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Build a Four-Power Alliance
Versus London’s New Dark Age

December, 2008

EIRNS/Richard Magraw
Lyndon LaRouche (right) addressed a seminar, sponsored by the Forum on Strategic and Security Studies (FSSS) in New Delhi, Dec. 2, 2008; his remarks focussed on the necessity for a Four-Power alliance of the U.S.A, India, Russia, and China, to establish a New Bretton Woods system.

Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche have just completed a visit to India to promote LaRouche’s Four Power alliance to defeat the British imperial drive for a new global dark age. In an extensive series of seminars and private talks, Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly focused on the already ongoing systemic collapse of the post-Bretton Woods financial system, and the urgent need to establish an alliance of sovereign nation-states, led by the four leading powers—the United States, Russia, China, and India—to replace the current system of British imperial monetary looting and perpetual conflict, with a new system based on the American concept of credit.

The LaRouches’ visit to India occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Nov. 26 asymmetric warfare attack on India’s financial capital and largest city, Mumbai, an attack aimed at destabilizing the entire Indian subcontinent, and provoking a military confrontation between India and Pakistan. LaRouche systematically exposed the role of British intelligence and its Saudi allies in orchestrating this attack, and challenged the leadership of both India and Pakistan to join forces in defeating this common enemy.

On Dec. 3, the LaRouches, along with EIR counterintelligence director Jeffrey Steinberg, addressed a seminar in New Delhi, sponsored by the Forum for Strategic Security Studies (FSSS), a leading military think tank. A partial transcript of that event, featuring the opening remarks by the three speakers, and closing comments by LaRouche, appears immediately below. The next issue of EIR will feature a more comprehensive report on the LaRouches’ visit to India, and its aftermath.


Forum for Strategic Security Studies (FSSS), in New Delhi, on Dec. 2

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United Services of India and the Forum for Strategic and Security Studies, in New Delhi, on Dec. 5

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