Wildlife Fund in the recent decades, they have blocked thousands of infrastructure programs around the world, and you can say, that it is that policy which is in large part responsible for the condition of Africa today. And I only want to point your attention to these 20 million people who are about to die in East Africa alone, and that is the result of this policy.

Now, the basis of all of these atrocities are lies. For example, the lie of the anthropogenic climate change, which is completely ridiculous! I mean, even if Germany would go 100% in the direction of renewable energy, all the catalyzers for the cars, and all the mechanisms they have [to supposedly reduce emissions], this would account for maybe 0.0007% of the CO2 emissions, and the galaxy and the planet, they couldn’t scratch their head — you know, it’s like a fly on an elephant, it doesn’t have any effect. So it’s a complete lie. And with our research on galactic weather, we know that that is what causes climate change! Climate change exists, but it is not due to these lies.

Now, to understand what’s happening in Germany, for several years, this scientific advisory board to the German government headed by Schellnhuber worked on an unbelievable paper, which people should take a look at — it does exist in English — called "Social Contract for the Great Transformation," and it calls for the "decarbonization" of the world economy, which proposes not only the exit from nuclear energy, but also from coal, gas, and oil, and to go entirely to renewable energies . Now, it is very clear that with the energy-flux-densities of renewable energies being what they are, this would provide for only 1 or 2 billion people, and no industrialized nations.

Now, what this paper proposes is a transformation of the economy, as big as the one from the hunting and gathering society to agriculture, and from agriculture to the industrial society... only this time, the other way around.

Now, why should the German people accept such an idiocy? The people of Germany who were once famous as the inhabitants of "the land of poets and thinkers," and Germany, the formerly industrialized nation, why would they accept this? Now, the problem is, that people in Germany have accepted being underlings in an oligarchical system, and the proof of it, is this famous sentence, "one can not do anything anyway." And I said, if I’m ever Chancellor of Germany, I will make this sentence an outlaw sentence, and whoever repeats it will go to jail for 10 years!

So, it is unfortunately very clear: That with this present constellation of British domination of European policy, in this short-term crisis, we can not expect Europe to come up with an initiative to address this on a global scale.

Now, it is also clear that Europe can only survive, if we go back to a Europe of national sovereign republics, a "Europe of the Fatherlands." But how should we accomplish this? We can’t wait till 2012, because the crisis is now. Now, this is the context, why Mr. LaRouche has come up with this proposal, a true strategic flank, that you need a new alliance, namely, the shift from the trans-Atlantic alliance, to a trans-Pacific alliance, based on the collaboration of the United States, China, and Russia; and later on, India, and every other country who wants to do so.

The Coup Threat in the U.S.

Now, obviously, there is right now a problem in the United States. There is a tremendous ferment for Glass-Steagall, for NAWAPA, but as long as Obama is in office, being clearly an instrument of Wall Street and London, this is not going to happen. But things are moving very, very fast: You have a growing disappointment with Obama, especially among the African-American population who have long lost the hope that he would do anything for them. His approval rating is at a record low for any Democratic President; the youth unemployment among African-American youth in Detroit is 85%! Eighty-five percent. He has done nothing for African-Americans in general.

There is a ever-growing number of scandals, the Solyndra scandal, where the White House was caught directly in bribing and getting election money in return; the Operation Fast and Furious, which sent the weapons to the Mexican dope mafia, which is now being investigated by Congressman Darrell Issa; the implementation of the super-Congress, which is a complete violation of the Constitution; the Libyan war, which is again a violation of the Constitution; and therefore, Mr. LaRouche has called for the immediate impeachment of Obama. And there are many groups, veteran groups for peace and others, who have joined this demand.

Now, the danger of a military coup is very real, because as we have pointed out, and as Jacques was talking about yesterday, there is a long tradition of a "military-industrial complex" in the United States, which belongs to the Empire faction, which is determined to undo the American Revolution, and to reestablish the collaboration between Great Britain and the United States, in a "special relationship" to run the world as an empire. This was the Eugenics Society in ’20s and ’30s around Averell Harriman, who had close links to the Nazi doctors; these were the people who financed Hitler to come to power; these were the people who attempted a coup against Roosevelt, which was only blown at the time, because the relevant general testified to the Senate, and the coup was stopped. This is what Eisenhower referred to at the end of his term, by warning that there was a very dangerous part of the "military-industrial complex" which had to be watched very carefully.

This is what Samuel Huntington referred to in his infamous book The Soldier and the State, where he outlines the imperial nature of a mercenary army, the kind of privatization of the military which we have seen triple under the Obama Administration, and naturally, this all has come to the surface now, with the killing list of Americans selected by a secret committee, and this has, again, caused an outrage of all legal organizations, the Veterans for Peace and others, calling for investigations or even impeachment of Obama.

So this is a violent dynamic, this is total war. And the fight for Glass-Steagall is also totally violent, totally different than here in Europe at this point. You have the HR 1489 bill by Marcy Kaptur [D-Ohio]. Today, the 47th cosponsor signed, this is John Lewis [D-Georgia.], who was a close collaborator of Martin Luther King: He, now, on the day of the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, signed this. There are more than 200 national and regional organizations, and their numbers are daily growing.

Now, this is much more developed than in Europe, because, despite the erupting debate for Glass-Steagall in Europe, you have in Europe still a lot of people who say, "yeah, we’re for Glass-Steagall, but we also are for Eurobonds, or for green jobs," so it just means they have not the slightest idea what they’re talking about.

But this could happen, this could be put on the agenda, because people are aware of the crisis. In the United States, they say, it’s all the Euro’s fault, you know why we have problems in Europe, they say it’s all the Americans’ fault, so the "blame game" is fully on.

Now, the NAWAPA project has captured the imagination of partly the same people who are fighting for Glass-Steagall, and many, many engineers and other industries. The NAWAPA project obviously is the absolute, natural match to the building of the Bering Strait tunnel from Alaska to Siberia, and that has been put on the agenda by Putin. In his last trip to the Far East, he was talking about the Bering Strait, the development of the Far East, the building of cosmodromes in the permafrost areas of the Arctic region of Russia; the building of a new space launch station in the Far East, and so this is now, with Putin’s announcement that he will be the candidate for the next President, with Medvedev being the candidate for Prime Minister, this is going to be Russian policy!

And in Putin’s recent trip to China, where he concluded a very far-reaching strategic partnership with China, some very important developments occurred. Now, first of all, remember, that China has already stated that they want to become the leading space power in a very short period of time. They want to have mining of helium-3 on the Moon, in a relatively short period of time; they want to go for manned space travel; and according to the Indian paper The Hindu, one of the senior correspondents, Vladimir Radyuhin, who is the veteran Moscow correspondent and an expert on Russia-China-India relations for this daily that is close to the Indian Foreign Ministry, he said that the Russia-China memorandum on cooperation for the modernization of the economy is now the platform which is supposed to shape the relations in a long-term perspective.

Now, this is very interesting, because what they want to do, is they want to use the advanced technologies of Russia, which can not go into mass production right now, because they have outdated equipment, old factories and high labor costs, and are still suffering clearly from the same bottlenecks which were the reasons why the Soviet Union collapsed, because the Soviet Union could not transfer the high technology from the military into the civilian economy, and now they want to solve this, by basically using the manufacturing facilities in China, based on the Russian technologies. So they want to have this cooperation as a two-way traffic road: China will benefit from Russian leadership in nuclear, space, and aviation; and Russia will take advantage of the Chinese superiority in high-speed rail, shipbuilding, power generation equipment and similar things.

Now, the Kremlin has stated that they want to kill three birds with one stone: First, they want to speed up technological renovation; second, they want to promote economic growth along the 4,000 km-long border with China, which always was a security concern; and third, they want to reduce the imbalances in bilateral commerce. Now, this means that this is one step further, that the previous policy of Moscow to form alliances for technological cooperation with the West is now clearly shifting to the East.

Now, when Lyn made the proposal for this trans-Pacific cooperation of the three powers, this is not just supposed to be on infrastructure and economic interests, but it involves something much more fundamental: And that is, that this combination is supposed to resolve the conflict between the British system and the American System. Now, for the U.S., it’s obvious what that means: You have to go back to the American System tradition, Alexander Hamilton, the idea of a credit system, a national bank, which was continued by Lincoln, and then by Roosevelt, but also, this means the same thing for China, Russia, India, and also Japan and Germany, which you will see momentarily.

Now, concerning China, where is this tradition? The key for modern China was Sun Yat-sen, who invented the policy of the Three Principles of the People, which was directly taken from Lincoln — "by the people, of the people, and for the people" — and Sun Yat-sen had a clear design to free the Chinese people from the domination of the British Empire. He had an economic policy which was completely based on the General Welfare, food production, land ownership, protective tariffs, all of this was in the tradition of List and Carey, the economic advisor of Lincoln.

Now, in 1919, Sun Yat-sen, after he had travelled around the world forming alliances to support the liberation of China from the domination of the colonial powers, proposed a development plan for China and Eurasia, which was an integrated infrastructure program. And if you compare this plan of Sun Yat-sen from 1919, with the Eurasian Land-Bridge proposal which we proposed in 1990-91, when the Soviet Union collapsed, you can see that we based our Eurasian Land-Bridge completely on the Sun Yat-sen proposal.

Now, as I said, this was based on List and Carey. For the Russian side, the emergence of the Trans-Siberian Railroad at the end of the 19th century which was based on the collaboration of Bismarck, Gabriel Hanotaux, and Count Witte, this is basically also now being reactivated with the Putin policy.

Now, therefore, the collaboration between the U.S. and China, and U.S.-China-Russia, is not just based on a question of currency reserves, and infrastructure, but it goes back to the historical collaboration of what were the causes for the industrialization of these countries. Now, Hillary Clinton just wrote a very interesting article in Foreign Policy, called, "America’s Pacific Century." Now, I have unfortunately lost the quote, but I can paraphrase it: She says basically, that the collaboration between the United States and China is not just a question of collaboration and eliminating mistrust , but that the thriving of China is in the fundamental interest of the United States, and the development of the United States must be in the interest of China. And then she has a whole bunch of proposals, saying how China should be allowed to buy certain products, which are now blocked, because they are "dual-use technologies," and how China should have the access to high-technology goods in the United States, and how in return, the United States should support the Five Year Plan of China, as a mutual interest.

Now, this is a ground-breaking reflection of what Lyn has been saying, that, for the United States, the center of strategic interest is shifting away from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Now, if you think about the unique position of the United States, being both an Atlantic power on the Atlantic Ocean, but if you go to California, when you stand on the beach, if you look far enough, you see on the other side, the Chinese coast. And that is the reason, why, for example, we have right now, a complete explosion of excitement among the Chinese community in L.A. and San Francisco and other places, and we’re building a major conference as part of Summer Shields campaign [for Congress], which has already far-reaching implications, which you will all find out in due course.

But even something more fundamental and exciting is going on, and that is, that all of these shifts, and the breakdown of the Atlantic, oligarchically dominated system of the British Empire, means that we are at an end of an epoch: We can either have a dark age — I mean, this British system is collapsing. There is nothing which will prevent this from happening. So the danger of a dark age does exist. But, the new era is coming: You can be 100% certain of that, because the laws of the universe are the proof that a new era of mankind is coming. The only question which we have to determine, is if this will occur in our lifetime, or if it will occur three or four generations afterward. And you know, I’m a little bit egotistical: I would like to live to see this! But it will come, for sure.

Now, if you look back at the different epochs in human civilization, well, you had the hunting-and-gathering society; you had the Greek Classical period, you had the Roman Empire; so then you had the dark age, the Middle Ages. And Nikolaus of Cusa was very conscious, and you can see this in his writings, that he was writing at the beginning of a new era of mankind. And that he was thinking thoughts which he said, explicitly, had never been thought by anybody in human history before. And that was very true, because what was the intellectual life of Nikolaus of Cusa in his time? It was dominated by scholasticism, the famous University of Paris at that time, was full of scholars who were debating how many angels could sit on the head of a pin. You had the domination of the Peripatetics, Aristotle was the accredited thinker of the time. And Aristotle was an early Maoist, so to speak, because his explanation of development, was that everything comes from the contradiction: You know, something is either A, or not-A, but it is this conflict which leads them to development, sort of like Mao did in his Red Book.

But then, Nikolaus of Cusa counterposed this Aristotelean thinking with thinking which is in the tradition of Plato, but in my view goes even beyond that: Namely, he developed this notion of the coincidentia oppositorum, the falling into one of opposites. And there, he established the principle, that the One has a higher importance, and a higher quality of truth, than the Many.

Now, this was an extremely important principle, because it implied the method of hypothesis, and the idea that you can find a higher unity, above the level of conflict, which was the basis of the Peace of Westphalia, which was the basis for the emergence of the International Law of People, and many other solutions for conflicts up to the present time.

Now, as you know, Nikolaus of Cusa was also the father of modern science: He developed what you could call the biogenetic law of evolution. He was the first one to make the differentiation between the realm of the inorganic, the living, and human reason, and he even had a fourth level, which was God the Creator. And he had this idea that each species can only fulfill its potentiality if it participates, at least in one point, in the point of its fullest accentuation, in the higher species. Now, the development, for Nikolaus, did not come from the lower species to the higher species, in a sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest, but the other way around: That the highest level would determine the processes in the lower, and that the higher species would pull up, almost violently, the lower to participate in its kind.

Now, obviously, this means, that for example, it is the divine quality of human cognition which drives development further, and not some bestial conception of contradiction among lower species. Nikolaus even went so far to say, that after the emergence of mankind, the entire development of the universe was accelerated by the existence of man, who then became a second God. Now, for a Cardinal from the 15th century, these were truly unprecedented and revolutionary ideas.

Now, Kepler was influenced by Cusa, to overcome the Ptolemaic and Copernican view of the world, about either the Sun or the Earth being in the center, because Nikolaus had already a much more dynamic conception. He influenced Vernadsky, who called Nikolaus of Cusa, "the Divine Cusansky," how he’s called in Russia, where he much better known than in the West. And then Vernadsky built on these Cusan conceptions, by making the differentiation between the lithosphere, the biosphere, and the noösphere. And basically, then leading to our present understanding of what the universe is.

Now, if you just keep this epoch in mind, which started with Nikolaus of Cusa, and lasted until today: You’ve had for the last 600 years, the practical coexistence of the oligarchical model and the republican model. Now, the new era of politics and economics and human affairs in general, must completely break with this oligarchical conception, and we only will get out of this mess if we base, from now on, politics, economics, and human affairs, on the principle of scientific truth.

Now, for the last 500 million years of the development of the universe, it is very clear that the entire science associated with the oligarchy, namely, some entropic conception based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, that the world is somehow a fixed structure where we have now reached the upper limit of some equilibrium, and therefore we have to have sustainable development, sustainable energies, and all of this, this is completely proven to be a hoax, because it is clear, through the last 500 years of development, that this period was a development of consistently higher states of existence, with an increasing energy-flux-density.

Now since the emergence of the human species, the willful creativity, which only was disturbed by the efforts of the oligarchy to keep people stupid, nevertheless, became the willful change of human nature from one generation to the next, to a higher quality of existence. Now, that is the law of the universe! It can be proven, we have proven it, and it is now the time, where we have to break with this old oligarchical coexistence of the real laws of the universe, with the frauds being imposed, and we have to go to what our good friend Krafft Ehricke, shortly before his death, elaborated with the concept of the "extraterrestrial imperative." Now, it is very clear — he has written beautiful books about this, that the next logical phase of evolution, for man, is manned spaced flight. That in the same way that life developed from oceans on the planet, that the next phase has to be life moving from the planet, to the orbit, first our Solar System and then into the galaxy, who knows where from beyond that?

And he called this "the extraterrestrial imperative," because, it’s also very clear, if you ever have thought about what it requires to bring a rocket to the Moon, or even have manned space travel, well, you have to become rational. And you have to adhere to very clear scientific principles: If you don’t do that, you can’t make it. You can not have a fit and leave the spaceship and say, "Now, I’m going to base my actions on popular opinion, which says there was never anybody on the Moon, it was all a conspiracy theory," because if you do that, then you’re not going to last much longer.

So it is very clear that if you engage in manned space flight, then all these things, public opinion, consensus of the mainstream, the liberal justification of every stupid opinion you meet throughout the day, all of this is not going to function, and you know, the quality of "mainstream thinking" is, in any case, nowadays, no better than the thinking of the dinosaurs, and if you stick to that, we will have the same fate as those creatures, which were not so smart: They were big and they had to eat all day, they had no time to do anything other than to eat all day long! So their brain was very tiny, and that’s why they didn’t make it. [laughter]

Now, Krafft Ehricke, who as I said, was a friend, at the end of his life, appreciated very much our work, by saying that he was absolutely — you know, he was the man who developed the rocket for the Apollo Project of Kennedy — and he said that he absolutely was convinced that scientific progress is the mission of man in the universe, but that it absolutely had to be connected with artistic beauty, with the aesthetical education of man, and with the combination of great scientific discovery with great Classical art. Because only an aesthetically educated human being is a true human being, and this is why we have to make this revolution, this new era of mankind, where we throw out public opinion, and demand that, from now on, politics must be not based on the consensus, not based on all of these things which go along with democracy and all of these other lies, but politics has to be based on scientific truth! And that is the only condition worthy of man. And obviously, Lyn has said many times in the past, that the only way, how the human population will get out of this crisis, is everybody has to learn to think in a Classical cultural way, like Beethoven, like Bach, like Mozart, like Schiller, like many of the other great Classical poets and composers.

And that has to be studied: Because the thing which corresponds to scientific discovery is the Classical form, in music, in poetry; you have a poetical idea, you have a musical idea, and you exhaust it. You develop it, you develop the higher knowledge which is not in the literal meaning, what Furtwängler called "playing between the notes," you have to grasp the musical idea and bring it across. You have to write a poem where it’s not in the prosaic meaning, but the higher idea is transmitted through the Classical form, and its elaboration.

And that is beautiful thinking, because that is the thinking of creativity, and people who have tasted this, what Nikolaus called, "having tasted the sweetness of truth," such people will throw away all the other sweetnesses and all the other foods which might have delighted them before, because they recognize that having participated in this divine creativity, is what makes us human.

Now to imagine how a world, and soon, a universe would look like, where people really have a desire, a passionate desire, to exhaust their own creative potential, this is a vision of the future which I think you absolutely need. But I think, if you think about it, I think the mission of our generation and the people who are our contemporaries today, is that we have to create a political and economic order which is in cohesion with the laws of the universe: And that will be the new era of mankind. [applause]